Akihiko was sorely disappointed when Misaki didn't even glance up from his intricate carving to see him come down the stairs. Weren't pumpkin carvings supposed to be like a happy face, basically. Misaki was carving a scene from "The Kan," even going so far as to scrape away various amounts of the firm orange flesh to shade certain areas. Akihiko would have sulked, but the fierce concentration on Misaki's face was just too adorable. A stray bit of hair had come out of one Misaki's many clips, and he kept blowing it out of the way with a little irritated huff. It was just about all Akihiko could do not to just tackle his young lover to the floor and make a mess of him right there.

"How's this?" Akihiko flashed a bright grin and did a full turn, cocking his hip just so.

Misaki was silent for a moment before saying, in a rather thick voice, "Yeah, that's good. I guess."

Crimson painted Misaki's cheeks and he immediately returned to his work, adding even greater detail to the border around the panel. Akihiko grabbed his pumpkin and sat it on the newspaper Misaki had layered on the table. "Alright, sensei. What do I do?"

"So, first just cut the top off." Misaki gesture to the lid of his pumpkin. "Like that." He blew the strand of hair out of his face again, and nearly jumped out of his skin when Akihiko gently tucked it back into a clip, grazing his cheek with a cool hand in the process. Bravely, the boy forged on. "And then scoop out all the gooey stuff with the spoon. Do you know what kind of pumpkin you want to do?"


"Okay." Misaki put a few finishing touches on his own work of art while Akihiko scooped. The slimy pumpkin felt unpleasant and strange on his arms.

"How's that?" Akihiko stepped back and noticed that he did have a rather unfortunate amount of pumpkin innards spread across his chest.

"Good. We just need to do a little more." Misaki took the spoon from his hand and leaned in, scraping the last of the slime away. "There."

Akihiko contemplated the knife in his hand and the bear in his mind before holding the handle towards Misaki. "Misaki, you should make me a bear."

"Really, you don't want to do it yourself?"

"I already did a lot, beside, you're actually really good at this."

"Of course I am. I told you that, didn't I?"

"So you did." Akihiko laughed. He loved it when Misaki got a little cocky, especially when it was deserved.

"Okay." Misaki took the knife and set to work in a series of quick precise cuts. It was amazing that he didn't even need to draw an outline or something. It was rather odd, now that he thought about it, that Misaki wasn't interested in art. He certainly had the talent for it. Akihiko opened a low drawer to grab a fresh pack of cigarettes from the carton he kept there when he heard Misaki yelp. He tossed the pack on the table and looked at Misaki. The boy was bright red and would not meet his eyes. He pressed a paper towel against his finger.

"Misaki." Akihiko was suddenly concerned. He also felt a little please that he really had managed to have such a visible effect on his normally hesitant lover, though he hated himself for it. "Did you cut yourself? Let me see."

"It's not bad." Misaki said "Don't worry about me."

"I'm sorry." Akihiko said, very seriously. "It's my fault. I should be bending over in these jeans when you've got a knife in your hand. I wore them to distract you."

"I was not distracted by your perfect ass." Misaki snapped, flushing an even deeper crimson and squeezing his eyes shut.

"Yeah right." Akihiko said. The instant he removed the towel a small bead of blood welled up. Akihiko bent his head over Misaki's hand and licked at the cut a couple of times before sucking the poor damaged fingertip into his mouth. Misaki's sweet skin tasted of metallic blood and bittersweet uncooked squash. He tounged the wound again after a few moments and was pleased that it didn't seem to be bleeding any more. Still, now that he had his mouth on Misaki, he didn't fancy losing the contact. Still, what was the point of dressing up if things moved too fast. He looked deep into Misaki's eyes. Verdant green had been nearly swallowed by swollen black pupils. Akihiko was more than please that Misaki anticipated his kiss and wasn't pulling away. He'd meant for it to be just a chaste brush of the lips, but Misaki opened to him almost immediately upon contact, and it quickly became something much more.

Akihiko felt his heart slamming in his chest when he pulled away. He wanted to feel Misaki wanting him for just a little more, until he really couldn't take it. "Misaki." He purred, letting his hot breath caress his lover's ear. "Why don't we finish this later." Without further comment, he moved towards the stairs, adding just a little sway to each step. He swore he could feel Misaki's gaze searing his exposed flesh. He didn't dare to turn around in case it was his imagination.

When he finally did, he was halfway up the stairs, and Misaki hadn't moved at all. He seemed a bit dazed. "Misaki." Akihiko used his most commanding tone, "Come to bed. Now."

Misaki's eyes widened, but he started to climb the stairs. Akihiko supposed it had been quite unrealistic to hope that Misaki might actually pounce him for once. Still, this was definitely progress.

Standing in the bedroom doorway, watching Misaki's hesitant approach, Akihiko decided that he like Halloween.

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