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Catagory: Klefaroline

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Part One

Over the centuries, Niklaus Mikaelson had gotten worse and worse at sharing the things he thought of as his.

When he was human, he had endured sharing Tatia's love with Elijah, grateful that a woman as beautiful as he believed her to be could want him. After they became vampires, he had often shared lovers with his siblings or his protégés. They were merely entertainment and blood after all, but Klaus had never shared a bed with a lover or lovers at the same time as them. It had never interested him. So when he felt his cock twitching at the sight of Caroline, 'His Caroline' and Stefan dancing together across the club, his interest was piqued.

He would never say that Caroline was a thing, nor would he ever say he could ever truly possess her like he did all of his other treasures. No one could possess Caroline but she was his, just as he was hers, completely had been since she took a chance on him more than two decades ago. However that didn't mean he wanted to share her with anyone. Klaus was very possessive; it was the Alpha male in him. Normally he would growl and glower at any male who got too close or looked at her with too much desire. He knew she was beautiful and that many men and women would want his lover but he would only tolerate so much.

Except for when it came to Stefan, he was their friend so he was granted more leniencies. Since he'd come to stay with them, Klaus had become accustomed to the closeness that the male vampire shared with Caroline as part of their friendship though from time to time he thought he saw something else in Stefan's eyes when he looked at Caroline. Something more than friendship, desire and if he wasn't wrong he had seen something similar mirrored in hers.

This was one of those times when Klaus was seeing Caroline and Stefan as more than just friends while they danced together. He knew exactly how Caroline's body felt rubbing against him while she did what her generation considered dancing; the soft curves of her breasts straining against her dress, brushing against the muscles of his chest when she wrapped her arms around his neck; the feel of her luscious ass grinding against his groin as she teased him. She wasn't quite that close to Stefan at the moment, but there wasn't much distance either.

Instead of the jealousy he would normally be feeling, Klaus felt a surge of lust rippling through him instead. It didn't take much for his imagination to rework the scene in front of him to a much more scandalous image, involving the two of them moving in much the same way but not in a crowded club and not with clothes on. Suddenly he was painfully hard and wanting nothing more than to bury himself deep inside of Caroline, Klaus tossed back the last of his drink and stalked out onto the dance floor.

Caroline felt him long before he reached her, and she looked up to see Klaus coming towards her, looking very much like the wolf he was stalking his prey. The desire that had been simmering between her legs for most of the night flared to a sudden inferno at the look in his eyes and she knew what was on his mind. Something he confirmed a moment later, when he yanked her towards him and crushed her mouth with his. The kiss was hard and rough, all tongue and teeth leaving Caroline lightheaded when he pulled away. "Time to go."

His voice was so deep and thick with lust that Caroline shivered just from the vibrations she felt from his chest as he spoke. He quickly swept her out of the club and once they were outside, he vamp sped them to their nearby loft. It wasn't until he set her down to wrench open the door that she realized Stefan had followed them. But she didn't get much of a chance to say anything before Klaus drug her through the apartment towards their bedroom.

Stefan watched as Klaus pulled Caroline into their room before he headed to get himself another drink. He didn't know what had gotten into Klaus at the club, but there was no question in his mind right now what the hybrid planned on getting into; Caroline. He knew that for the remainder of the evening, the two of them would be sequestered in their bedroom. The grunts and moans that began a minute or two later only confirmed his suspicions.

With his drink in hand, Stefan made his way to his own room. He briefly thought about leaving again, finding a random human to fuck and feed from in the hopes of relieving the bloodlust as well as sexual lust that flooded him at the moment. That had been his plan when they had gone out, yet here he was. He blamed himself, when they were at the club his attention had been fully on Caroline and Klaus and not company for the night especially after Caroline had pulled him onto the dance floor and rubbed her gorgeous curves against him. Thoughts of bedding another woman had completely fled his mind and he had focused on the blonde in front of him, which is most likely why he had followed after them when Klaus had suddenly decided to leave.

The sound of his roommates' bed banging against the wall joined the symphony of moans that he was sure even normal human hearing would be able to detect and Stefan felt another surge of lust shoot through him. He knew that it was wicked and wrong but he couldn't help the desire he'd been feeling for his best friend and if he wasn't wrong, her lover as well. So listening to their activities did nothing to curb the lust he was feeling.

