{This is the rewrite of my old story, Naruto the monster girl hunter. This one will be better, more action, more insanity, and 800% more lemon goodness with monster girls and human ones as well. So get ready for the hunt, and sweet lemony goodness! Oh and I have major writer's block for my other stories so I'm trying to kill that demon first, sorry.}

Warning, this story will include, but is not limited to, Incest, Anal, Oral, Role-play, Anthro, Monster girls and Naruto Harem, Human Girl and Naruto Harem, Bashing of characters I don't tolerate well, Insanity, Fem-Bijuu, No Juubi, and … Uh … pervy stuff in general. Feel free to continue at your own risk. Oh and suggest situations you want Naruto to get into with his MASSIVE HAREM, and I just might put it in. Enjoy :3

Talking, "Monster girls!"

Thinking, 'Monster Girls.'

Jutsu, Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu

Monster Powered Talking "Monster Girls?"

Monster Powered Thinking 'Monster Girls.'

*Flashback or other switch in setting*

"God damn it Minato!" An angered Kushina Uzumaki shouted as she watched her husband, Minato Namikaze, seal the 'Kyuubi' into their son, Naruto, with the dead demon consuming seal. She covered her face as she watched the beast's chakra flow into her son, noticing it take its true form to smirk at her before being absorbed into the baby boy. She looked down at her husband's corpse as she held their daughter, Naruto's twin sister, Hikari. She scowled before she kicked the body a few times, trying to make the man feel how badly he fucked up with his haste. It's time for some background information!

*Back Story: A really fucking long time ago*

Back in the days of the Sage of Six Paths, creatures called monster girls were plentiful. Their numbers and types were almost as large as the types of animal species on the plant, and maybe more given how there are demon, undead, and angel types. However it was widely known that only one was truly the ruler of all of them, on the mortal plane at least, was the Echidna or the mother of all monsters type.

So the sage, eager to help humanity, went to slay the monster, and he really wanted to kill her because he was too much of a sage, or he was gay, to do anything perverse to the monster woman. I personally think he was gay but whatever.

Anyway, the sage headed toward the castle where the Echidna was said to stay and walked in, holding himself as high and mighty as a gay sage could, and demanded to see the woman. The monster women looked at him like he was crazy before one of them, a two tailed cat girl named Matatabi, walked off while the other seven of the monster queen's attendant stood around the lobby in awkward silence with the man that may be just a tad insane while trying to avoid direct eye contact, mostly because those eyes of his are really creepy to look at for extended periods of time.

After ten minutes of the man standing there and glaring at the wall for no apparent reason, the queen of monsters herself finally decided to come down the stairs. The woman slithered, since Echidna have snake-like tails for legs.

The Echidna woman had long straight red hair that curled inward toward the junction of her snake tail and her human body. She had pale blue skin on her human body while her snake half had deep crimson scales with a white stripe every so often leading to the tip of the tail, upon which there was small trident like ornament. Her face had very nice features, a small button nose and a pair of crimson eyes with slit pupils along with a tattoo that looked like a sideways eye in deep purple ink. The strange feature were long pointed ears and a set of long red snakes growing from her head and grew down until they coiled around her arms before waving around in the air and flicking there tongues in the air.

Her outfit consists of a dark silver cloth that wrapped around her chest, which was a high DD-cup, and was secured with a bronze snake ornament in a loop and was secured by a bronze chain that reached a gold collar that was around her neck. Her lower body was, or at least that part that was attached to her human body, was covered by a loin cloth made of dark silver cloth with a crimson fox with nine tails on it that was secured to her waist by a pair of bronze and gold snake ornaments that wrapped around her waist in the form of a belt.

As the woman finally stopped at the base of the stairs, the sage narrowed his eyes at the woman before speaking with all the force he could muster. "You will haunt this world no longer foul creature! Your filth belongs in hell, with all the rest of demonic kin!" All of the women in the room grew glum, but only for a second before an overwhelming feeling of impending death covered the sage. The source of this feeling was the Echidna, the woman glowing with monstrous power befitting of the mother of all monsters, or so was her title. The woman's form was radiating a deep crimson aura that flickered with inhuman power as she spoke in an angered tone, "You have a lot of gall, human, coming into my home and demanding such things of me while insulting my sisters."

The sage froze for a minute before shaking his head and pulsing out his own power. "Fine then, you had your chance to leave peacefully!" With his piece said, the sage pointed his fancy walking stick at the monster before she was thrown through the wall behind her, the sage following after as the eight women picked themselves out of their stupors and tried join the fight only for the Echidna to shout to them, "No! Leave this to me! You must get everyone to a safe place while I hold him back!" The eight women hesitated for just a moment before running off to every corner of the world to do as they were commanded.

The battle lasted for many days as the two superpowers fought, but the stories got twisted into the man fighting some giant evil doom monster and sealing it in the moon when really it was a standstill until the Echidna simply vanished after the man tried to trap her in a giant chunk of rock and launch her into space. After that it was a long time before such power would be seen. In fact it would be near the beginning of the hidden village era of the world.

The next appearance was in a massive forest in fire country that would be known in the futre as The Valley of the End, where two shinobi, followers of the sage's teachings of chakra to mix human energies to combat monsters, but now being used against each other due to the lack of monster sightings and their supposed decent into myth. These two shinobi are Madara Uchiha, former leader of the Uchiha clan and master of the Sharingan, and Hashirama Senju, the first Hokage of the newly founded Hidden Leaf Village or Konohagakure.

These two men fought fiercely in an attempt to kill each other. However with one accidental hand sign in his summoning jutsu, Madara ended up braking into a dimension that had been cut off from this one by it leader and forcefully dragging the strongest of them into the battle, the Echidna from so long ago. When the woman appeared she was immediately ensnared by the hypnotic powers of the Sharingan and forced to fight for the mad man.

The battle was long and harsh as the snake woman and her captor fought against the wood user, who was being pushed back by the unknown abilities of the monster woman before help arrived in the form of his wife, Mito Uzumaki as she used the Uzumaki clan, mastery of sealing jutsu to seal the woman into herself, which un-expectantly raised her lust due to the nature of all Monster women.

After the rampage of a lust induced Mito was stopped by Hashirama, with no sex for some reason, the man found eight other women with similar powers and with Mito' help sealed them into select people in other villages, all women since Mito gave a very explicate warning to never seal them into a man.

*End Back Story*

That brings us full circle to the area Minato Namikaze died in an epic fail and force Kushina to write lust seals on her son to prevent his destruction by the raw lust that the Echidna had in her very existence. Fortunately, or not depending on who you ask, the boy's body was altered just enough so that he would grow into a being made for sex, the first ever male with monster power since the times of the sage of six paths. Naruto Uzumaki was the very first, King of Monsters.

{Well hot damn I made it! Anyway this is the ONLY Lemon-less chapter, so be patient. One last thing I have to say, Enjoy Life and Happy Halloween Readers.}