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Odaiba, 18th March, 1973. A powerful army of dark Digimon with four very strong Mega levels commanding them invaded the city on that exact day. Five children were chosen that day and met their partners. However, the Chosen Digimon would have to wait ten years for their partners to grow up. But now the day has finally come, where the Chosen Children can make their stand!

Blood Legacy

Arise into Loss arc (chapters 1-7)

Chapter 1: Protect and Fight

Standing victoriously in the completely levelled army barracks, Chaosdramon revelled in the fact that he's had control over Odaiba for ten years and no one had ever decided to resist his rule. He voiced his thoughts in a low murmur, only to hear a scoff and comment from one of the trio of shadowed Digimon behind him.

"Until now." The challenging remark had come from Chaos Greymon, who had proven himself to be the most influential of the Chaos Generals. There was no official ranking between them, but the armoured Digimon had established himself as a force to be reckoned with.

Of course, that did not mean he was any match for Chaosdramon himself, but he never forgot about the Dramon Killers the Chaos General wielded expertly. Chaos Greymon looked more like a BlackWarGreymon, although there were some differences in terms of colour, with Chaos Greymon having his breastplate in gold.

"What will be done about these humans?" another asked impatiently. Chaosdramon was sure that was Chaos Seadramon, but he could not be one hundred percent. Instead of the usual gold armour which normal MetalSeadramon have, Chaos Seadramon had blue armour.

"Their fall is imminent and you three will make sure of it."

"Well, I'm sure these two will jump at the chance to attack, but I just want to make sure those wretched humans don't touch my collection," Chaos Piedmon added, fiddling with his red sashes. Both Chaos Greymon and Chaos Piedmon were mostly black and white in colour.

Chaos Greymon groaned audibly; he always thought that Chaos Piedmon's foolish pursuit for human artefacts was a complete waste. The fact he was considered to be of the same calibre as himself was insulting. Chaos Piedmon glared at the dragon Digimon and he knew he was the only one in the room that had a true sense of class.

Chaos Seadramon had not spoken after his initial complaint. It was not necessary to be part of this conversation and he longed to return to his watery domain.

Chaosdramon cleared his mechanical throat and continued: "Your focus will be to crush this rebellion as quickly as possible. We will begin at the docks, where they were last seen. Chaos Seadramon, this will be your job. The rest of you; if they do slip away from him, it will be your responsibility to take them. I want to meet their leader alive."


Sixteen-year-old Kenshin Mori entered the fencing guild's main chamber, reflecting on the past. He hadn't had the best life, but the reality he was living now was much better than his first ten years. He had been adopted by the Samurakami's, who took him in immediately following the car accident. Kenshin could see his friends and team-mates whenever he wanted and the view from the top of the two-story house was amazing.

Getting himself ready for the class, he drew the batto-jutsu that he used in his fencing lessons out of its scabbard and warmed up as he prepared for the spar. He made every effort to remain quiet, keep his muscles loose and regulate his breathing. Kenshin knew that if he was tense, he could not act with speed, which could be fatal. Asano-sensei had trained him to keep his body poised, so he could strike or parry without being hit.

Always have your feet shoulder wide and when you move, move so your legs spread apart. Never have your feet close to each other. Hold your sword so you can handle it with ease. Watch your opponent's movements and learn when he moves in to attack and launch a pre-emptive strike. Be quick.

When you parry, you keep the blade close to you so you don't stretch out to block and always try to counter your opponent's attack. Your footing and proper foot placement is the key for balance. The more of the sole of your foot touches the ground, the more grounded you are, giving you greater strength in your attacks. One of his sensei's lessons came back to him as he concentrated.

He fluidly followed the path of the blade, striking, parrying and defending until his opponent, Rikuto Kinoshita, fell back, breathing raggedly before attempting a sneak attack.


The raven-haired boy's sword met the strawberry-blonde's own blade and he pushed his foe's weapon aside. The duelling pair had a breather for a few minutes and were about to continue, when the door slid open, rattling on its track.

To say that it was generally quiet when fencing students clashed against each other would be an understatement. The door was always opening or closing for some reason or another; most times it was Asano-sensei going out to purchase a drink and then returning. Other times, students from different levelled classes came to Asano-sensei to ask him about how to correctly perform a technique.