Feeling the need to be under control of what he was feeling, Stefan slid his hand over his abdomen to cup his hard-on through his jeans. He moaned at the images that were running through his mind of what was going on in the next room, as he continued to stroke himself through his jeans. Caroline without a stitch of clothing on, riding Klaus with abandonment, her head thrown back and her mouth wide as she moaned in pleasure, the hybrid underneath her bucking his hips up to meet her; Caroline on her hands and knees as Klaus pounded into her from behind, causing the bed to rock from the force of his strength.

Soon it wasn't enough; Stefan undid the button and zipper of his jeans and slipped his hand inside. His cock was already wet with precum that he quickly rubbed onto his palm before he gripped himself roughly, imagining it was Caroline's warm tight body instead. His hearing picked up her moans and screams from the next room, feeding his fantasy.

His hand moved vigorously against his straining cock now as he neared his release. His fangs dropped and his imagination stepped up as he imagined plunging them into her neck as he pumped his cock into her. All the while his hips were jerking and he was grunting through clenched teeth. When he heard Caroline's scream grow in volume, exclaiming that she was coming, he barely had the presence of mind to cup his hand over the head of his cock as he came to contain the mess to just his abdomen. As he lay there in the aftermath, waiting for his pulse to slow and his breathing to return to normal, the sounds coming from the room next door seemed to grow louder, beckoning him closer but he didn't give into the temptation.

The door had barely slammed shut when Klaus claimed her mouth, kissing her hard, his tongue darting out to taste her. His ears heard her moan, and he couldn't help but smirk at the volume of it. He knew that Stefan would be able to hear it easily and the idea of it spurred him on more. He wanted to torment the male vampire just as he had unknowingly tortured Klaus at the club when he was dancing with Caroline.

Caroline's head swam at the taste of him that she never got tired of as she kissed him back. His lips were rough against hers and she again wondered what had spurred him on to the level of roughness he was using, not that she minded a bit. While she enjoyed the slow, languorous lovemaking that they experienced often, Caroline also enjoyed when his rough animal side came out and fucked her senseless.

Their tongues continued to duel as they nipped at each other brutally, Caroline drawing blood from his lip which spurred him on more. She pressed her body up against his hard one when she felt his hands gripping her hips. She moaned wantonly when those hands moved up her front under her shirt to trail up her hot flesh. Breaking from the kiss, she allowed him to pull it up and over her head.

As the fabric of her shirt left her, Caroline felt Klaus mouth on her neck, his hands moving again over her exposed breasts and she was very glad she had forgone a bra that evening so that it wasn't in the way. He squeezed the flesh, his thumbs rubbing over the hard nipples, making her groan again. Her hands went to Klaus's shirt, pulling it up and over his head quickly. She leaned in quickly to kiss at the now bare skin, her tongue flicking out to trace over his tattoo as she tasted him, this time making him the one to moan.

Klaus' hands went to her skirt, as his mouth went to her shoulder, his human teeth scraping against the skin roughly. She whimpered at the feeling of him hard, pressed against her hip. He groaned as he felt one of her hands move to the button of his pants, his eyes looking down seeing her one hand work at the button, her other one pulling down the zipper.

Caroline felt the zipper go down on her skirt, causing it to pool at her feet, leaving her completely bare. She couldn't help but feel surprised he hadn't just torn it off of her as she maneuvered his zipper down and her hand slipped inside. Her fingers wrapped around him, his hard, long shaft feeling heavy as his hips jerked in response to her touch. Her other hand pushed down the jeans that were now hanging loosely around his hips until they too fell to the floor

Klaus's hands moved to her hips again as he walked her backwards. His eyes slid over her naked form, the fantasy of her just like this with Stefan coming to the forefront of his brain causing his need to be inside her to double. His mouth moved back to hers, claiming her lips once again as he dropped them to the bed. The action caused the headboard to smack into the wall with a resounding thump but they didn't make any attention to it. His lips then drifted away from hers and moved over her neck, and up to her ear.

"I'm going to take you hard and fast my love, and have you screaming my name until you can't any longer." He said as his body settled between her legs.

Her hips moved up at him, making him groan, as his tongue tasted her skin at her neck, down her throat, and then over her breasts. His ears heard her whimper as lips sucked lightly at one nipple, his thumb moving over the other one. Her hands moved over his back, up into his hair, her hips wiggled under him, driving him crazy.

His hands moved down her legs, to spread them wider, and she didn't fight him. In fact she moved them wider, a small moan coming from her, as his hands moved up the soft skin of her inner thighs.

Klaus could smell her desire, could see it glisten on her body. His warm breath moving over her skin while his hands moved up to her center. Klaus watched her hips move up off the bed towards him, as his thumbs moved to spread her apart, his tongue darting out to taste her. Her voice rose as he ran his tongue along her slit before it circled her clit.

