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It was a busy day in the Hokage's office. Paperwork was stacked high on Tsunade's desk – requisition forms to fill, quarterly expense reports to analyze, mission requests to sort through, the usual.

Tsunade couldn't help but occasionally regret taking on the job, whenever she found herself faced with this kind of ordeal. While most of the paperwork necessary to keep the village running smoothly was handled by non-combatant clerical ninja, there were nonetheless still many papers that needed the Fifth's Hancock. So she couldn't just skip out on this part of the job.

Not without getting in trouble with Shizune, at least. But, while filling out forms was not especially taxing work, perhaps, it wasn't exactly stimulating, either. Physically OR mentally. Only around one out every ten forms actually required any real scrutiny on Tsunade's part, and most of those that did were still easily dealt with.

As far as bureacracies went, the Leaf's was one of the more efficient. The various departments were mostly capable of operating without direct input from the hokage, only requiring her signature for a relative handful of important documents.

Tsunade's only REAL job, presently, was to ease the inevitable transition of leadership from herself to Naruto, once he got back.

She sighed wearily, stamping another sheet.

It wasn't actually a hard job to take care of the paperwork which came her way. Just boring. For the most part, the village could function perfectly fine without Tsunade's input, and it generally did just that. She wasn't a bureacrat. She wasn't expected to be. In times of peace like these, a kage was mostly just a figurehead, a symbol to inspire the people of the village. Technically all she had to do was "stand there and look pretty," as her predecessor Mina had said before pawning the hat off on her.

But Shizune always insisted that Tsunade should take a more active role in the village government, particularly now that her successor was all but in the seat himself. The young, single woman was strongly devoted to her aunt's former lover, and often took it upon herself to motivate the famously fickle Fifth.

Tsunade sighed wearily as she pressed her personal seal onto the ink pad, before slapping it down on an intel report from Ibiko at T&I.

Come to think of it... she mused, her considerable bosom resting on the surface of the desk. ...I haven't seen Shizune around much, lately. She's been acting strange, and doesn't talk as much. Almost like she's distracted...

Tsunade then grinned, and she chuckled heartily.

"Well! That girl has probably just found herself a lover, or something! About time, I'd say."

And so dismissing her own concerns, the Fifth Hokage turned her attention back to signing forms.

I hope she found herself someone nice and cute, Tsunade idly mused. She deserves it!

Short, black tresses fell down the sides of a cute, plain feminine face. The soft, silky locks framed glassy, half-lidded eyes and dimpled, rosy cheeks. Full, plump lips – sweet and juicy, delectably kissable – formed an 'O', the most adorably pitiful whimpers escaping that pretty little mouth.

Shizune squirmed, feeling triply aware of her body's every womanly member as deft, faintly calloused hands traveled across her modest, smallish breasts. Lightly tanned fingers pinched and tweaked the medic ninja's peaking nipples, brusquely tickling the sensitive gooseflesh of her stimulated bosom. The soft, pert lumps of Shizune's bosom tingled wonderfully beneath masterful ministrations.

She bucked her hips, blind with lust. A soft grunt and squeal – muffled by the medic's wet and puffy labia – reached Shizune's ears, and she felt the soft, moist warmth of the tongue inside her pussy get shoved that tiny bit deeper. Deceptively firm hands gripped her thighs, roughly and indelicately kneading the sensitive tissue.

A single sharingan eye winked up at Shizune, twinkling with mischief.

"What a lewd girl," Obi hummed into the medic-nin's crotch, her mouth vibrating cruelly against a hot, inviting pussy. Her rinnegan curved itself in a smile as she teasingly lapped up Shizune's juices.

Obi was naked, on all fours. Her hands pinned Shizune's thighs to the bed, spreading the young woman's legs. Her lips smacked wetly against the healer's cunt. Her slim, gently curved hips wiggled this way and that. Firm, compact buttocks glistened with sweat in the bedroom's dim light.

Obi's breasts did not dangle overmuch from her torso, being only half a cup larger than Shizune's own. They were perky, firm to the touch but capable of yielding, if squeezed. Her areolae were small and round, her nipples looking as stiff as anything. The maid's skin was dusted liberally with a rosy flush, an intense heat of sexual arousal radiating from her handsomely feminine frame.

She licked Shizune's pussy, shamelessly eating out the Hokage's assistant. Her lips smacked against Shizune's labia, her nose burying itself into a bush of musky, black pubic hair. She inhaled the scent of the woman's sex, savoring the taste of her gender.