This time, however, he noticed Kinoshita glance up at the figure who currently stood in the doorway and heard the low wolf whistle. Detecting it was his adoptive sister, he growled softly enough so that Rikuto could hear him and back off, he straightened and looked in her direction. Asano-sensei was also staring at the interruption.

"Please forgive me, Asano-sensei!" The girl with long, light brunette hair exclaimed. "But I'm here to pick up my brother; we have to go." She bowed apologetically and held it, while he acknowledged her. The girl returned to her original posture and glanced over at Kenshin. While she had been giving the half truth, he had hastily packed his bag and gave an apology to his sensei and his opponent, before dashing out the door with the girl.

Several minutes later, he gathered the courage to ask the question that had entered his mind as soon as he perceived her presence. "Shizuka…?" He asked hesitantly.

"Hiroshi called," the girl, a year older than him, answered up-front. "Rogue Rookie level in one of the abandoned warehouses. Light attribute. It's Lucemon." Shizuka paused momentarily and grimaced, before snorting in disdain. "Smells of Chaosdramon, has his work written all over it." But… what is he hoping to achieve?

A light tap was heard near them and the pair instantly whirled defensively, before noticeably settling down. Kenshin drew in a shaky breath, the panic still not fully gone from his violet eyes. "Wi-Wizardmon!" he gasped, stumbling and catching hold of his sister to stabilize himself. Shizuka smiled calmly at him; she didn't mind the clinginess. Kenshin had been worried, as he hadn't seen his partner that morning.

Standing there was a man in red and yellow torn clothes and his face hidden. He wore brown boots with crescent moons on them. The man wore a purple cape and hat with a skull over his straw-yellow hair, his emerald green eyes only just able to be seen. In one of his gloved hands was a staff with a broken sun.

"It's time," the elf spoke politely in the language of all elven and mage Digimon, Darnassian. He held out a gloved hand and Kenshin rushed to take it into his, frantic that he would never see his partner again. Shizuka merely strolled over and placed her own hand on Wizardmon's shoulder with Gazimon following his partner's actions in silence as the mage tapped his staff on the ground again and a light enveloped them, teleportation taking over.


"Hisao~ Come on; we have to go," the voice of the fourteen-year-old boy's older twin sang jovially up the stairs. The girl's green flower-like Digimon with a red head and collar of red leaves around her neck waited faithfully beside her.

A garbled noise reached her ears that sounded almost like "give me a minute". Saki sighed, smiling good-naturedly and resisted the temptation to roll her eyes. The thudding of footfalls coming down the steps indicated her brother was now ready, but he didn't seem to realize he hadn't wiped that huge, embarrassed smirk off of his face or dulled the fire dancing in his eyes.

Both twins had auburn hair and green eyes, with the only difference being that Saki's were more troubled-looking. But that wasn't the problem right now. "Hiroshi is waiting for us," she began warmly, a rarely seen sly grin crossing her own face. "You've been contacting Shizuka again, haven't you?"

Unable to lie to his nee-chan now that she had him worked out, Hisao became flustered. "How did you know?! I don't have my phone with me!"

Laughter lit up the elder's eyes and she motioned to his mouth and eyes as the parts of his body that gave him away. His eyes dropped in a defeated expression, but Saki was swift to remedy that. Placing a couple of fingers underneath his chin, she lifted Hisao's head up. "Cheer up, little brother," she reassured softly. "Now come on; we've got a rogue to fight!"

The twins hurried out of the house, their Candlemon and Floramon right beside them.


Chaosdramon glanced down upon the Digimon, his eyes expressing a cruel, sneering look. The recently created Rookie level had fair skin and hair and overwhelming sapphire eyes. Twelve angelic wings unfurled from his humanoid body. Dark lines ran down his cheeks, chest and right arm.

"You are a very unique Digimon, being the result of the twelve trait attributes," the Machinedramon subspecies boomed. "Put into one body, the strength within you is like no other power within any other Digimon."

"With your strength, Lucemon, you will go to an abandoned warehouse and stop the Chosen Children, since they are now of age." Chaos Piedmon instructed, smiling as was the way of all Piedmon when enjoying a twisted game of hide and seek. He and his leader were celebrating at the bottom of the tower Chaos Greymon had taken as his realm.

After the Rookie level had left to do his appointed task, the clown chuckled and turned to pierce his commander with a blue eye, before raising a glass up to his mouth and taking a mouthful of liquid. "I thought it extraordinary that the Children would begin their revolt today. Do you think they know the truth about the car accident?"

