I Am A Psycho Star Fox Fan

Disclaimer: No, I don't own Star Fox. Nintendo does. I want an Arwing! ;_;

Notes: This is yet another one of my cheesy rhymes from the 'cheesy anime improv poetry' thread on the CSUN anime club message board (www.csunanime.com). Beware what Star Fox-induced madness becomes when coupled with sleep deprivation and far too much caffiene!

I must confess
I'm a great big mess
For it seems I've gone quite mad
And tomorrow I shall be quite glad
And perhaps my madness will be tame
For I shall have a brand new Star Fox game!
You see, I'm a die-hard fanatic
I think Star Fox is just fantastic!
And just before a new game comes out
I tend to yell and scream and shout
And go quite totally insane
Until at last I do obtain
The object of my crazed desire
Which usually only fuels the fire
And everyone around me I really annoy
With my stark-raving insane joy
I dance and jump and shout and sing
The praises of the sleek Arwing!
But this time Fox is on the ground
(But he uses the Arwing to get around)
And with a staff some ass he'll kick
To save Dinosaur Planet will be quite a trick!
Who is Krystal, I must wonder?
And will General Scales make a fatal blunder?
And what the hell language is it that they speak?
It sure ain't Japanese, or French, or Greek!
To all who know me, I'm terribly sorry
You'll have to cope with my madness in all it's psychotic glory
But rest assured, this too shall pass
But until then, I'll be one psycho lass!

Author's notes: Whee, I really have lost it =D If you got a laugh, feel free to say so. If you want to flame, flame away, and I will laugh at you psychotically. ^o^