"Obi-sama!" Shizune squealed, arching her back and wriggling from side to side. "I feel it inside me! Your tongue... your tongue is so deep in my dripping wet pussy!"

A faintly sadistic smile curved a pair of ruby red lips, which closed on the sensitive lobe of Shizune's ear. The medic shivered, becoming once more aware of the curvaceous form beneath her. She felt two great peaks of pert and supple womanflesh pressing into her back, large and stiff nipples digging into her smooth skin. Her upper back was lying on a rack every bit as large as Tsunade's, powerful arms wrapped around Shizune's frame.

Skilled, faintly calloused hands kneaded her own modest breasts. The mounds rolled and quivered beneath most capable fingers, Shizune's small but sensitive endowments being relentlessly teased.

"She's not the only one here, you know~" Mari purred into the medic's ear. She licked the ruddy, fleshy lobe, dragging the tip of her tongue slowly, deliberately sadistically over the sensitive spot.

Shizune gasped. A shiver wracked her body, and she let out a weak moan.

"Ahh... Mari-sama...!" she panted, bucking her hips greedily. Her soft, round buttocks mashed into the exponentially more curvaceous woman's groin, and Obi's face tumbled forward. "Ohhhh! Not there...!"

Mari's teeth flashed in the dim light, bared in a wicked smile. She bit down on Shizune's earlobe, just short of drawing blood.

"Mmmph!" Obi grunted, words muffled. Smooth raven bangs fell down over the left part of her face, and her tongue pressed deep into Shizune's pussy. "Mm... Mmm❤"

She purred, smiling dreamily against the medic ninja's cunt.

"Mari-sama! Obi-sama!" Shizune squealed, squirming lewdly against Mari's beautifully buxom figure, mashing her dripping wet crotch into Obi's cutely blushing face. "Maid-sama! Maid-sama!" she cried out. Their ministrations became faster, more dominating, more lustful.

"I adooore Shizune-chan❤" cooed Mari, tittering facetiously. Her hands roughly squeezed and manhandled the younger woman's breasts. She fondled them vigorously, hungrily, biting down and suckling on the pale, creamy skin of Shizune's neck. She drew the slightest drop of blood, and licked it up with a smile. "Sooo taaasty~"

Shizune moaned loudly, shamelessly. Her eyes were wide, and her soft, kissable lips formed a perfectly obscene 'O' as she came. Her body shuddered, modest curves jiggling delightly in the two maids' hands.

Juices flooded from the brunette's pussy, soaking the lower part of Obi's face. The modestly endowed woman smiled happily at this, and gladly licked up Shizune's nectar.

The medic's eyes were half-lidded, glassy. They flickered, and for an instant they were different, seemingly overlaid with the sharingan's rotating tomoe. Shizune mewled piteously, and she shivered weakly in Mari's possessive embrace.

Mari smiled suggestively, innocently. Her rinnegan flickered crimson.

Obi continued to singlemindedly eat Shizune out.

When Naruto Uzumaki appeared at the village gates in a flash of hiraishin, there had naturally been a bit of a stir. He'd only been gone for a few days, and those in the know were momentarily baffled. Not just because he was back early, or did not have his teammates with him.

Even if this WAS Naruto, it was still a notable event for him to return to the village with ten naked women in tow. Even rarer still for him to be leading the girls along by chakra chains like his mother's, seal-inscribed collars adorning each of the smiling lass's necks.

But rarest of all, by far, was to see that each of these girls had the mark of an Uzumaki concubine on their behinds. Until very recently this would have been unheard of, as Naruto had once been quite reticent to the idea of claiming people as possessions of his clan.

And even if Naruto had finally changed his tune about the old practices (to no small delight from the general citizenry of Konoha) the sight of the most desirable lover in the world walking through the village gates with such a considerable number of no doubt recently-claimed concubines got more than a few pairs of panties distinctly wet.

Even if – as it were later learned – this "Naruto" was only just a shadow clone, that didn't deter the general celebratory mood of the village one slightest bit. Especially not since, thanks to a blanket legal loophole enstated by the Second Hokage early on in her term (as a way to get out of having to do paperwork personally), kage bunshin were recognized as legal executors and representatives of their makers.

The wedding would be a surprisingly extravagant one, for how quickly it had been thrown together, and the brides would most happily accept the shadow clone as a temporary stand-in for their husband.