The red and grey, heavily armoured monstrosity jerked his head in his subordinate's direction. "It wouldn't matter if they do," he rumbled in an overconfident, scraping tone. "What can the hybrid do against us?"

Hiroshi hadn't wanted to come across one of Chaosdramon's minions today but, in the end, decided there was no better time to begin a rebellion and take back the city from the control of Chaosdramon and the Chaos Generals. The Child and Bearmon stood in the doorway of the warehouse. Inside, having entered via blasting his way through a wall was Lucemon, at ease but still prepared to battle at a moment's notice.

The dirty-blonde fifteen-year-old rocked back and forth on his feet absently while he waited for his team-mates to arrive. Hiroshi's movement set Lucemon off, however, and the angel flew forward, proceeding to attack. "Grand Cross!" he declared in a calm tone, drawing his hands together and saying a short prayer. Then he moved his hands away from each other and formed a triangle between his fingers and thumbs. Eight objects, two on a spoke, extended from a central light source. The cross of planets and stars fired forward.

Hiroshi grabbed Bearmon and they rolled, barely making it to safety. The boy's blue D-Coder buzzed and an image of Lucemon appeared from the device, floating an inch above the screen. Aside from the Digimon being shown, some text popped up as well. "Lucemon, Vaccine attribute. Rookie level, evil Digimon. Its attacks are Grand Cross and Divine Feat," he read coolly, raising an eyebrow nonchalantly.

As Lucemon charged again, Hiroshi had just enough time to eye a steel pole lying just inside the doorway, grab it and swing to defend against the angel Digimon. He struggled to keep Lucemon away from himself and Bearmon. Hiroshi was not as strong as an athlete or iron man, but his protective behaviour and the desire to stay alive stirred something inside him, making him keep on defending until his friends showed up.

Lucemon pushed the human away. But Hiroshi wasn't going to give up. He ran at the Digimon with the pole in his hands, successfully managing to cut Lucemon's forehead, leaving blood to drip into the Rookie's eyes. Hiroshi knew it was far from over, but was going to be caught off-guard by what Lucemon did next. The spoked object technique hung over his hands a second time.

"Grand Cross!" he shouted, losing his cool. This time, the planets and stars were too big and would have crushed the pole Hiroshi still wielded. The move was coming so fast he couldn't escape quickly enough. It was going to hit him.

"Bear-cub Punch!" Before the Grand Cross struck Hiroshi, Bearmon had come to the rescue, charging up his fist with energy and punching at the attack with all of his might. Hiroshi stared at his Digimon partner in shock, before sighing and nodding at the bear cub, knowing he was going to get interrogated later over what Bearmon dubbed "his stupidity".

Then back up finally arrived.

"Want some help?" Shizuka. Hiroshi could tell by her straightforwardness.

He glanced over his shoulder. "Shizuka, Saki, Hisao, Kenshin; took ya long enough," he finished, embellishing his words with a grin. Before he could ask his team-mates how their day was, Lucemon attacked once more.

The angel lifted a hand vertically and swept it to the left. A huge wind washed from the right to the left, making them struggle to stay standing.

Hisao jumped at Lucemon, after the wind had died down, grabbed onto his hair and pulled it.

"Paraffin Paralyzer!" Hisao's Candlemon spun around while creating a tornado of flame that repelled attacks.

"Whoa!" Saki cried out as Lucemon was furious now, his presence seemingly towering over them all. He prepared to finish them off.

"Divine Feat!" he roared.

The team was trapped… at least, that's what they thought.

"Let's attack!" Hisao commanded bluntly out of the blue. Saki glanced at her younger twin and nodded, sensing the plan.

It was Floramon who attacked first. "Rain of Pollen!" Pollen started emanating from her hands to confuse Lucemon.

"Thunder Ball!" Wizardmon threw an electric ball from his gloved hand.

Even though they were attacking, Lucemon wasn't giving up. The angel Digimon charged straight towards Gazimon, who hadn't moved a muscle since arriving.


"Grand Cross!"

"... Stun Blast!" The grey rabbit unleashed a poisonous, gaseous breath onto their foe. Gazimon's Electric Stun Blast was apparently so deadly that it caused Lucemon's data to start blurring.