Due to his ministrations, Caroline could feel her body quickly climbing to the peak. When she felt a finger push its way inside of her, her body clamped down around it, shuddering, her mouth opening, screaming out her pleasure.

Klaus felt her muscles contract around his finger, and he groaned against her, sending the vibrations of his mouth through her body, making her shake more against him. Not giving her a chance for her body to settle, he moved back until their lips were level with one another again. Her hand moved with him, her fingers still wrapped in his hair and she used her hold to claim his mouth once again, her legs wrapping around him, pushing him against her again. She could taste herself on his lips, and it just excited her more.

"Please, now," Caroline begged, not wanting to wait any longer. And with a movement of his hips, she felt the head of his erection graze against her entrance, "Klaus..."

With his name on her lips, Klaus thrust forward. His hard length pushed all the way inside of her in an instant, both of them breaking the kiss in a gasp at the union. His hands moved under her; his grip on her body tight, as he began to move inside her.

Her hands gripped at his shoulders, as she felt one of his hands moved to raise one of her legs up further, and she moaned as she felt him somehow sink even deeper into her, his body pounding her into the mattress, her body wanting more. Her face moved into his shoulder, her tongue tasting his skin as her fangs came out.

The hybrid could feel his lover's fingernails digging into his back, spurring him on. When Klaus felt her fangs bite into his shoulder, he slammed his hips into her over and over, harder, faster; in and out, over and over, again until he felt the glorious feeling of her muscles gripping at him, contracting so tight around him. Her head fell back and she screamed, "Klaus..."

His lips found hers again. Her tongue moved into his mouth, making his head spin with the taste of his blood mixed with her unique taste, and he was gone

Her muscles were still contracting around him, pulling at him, his hips pushing himself fully into her, as he let go, finally able to let her name issue from his lips. And with that waves of hot pleasure washed through his body, as his arms gripped her shaking form to his.

She slowly opened her eyes, even while the tremors were still passing though her. Her eyes locked onto his, and she saw a smirk twitch across his lips before brought his thumb up to wipe away a small bit of blood from the corner of her mouth. She watched shamelessly as he sucked the tip of his thumb into his mouth to clean off the blood and she saw the smirk widen. "You're very proud of yourself aren't you?"

"Shouldn't I be?" Klaus asked as his eyes traveled over her. "From what I can see and from what I heard, you enjoyed my ravishing you. And you weren't the only one."

"Oh, I could tell." Caroline replied as she rolled her hips against him to emphasize her point.

Klaus grinned at her devilishly. "I wasn't speaking only of my own lust being sated but someone else, though I doubt it was as fulfilling."

When she looked at him with curious eyes, Klaus explained further. "Stefan is quite the voyeur."

Curious eyes widened in surprise before Caroline moved her head to glance at the door, as if she expected the other vampire to be standing there and he caught what looked almost like disappointment when she didn't see him. "He didn't watch us, but he was listening."

"How do you know?" Caroline asked.

"For one, I'm quite certain that we made enough noise that the dancers at the club could have heard us, and two, could you not hear him enjoying our activities? He was not quiet." Klaus declared. Although he had been lost in Caroline's body, his heightened hearing had easily picked up the muffled sounds from the next room.

"You mean he was…" Caroline said surprised but also aroused at the idea that not only had Stefan overheard them having sex but that he had jerked himself off to it. What did that mean? Was he attracted to her, them or just the idea of someone having sex so close coupled with vampire hormones?

Realizing that Stefan's actions coupled with Klaus' possessiveness could bode badly if not deadly for her friend, Caroline studied his face to see if she could read what he might be thinking but of course he was a blank slate to her. "You're not going to do anything are you?"

"Do anything?"

"To Stefan." She clarified.

"For listening to us? Caroline, I am anything but a prude." Klaus stated as he watched her. He had seen the flash of arousal in her eyes and knew that he had been right about her desire for their friend and an idea started to spin in his mind.

"Believe me; I am well aware of that." Caroline responded, thinking of all of the sexual knowledge and experiences he had taught her since they had been together. "I meant for what he did. You have a bit of a possessive nature that I would think would make you want to go and rip his heart out."

"Oh love, you should know by now that Stefan is one of only two people who I make special exceptions for." Klaus answered as he leaned into nip at her lips. "That doesn't mean though that I plan on dropping the matter…"

Caroline was about to ask what he meant by that when he covered her mouth with his and she felt his cock hardening again inside of her and she decided that talking was done.

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