Death the kid was sitting next to a boy with fox ears and a tail.

"Hello everyone, It has been brought to my attention by Roy about OCs being paired up with myself and some of my friends."

"Yeah, and that's the topic of this talk, honestly I do like a few but please be realistic with those pairngs." Roy crossed his arms and put on a serious face. "Like when I read a fic with an OC and Kid, over a large majority, they make the girl really symmetrical. I mean how is that even possible?! You would have to be pretty exact with your clothing and measurements to do that, and that's taking advantage of his OCD! What happened to falling in love with the inside of a person and not their appearance!?" The fox yelled. Kid sweat dropped.

"How much sugar did you put in your tea?"

"Uh... the whole bag of sugar..."

"Oh Father, go lie down, I'll take over for right now." Roy nodded and ran away in blinding speed.

"As He was saying, I don't appreciate being manipulated like that. Although people can't be perfectly symmetrical, I tollerate the slightly asymmetrical people. So it would be nice to see a normal person paired with me. Or at least don't take advantage of it."

"RIGHT!" The fox faceplanted into the room. Kid stared as he struggled to get up. "The same goes for the others, the OCs for Soul are mostly girls that act cool, Maka gets smart bookworm guys, and so on and so forth." Roy sighed and scratched his long auburn red hair. "And 90 percent of those pairings end up having the canon character falling for the OC. I tollerate a few of those but c'mon, not every love can be shared, some are one-sided."

"So please do better with the OCxCanon character pairings. We are not hating on you for making them, we just want to let you know that it should be more realistic, love wise." Kid smiled. Roy got up and smiled with him.

"You know, I can hear the haters already getting mad."

"Don't worry, as long as they leave eight hateful reviews, I'll be fine." Roy deadpanned.

"...easy for you to say, they won't be hating on you..."

I just needed to get my point across without flipping a table. But don't hate me posting this. As it says above, I'm not insulting anyone.