This gave Bearmon and Wizardmon their chance for a second attack.

"Bear Claw!" Bearmon attacked Lucemon with his claws.

"Magical Game!" Wizardmon released blue lightning from his staff. It blasted into Lucemon and finally the angel fell, bursting into data before their very eyes.

"Right then," Hiroshi started unconcernedly, exhaling heavily for show. "One down, hundreds to go. Anyone for a piece of cake?"

Shizuka snorted in amusement, but shook her head. "It's getting late," she explained without beating around the bush. "Our parents will be wondering what happened to us." That jolted the others out of Hiroshi's joke that they became a part of and began looking for a way out of the conversation.

Kenshin quietly and nervously commented about his adoptive parents wanting to discuss something with him, mentioning meeting at the park tomorrow after school.

"That sounds perfect," Saki hummed energetically, her tone pleasant on their ears.

Soon, the five children and their Digimon partners decided to return home and get ready for the next day of school.


Around the same time as the others returned to their homes, Brianna Monroe arrived at her house in one of her delusions. "I am home from school," the girl who was the same age as Shizuka and who had inherited her father's hair and eye colour called out dreamily.

Her father, an engineer, and her shop assistant mother were sitting in the dining room. "You're back late, Bri," Jeremy started off calmly, using his nickname for his daughter.

"Yes; it's already dark!" Serena pointed out bluntly, catching but ignoring the warning look Jeremy threw her.

Brianna explained that she had been watching the others battle a rogue Digimon.

Serena tched and Jeremy shook his head in despair. He didn't have the heart to tell her that Serena believed mixing with those children was not a good influence on her grades. So he wouldn't; he would allow his daughter to continue interacting with the Japanese teenagers and only when hell froze over would he give his reasons to his wife.

"You can go now, dear," he stated, pleased with his plan. "I will bring your dinner to your room." Smiling affably at his daughter, he observed her give a small appreciative twitch of the mouth as thanks for being let off the hook, before scampering to her room to escape the fury soon to come.

"Damn it, Jeremy!" Serena raised her voice. "Why the hell do you keep doing that?!" The brown-haired woman in her late thirties was fed up with her husband letting their daughter off the hook every time she came home late.

Jeremy, a curly-haired forty-year-old blue-eyed blonde, was tired of answering to his wife all of the time. "I'm her father, Serena. If you don't like that, then this obviously isn't working anymore and I want you to leave."

A deafening silence fell upon the house, before a cry of angry frustration burst from Serena's lips and she exited the residence, slamming the door as hard as she could.


Hiroshi and his partner entered the Kaneko abode and his mother and siblings were surprised to hear that he was getting an earful from Bearmon, as he had promised earlier. "That was very careless, Hiroshi. Your stupidity could've gotten you killed! If Lucemon had been at a higher level, you'd be the end of me! You know how the bond between a Child and their Chosen Digimon works: if the human dies, the Digimon dies. Do try not to be so reckless next time!" the bear cub groused judgementally, cynically.

While his family were taken aback at the earful he was receiving, Hiroshi, on the other hand, was more shocked that this was the most his Digimon had ever spoken in one go. The next thing he knew was that his father was shouting at him. "Wipe that smile off of your face, boy!" He instinctively complied, not realizing a small grin had appeared on his features at how talkative his partner had been.

Amaterasu dared to raise her voice. "Takao, enough!" It wouldn't get her anywhere, though; it never did, sadly. What Takao would do next proved it.

Her husband became stonily silent and shot her a glare, which all but said: Speak back to me again and your brother will find your body.

Stillness descended after those unspoken words until Tsurugi piped up. "Yo bro', how was ol' Chaos' rogue?"

The youngest triplet, Sora, glared at his older brother, having never fully forgiven him for what he had done to him and Hiroshi, while Hiroshi decided upon an answer. He glanced down into Bearmon's eyes and the Digimon nodded in agreement. Returning his attention to Tsurugi, Hiroshi replied a little nervously: "... Lucemon was difficult... for a Rookie. If Shizuka and the rest of the team hadn't arrived when they did, then Bearmon and I would be dead."

"So your Digimon was telling the truth?" Sora cut in before Tsurugi could reply. It was a habit Sora had fallen into whilst growing up with an overassertive red-headed ass of a brother. It was a skill Sora had had to pick up quickly or Hiroshi would fall. At least, that's how Sora viewed it since his slightly older brother was unable to take praise well and he knew that's where Tsurugi was headed.