...but that's getting a little ahead of ourselves.

The clone was still, at the moment, just leading the newest Uzumaki concubines into the village. Like ducklings all in a row, the girls walked in a straight line behind Naruto's kage bunshin, happily and obediently following it into the village. They had themselves sorted in order from curviest to least, with disproportionately buxom Doki at the front and perfectly pettanko Kidohana bringing up the rear.

Doki, Sasame, Kin, Guren, Saku, Tayuya, Sakon, Ukon, Kagerou, and Kidohana followed their new master's shadow clone, displaying their naked bodies to the gathered onlookers with varying degrees of shamelessness and delight. Not a one of them was embarrassed or displeased to be paraded down main street like this.

As a matter of fact, it had been their idea in the first place.

Doki blushed cutely, the bandages removed from her face and body. She was quite cute, with bright eyes and rosy cheeks, not to mention her the obvious fact of her curves. Her breasts swayed from side to side, hanging loose and free. They jiggled nicely with every step, soft and doughy and oh so tempting to grope or lick.

"My, but the people here certainly are friendly," she said, a little wry. She caught a particularly sexy woman, who wore an open trench coat and nothing else, giving her a playful wink and making the universal gesture for 'call me'.

Kin smirked, glancing over Sasame's shoulder to look at her longtime teammate. Her own bust was smaller than Doki's, although still quite sizable. Her long black hair fell down past her hips, glossy raven tresses beautifully framing round, creamy buttocks.

"Of course they'd be nice to you," she said. "You're Naruto-sama's personal cow, now."

Doki's blush deepened, and she squealed girlishly at this.

"Ohh! Do you really think so?" she said, starry-eyed. Doki wiggled her hips, causing her endowments to jiggle and bounce delightfully.

"Definitely," said Saku, three places between her and Doki. Her arms were crossed over her middling C-cup breasts, and her attractively angular face was lit up with a mischievous grin. "With tits like that, what else could you or Kin be?"

Guren, walking between Saku and Kin, smiled appreciatively at the sight of the scarlet flush which immediately erupted all over the curvy lass's pale skin.

"Me too?!" Kin squealed, blushing intensely. She clapped her hands to her cheeks, looking down dreamily at the ground. "Are you sure?"

Tayuya, walking behind Saku, smirked. She let out a harsh bark of laughter.

"Of course you bitches would be his cows!" she said, leering at Kin, Sasame, and Doki. "With fatass titties like those."

Guren smiled, and she reached forward to wrap her arms around Kin's torso. She rested a hand on the younger kunoichi's sizable left breast, squeezing it.

"They are very nice," she agreed. Humming, the crystal release user casually fondled Kin's breasts as they walked. "Almost unfairly so."

Sasame giggled, and she skipped cheerfully.

"I'll be whatever Naruto-sama wants me to be!" she declared, her bare breasts and buttocks bouncing obscenely with the movement of her body.

"As will I," agreed Kagerou softly, several places behind Sasame. She was smiling serenely.

While the Fuuma jonin may have been second-to-last in terms of curves, that was in no way a mark against her beauty. If anything, the slim, graceful build only served to emphasize the woman's almost ethereal loveliness. Kidohana, the only girl out of the ten with smaller endowments than Kagerou, scowled enviously.

"Even if he decides to use you like a cheap sex toy?" said the dark-skinned archer a touch cynically, crossing two of her six arms over her flat chest.

Ukon and Sakon, identical in bust size and loveliness, with small A-cups and strikingly pretty faces, giggled almost simultaneously.

"I wouldn't mind," said Sakon, licking her lips.

"It could be fun," agreed Ukon, winking suggestively back at Kidohana.

"If you're worried about being used just for sex, then maybe you shouldn't have agreed to become his sex slave," added Tayuya, overhearing their discussion.

Kidohana blushed.

"Well... it's not like we wouldn't do the same with him, if our positions were reversed..." she said, bashfully scratching at her cheek.

Sasame giggled.

"Don't worry!" she chirped. "Naruto-sama takes care of his own❤"

Naruto (or, rather, Naruto's shadow clone) grinned at the front of the group, leading the girls along by his Uzumaki chakra chains. They took the scenic route, Naruto taking the time to acquaint the girls with the sights of their new home. He showed them all the important places, from Ichiraku ramen, to Hokage Tower, to the Playful Fox.

It was outside the last place that Naruto's newest concubines met up with their sempai.

