My eyes flew open. It was morning. That sound was my alarm clock.

I got out of bed. My back! It ached.

The day before, after we had escaped from the Scythers, we had just headed back to our apartments and stayed there for the rest of the night.

Blitz and Bounce said they had found a nice little cave to sleep in.

I got ready for college, then glanced at the clock.

Perfect! I still had 15 minutes until I should head over to college.

I sat down in front of my computer and turned it on. Then, I logged on the Internet.

A message popped up. It said, 'You have two new e-mails'.

I read the first. It was just this really stupid newsletter I signed up for a while ago.

The second was from Boris. Boris often goes on the Internet before college, like me.

But Lisa and Michael haven't got the Internet. They're not really into computers.

The e-mail said, "Hey Rache. Wasn't yesterday cool? Anyway, what do you think we should do about those bullies? Lisa and Michael think we should stand up for ourselves. I agree. Seeya in college!"

I was confused momentarily. Bullies? Did he mean the Weederpies? If so, why didn't he just say it?

Because the Internet can be hacked, I told myself. And we're not quite ready to tell everyone about the Weederpies.

Are we?

I clicked 'Reply' and then typed, "Yeah, I think we should try and stop the bullies. What else can we do? Anyway, seeya at college!"

I turned off my computer and headed to college.

"Good morning, Rachel," Michael grinned, suddenly appearing beside me.

"Oh, hi," I said. "Did you finish that homework?"

Michael went white. "I knew I forgot something!"

I sighed and went into class.

Lisa was already at her desk.

"So," she whispered to me. "How do you like being a Pokémorph?"

"It's annoying!" I said. "Because, see, I barely had time to finish that assignment."

Lisa went pale. "The assignment's due today? Oh great."

And so the day went on.

Michael got told off for not doing homework 8 times in a row.

Boris laughed at Michael, but then got told off, too.

Lisa got warned about her homework.

I got told to 'wake up' because I was day-dreaming.

Overall, a pretty average day.

Except for the fact that I kept thinking about turning into Pokémon.

I kept thinking about what Pokémon I should acquire next.

I kept remembering what it was like being a Charmander.

The energy! It was amazing.

And to think, just a few days ago, I had never even heard of the word 'Mew'.

Now, I was imagining changing into Pokémon.

Things really do change!

Especially for us.

The Pokémorphs.


Author's Annotation: A pretty standard first book, really. We meet the characters, they get their powers, and they use them in battle for the first time with the enemy. From here there's plenty of things to explore and experiment with, and that starts in the next book: Pokémorphs #2: The Limit!