Roy, his brother Keith, and Kid all ran into the DWMA, disregarding the shouts from many students they bumped into. The three kept sprinting despite their aching legs and beating hearts. The hosts did a dramatic leap into the Death Room. Keith skidded on his face. Roy did a somersault and used every bit of self restraint he had to not make a Barrel Roll joke. Kid did a graceful flip and stood tall with his arms reached out much like an acrobatic after they stuck their landing.

"PLEASE DON'T CANCEL US LORD DEATH!" The fox and his brother yelled at the same time. Kid straightened out his clothes and steadied his breathing so he wouldn't gasping for air, much like Keith and Roy were doing after their yell.

"Please father! We love doing the rants!" Lord Death stared at the hosts and tilted his head.

"Well, the show can only continue when you have rant topics, and when was the last time you got a topic?" Despite his cartoony voice, the seriousness of the situation hit the hosts harder than a Maka Chop or Kitsune Kick.


"No topics means no rants, therefore no DWMA Rants." Kid fell to his hands and knees and became his depressed self again. Keith fell over on his back, fainting. Roy got on his knees and shouted to the God standing in front of him.


"Welp, time to go get other jobs..." The three sighed and walked out of the Death Room.

The hosts sat at a park and sighed.

"So we're really going to find other jobs to do even when we work for the academy?" Kid asked.

"Unless we can rant some more, but there's nothing we haven't ranted about... I mean, we have 27 topics done already, and some of those topics were multiple topic chapters, there's nothing else we can rant about." Roy stared up at the blue sky and wondered for a moment. "Might as well thank our fans and everyone for reading up to this point."

"I hate to see this end here..." Kid frowned, Keith began crying.

"Dammit, it's just too sad fer good byes!" Roy smiled a bit.

"Goodbyes are sad and way too lonely... I really need to stop quoting song lyrics, but we thank all you guys for the support, topics, and questions you given us. We hate to end the rants, but we seriously ranted about everything." Roy let a tear fall. The shinigami bowed to the audience.

"We hope you all learned a bit from the rants and hope to see amazing writings from the rest of you. And for the fans of Roy's work, the ending of the rants will help him focus on his more serious works... despite him making a crack story bits."

"Hey, I need to let the insanity out!" The fox growled and slapped him with a panda plush doll. "See?"

"Well, hope you guys had fun readin' all the chapters, have a great day guys!" Keith smiled as all the hosts waved goodbye.