Nejie was the first to notice them, with the wide field of view afforded to her by the Hyuuga clan's byakugan. Hanabi was not far behind her elder cousin, though, and rushed out with inappropriate glee to greet the return of their master.

Hanabi, with her relative youth, had yet to grow into the fullness of her all but destined hourglass figure, but she was still at a modest high B-cup, and her pert and perky breasts bounced cutely as she bounded toward Naruto. She was dressed in a vaguely obscene g-string and nipple pasty combo, a uniform which Kushina strongly preferred her off-duty strippers to wear.

Not that Naruto (or his shadow clone, as the case were) could really call the woman out on her shameless tastes. Not with ten nude concubines all in a row right behind him.

"Naruto-sama! Naruto-sama!" squealed the unusually excited Hanabi. "I can't believe you're back already!"

She sprang onto Naruto, flinging her arms around his waist. She all but planted her face straight into his crotch.

'Naruto' chuckled sheepishly. He scratched the back of his head with his free hand.

"Well..." he said, "I am, and I'm not..."

Hanabi didn't seem to notice this, though. She was too busy undoing his zipper with her teeth.

That was one talented little thirteen year old.

Nejie walked more slowly, sedately up to the group, dressed in the same manner as Hanabi. But her figure was much closer to that of a fully-developed Hyuuga adult, and generous double-D's to rival even the top three out of Naruto's newest concubines jiggled delightfully with just the subtle motions of her graceful, sensual stride.

By the time she reached the group, Nejie's younger cousin had a mouth full of tasty kage bunshin cock.

"Greetings, Master," said Nejie in her low, husky voice. Her pink, full lips curved into the most subtle of seductive smiles, and her pale lavender eyes gleamed with an inviting warmth. "Did you finish your mission already?"

A shiver went up the shadow clone's spine, and he gave the Hyuuga prodigy a lopsided grin.

"Unfortunately the boss is still out," he said lamely, before groaning. He threaded his fingers through Hanabi's long, soft hair, gently pressing her lips down further on his shaft. The girl moaned happily at this, gleefully wiggling slim hips that may as well have been bare. "Feel free to give me all the best 'Welcome home's you can think of, though!"

Nejie smiled at this.

"As you wish, Master," she purred, stepping forward. The leaf-shaped pasties on her nipples contrasted nicely with the flush of Nejie's heaving bosom, and the vast sloping valley of her cleavage drew Naruto's attention with almost zero effort.

The blond came into Hanabi's mouth. The young Hyuuga moaned lewdly, giddy with delight at the taste of her master's semen, and she greedily swallowed it down.

Hanabi probably would have started another round of sucking right then, if Nejie hadn't gently pulled her face off of Naruto-sama's penis and pushed her back towards the entrance of the Playful Fox.

"Why don't you go get the others?" Nejie suggested sweetly, kneeling down before Naruto's shadow clone. "I'm sure they'll be delighted by these new arrivals."

She nodded toward the girls behind Naruto's clone, who all watched intently as Nejie hefted up her generous bosom and sandwiched the cock of all their dreams between her great, doughy tits.

Hanabi pouted a little bit, but she nonetheless did as Nejie suggested.

Nejie gave her master's doppelganger a thorough titfuck.

Kidohana felt a strong twinge of jealousy, watching the buxom Hyuuga work. She cupped her own small breasts in hand, recalling how even her own teammates had bluntly called her bust nonexistant.

"Fucking cow..." she muttered, glaring cutely at Nejie. "I'll get you for this."

Kagerou smiled, overhearing this.

Twenty-one horny, nubile, naked young women swarmed the street before the Playful Fox, clogging foot traffic with their writhing, sweaty bodies. Sixty-three Naruto shadow clones attended to those girls, three to each one.

Eighty-four bodies sprawled up and down the street, a naked crowd in the midst of a massive orgy.

Temari and Kanakuro of Suna. Omoi, Samui, and Karui of Kumo. Itami and Shimizu Uchiha, Nejie and Hanabi Hyuuga, Ino Yamanaka, and Shiho of Konoha. Kagerou and Sasame Fuuma. Ukon, Sakon, Tayuya, and Kidohana of the Sound Four. Doki Kinuta, Kin Tsuchi, Saku Abumi, and Guren of Otogakure.

Twenty-one Uzumaki concubines writhed and moaned, squealing and squirming in carnal ecstasy. Sixty-three Naruto kage bunshin pleasured and fucked these women, quite publicly establishing each of these girls as his.