"Bearmon," Hiroshi insisted, trying to get his brother to use his partner's name correctly. Sora shrugged evasively and the Child sighed. "But yes, he was telling the truth."

A giggle reached their ears and all three brothers glanced over to where Akane was kneeling in front of Bearmon. She was pulling at the leather straps that encircled his paws and tugging at his cap. The Digimon was not tolerating it well for his eyes were narrowed. If there was one thing that truly synchronized the triplets, it was the protection of their sister against any threat, familiar or foreign.

Tsurugi stepped effortlessly with Sora and went to Akane's side, Sora whispering in her ear that she shouldn't have been antagonizing Bearmon.

Hiroshi placed a hand on his partner's shoulder and, as Bearmon looked up at him, the boy shook his head decisively no. "Akane is developmentally handicapped, Bearmon," Hiroshi clarified softly and the bear cub could hear the silent words: She wouldn't have known what she was doing, so don't harm her ever or even think about it. Or you'll answer to the three of us.


"Mum, Dad!" Saki called out as they entered their home. "We're back!"

Hisao caught sight of a note stuck to the fridge door and gently pulled it off, reading it. His eyes widened when he saw the mention of Shizuka's name and wondered if she was going to tell their parents he'd been contacting her. He hoped not and shook his head to dispel the thought. Hisao turned to his sister to inform her of the note's contents. "Mum and Dad-" he began, cutting himself off immediately when he saw his nee-chan talking to Floramon and Candlemon. There was a tear trickling down her face and he stiffened, guessing at the topic of discussion.

He walked over to her side quickly, placing a comforting arm around her shoulder and glared at their partners, almost saying: You don't bring him up. At all. Get it?

To his surprise, Candlemon bit back. "Get the stick out of your own ass, partner," the candle-like Digimon with a DemiMeramon on his head snapped patronizingly. "We were explaining that we felt Akira's spirit at the battle site." The news caused Hisao's eyes to widen once more, this time in shock.

"After all of this time, he is still looking after the two of you." Floramon's trustworthy and meaningful words rang true for the twins and they were ashamed to admit they'd thought Akira had passed to the afterlife already.

But he would continue to prove them wrong, it seemed.

Saki reached up and grabbed hold of her brother's hand, squeezing it reassuringly. "I'm okay," she murmured, knowing it wasn't the full truth. She wasn't okay, but she would remain strong for both their sakes. Removing Hisao's arm slowly, she turned to face her brother. "Come on, let's see what our parents left for dinner. Oh?" One eye had seen the note in the male's hands.

"This? I'll tell you while we're having dinner," Hisao offered quietly. Saki nodded, a smile returning to her features.


Upstairs in the spare room of the Samurakami residence, Shizuka and Kenshin were having a conversation that was far more private than what the Okada seniors were talking to their parents about.

"Kenshin," the girl began softly, knowing this would likely tear him apart. "There's something I have to tell you; it's about your parents."

A flash of terror crossed the boy's visage. "Y-You know my father?" he stammered with the slightest hint of hope.

This was what Shizuka knew would happen. He'd assume she was referring to his real father, the unknown being who had spent time with the boy's mother, which inevitably resulted in Kenshin's birth and the individual's departure, forcing Yumiko to depend on her actual husband, Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi made it clear quite early that he was not impressed she had had a sexual relationship outside of her marriage to him, making things difficult for Kenshin, too, as he grew up.

"Unfortunately, I do not," she answered honestly. But that won't stop me from trying to learn who he is, Shizuka thought frankly. "It's about the day of the accident." The girl got to the point, putting speech marks around the word accident with her fingers. "It was no accident, little brother; it was Chaosdramon's work. Two of his minions, to be exact."

Kenshin jerked his head back and pressed up against the wall. Shizuka knew better than to approach the strawberry-blonde when he reacted like that, but still felt the sorrow at his expression wrench her heart. She hadn't told him the truth to be cruel, more that it needed to be out in the open before the reality of it all was truly forgotten. Shizuka got up slowly and walked miserably to the door, turning back before she left. "I'll be there for you, Kenshin, when you need me most." She murmured and then she was gone.


A/N: Brianna and her family, as well as Willow's (who will feature later on), are English-born. Their moments of speech will be italicized to indicate a different language.

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