Aside from these, present and watching the proceedings were several other notable figures. Sakura Haruno and her mothers, Mebuki and Kikyo. Hinata Hyuuga, with her mother and aunt, the twins Hiashi and Hizashi. Sasuki Uchiha, with her mother Fugako. Gaara of the Sand, with her aunt Yashamaru. As well as the Fifth and Fourth Hokage, Tsunade of the Senju and Mina Namikaze, plus Kushina Uzumaki and the Nine-Tails, Kumiko.

Present also, as witnesses, were Ruka Umino, Anko Mitarashi, Kurenai Yuuhi, Kagome Hatake, Might Gal, Shikamari Nara, Kiba Inuzuka, Choume Akimichi, Rock Leah, Tenten, Shiko Aburame, and ANBU guard Yugao Uzuki with her lover, Hermione Gekko.

A sixty-fourth Naruto, the shadow clone which had first come to the village, stood with the Boss's four brides. He wore a classy black tux with dress pants; and of course the zipper was undone, with his thick, rigid dick standing up proud and bare.

Hinata, Sakura, Sasuki, and Gaara were garbed in flowing white dresses of silk and flowery lace. The necklines of their dresses dipped to below their breasts, and indeed their bosoms were completely exposed. Similarly, the trailing white skirts were nigh translucent, and there were vertical slits up the front and back.

Allegedly, this manner of dress was an ancient fashion intended to let newlyweds easily consummate their union where anyone could see without having to get completely undressed. But the groom and his brides didn't really care about that.

"Sakura Haruno," said Tsunade, reading from an old and weathered scroll. "Do you take Naruto Uzumaki to be your husband, Hinata Hyuuga to be your wife, Sasuki Uchiha to be your wife, and Gaara of the Sand to be your wife?"

"I do," said the pinkette, smiling softly. Her green eyes twinkled with adoration as she cast them over Naruto. "In sickness and in health."

"Hinata Hyuuga," said Tsunade. "Do you take Naruto Uzumaki to be your husband, Sasuki Uchiha to be your wife, Gaara of the Sand to be your wife, and Sakura Haruno to be your wife?"

"I do," said Hinata, blushing slightly. She had a serene smile, and the gently curving swell of a growing belly could be seen. "In good times and bad."

"Gaara of the Sand," said Tsunade. "Do you take Naruto Uzumaki to be your husband, Sakura Haruno to be your wife, Hinata Hyuuga to be your wife, and Sasuki Uchiha to be your wife?"

"I do," said Gaara. She felt a pleasant warmth in her breast. "For richer or poorer."

Tsunade took a deep breath before continuing.

"Sasuki Uchiha," she said, addressing the next to last participant in this wedding. "Do you take Naruto Uzumaki to be your husband, Gaara of the Sand to be your wife, Hinata Hyuuga to be your wife, and Sakura Haruno to be your wife?"

"I do," said Sasuki. She smiled at Naruto's clone, knowing that this was her true love, and the father of her unborn child. "For better or for worse."

Tsunade smiled.

"Naruto Uzumaki," she said, turning to the kage bunshin. "Do you take Sasuki Uchiha, Hinata Hyuuga, Sakura Haruno, and Gaara of the Sand to be your lawfully wedded wives?"

Naruto's shadow clone momentarily focused its chakra.

Revolving Hiraishin.

The switch was noticed by none but Naruto and his clone. He smiled nonetheless.

"I do," said Naruto Uzumaki, dressed identically to his shadow clone. "'Til death do us part."

And saying that, he turned to give each of his newlywed brides a deep and passionate kiss on the lips.

For tonight, at least, the clone could take his place in the mission.

Naruto had a marriage to consummate.

A/N: Making Hayate Gekko's female name "Hermione" is a shameless reference to one of my all-time favorite manga, Hayate no Gotoku (or Hayate the Combat Butler, as it is licensed here in the West), which I continue to feel gets far too little representation in English-speaking fandoms.

And yes, I'm well aware that Yashamaru is completely unchanged despite technically being an exclusively male name. This is just a cheeky joke on how feminine Yashamaru was to begin with, and how many people probably learned from him that '-maru' is a MALE name ending. XD

Sharingan Wedding just seemed like a fitting title for this, considering both the events and the pun on Shotgun Wedding. :P

Next chapter should have the first real appearance of the Akatsuki.

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