Ok. So here is another fanfic! I am not abandoning Search for Greatness nor am I stopping Kogane no oji. I am just writing this thing because it is an idea that's been bothering me for weeks! And yes, It's NarutoxKarin. Weird huh? But, I was inspired to write this by looking at the artwork of AquariusWind on Deviant Art. Check out her artwork! The link is on my profile xD

So just a heads up: Naruto knows his mother in this. It shall be explained in great length in later chapters for those who are confused. And this fanfiction won't be as action oriented as my other ones so...be wary for some crappy and extremely sappy moments since I don't really know how to write these types of things. It's a learning experience I guess. Tell me what y'all think!

Oh, another note; should you feel that there is going to be another couple or a harem, bury those thoughts, because that isn't going to happen. Ta-ta.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or the artwork that this is based around.

Chapter 1: The Other One

Naruto glared intently at the Uchiha standing on the crystal waters of the river. The waters had finally calmed to a steady flow. The clashes of the weak versions of their attacks made the river fluctuate for quite some time; just imagine the full power. Naruto stood tall in all of his orange loving glory; his deep blue eyes glowing with animosity. The boy trembled slightly as he and his best friend continued the stare-down of the ages. Neither broke eye contact as they continued to gauge each other's power and strength, seeing as the two of them were nothing but power.

"If we fight…" Naruto suddenly began. "We'll both die."

The river fluctuated once more as a great breeze of wind flowed down from the top of the bridge. Leaves flittered down covering the line of sight for both boys. The silence was unending, even with the shuffling of leaves and trees within the newfound wind. Sasuke continued his glare as his once black eyes began to dull out into a dark grey. But then, the Last Uchiha shut his eyes and heaved a sigh, before smirking maliciously.

"Then I guess…" Sasuke paused and activated his sharingan once the Zetsu began to rise from beneath the water. "I'll kill you before you kill me."

With that said, Sasuke was sucked into the portal of Tobi and the two vanished into thin-air with the Zetsu clones disappearing into the river. Naruto kept his glare up but looked away and faced Sakura and Kakashi before turning a deep shade of purple. Sakura's eyes shot from her head. She dashed for the boy and grabbed him before he fell into the river. She had a meek look on her face, and gave a small embarrassed smile to her sensei.

"I f-forgot that the k-kunai was poisoned…" Sakura let out a wry laugh and sighed in defeat. "Naruto, hold still and I'll heal you…"

"N-No problem…" Naruto groaned slightly as he rested his head in her chest.

Healing chakra sprang up around her hand and began to soothe the pain radiating across his cheek and closing off the cut and removing the poison in the process. Naruto's face soon began to regain color and almost immediately, the boy was back to normal with the Kyuubi aiding in the healing process. Naruto quickly removed himself from Sakura's embrace and coughed awkwardly.

The three of them jumped up the large bridge and headed towards the wounded prisoner. She was a redheaded girl with half of her hair being wild and all over the place and her other half being straight. She wore thick rimmed glasses and had red eyes. She was lying against the railing of the bridge with a distraught look on her face as she came to the realization that Sasuke was no longer the same as what he once was. Nowhere near.

A few footsteps were head and the girl painfully turned and faced the three Konoha shinobi standing at the other end of the bridge. She looked down and was hoisted up and piggybacked Kakashi as they left the scene. Her red hair waved softly as they tree hopped away for their unconscious teammates and comrades. Her glasses began to slip down her nose, but were caught on Kakashi's neck guards.

'W-What is going on…?' Karin looked tiredly at the team carrying her back to Konoha. 'D-Damn that Uchiha…after all that I've done…'

Within seconds, she began to look over her life and everything that has led up to this point. A life filled with disappointment and lies. Promises unfulfilled, the wrong crowds and false love. Her eyes trailed down at the grass below their feet and took a deep sorrowful breath, but tried not to strain herself too much. The group made a quick detour and headed into the forest off the main road and found a small clearing with four bodies lying on the ground, three men and a large dog.

All four of them began to wake up thanks to Sakura administering the antidote and healing their bodies and removing the poison from their systems. Almost immediately, Kiba burst into anger and began to scream at Sakura for how stupid she was and how little she had thought the situation through. But through all of this, the golden haired boy of the group kept to himself and stared aimlessly into the grand forest surrounding them.

One by one, Karin began to examine the Konoha ninja's chakra signatures and one by one, she got a very good idea as to how these shinobi acted, thought and moral codes were. The pale skinned black haired shinobi, was an enigma, and basically had a chakra aligning itself slowly with good. The dog and the kid with the fang tattoos on his cheeks, although loud and brash in person, his chakra was strong and peaceful and really loyal too. But the one that already had Karin slightly worried, and this is just from physical appearance; she was staring at the bowl-cut boy wearing the god-awful green jumpsuit. But even though she couldn't tell where his chakra coils were, she could sense the chakra there, and to be frank, she was impressed.

The group, now fully healed and ready to continue on their journey back to the home village, Karin was fully awake and in less pain, but in pain nonetheless. But as they continued on their journey, the blond orange wearing shinobi was constantly arguing with the dog-boy, as Karin began to call the tattooed boy. She was surprised by the interaction between Konoha shinobi and their comrades. With a moment of boredom, she actually listened in on their conversation.

"...Naruto-baka!" Kiba finished with only the last part of the sentence being heard.

'Naruto?' Karin's eyebrows rose slightly. 'That's the Naruto that Sasuke constantly griped about?'

Naruto clenched his fists and replied with a not up to par rebuttal, resulting in a punch to the back of the head, via Haruno Sakura. Naruto was bent over gripping his head, all the while, laughing with Kiba and Sakura. Soon enough, the laughter was contagious and had the rest of the team laughing, except for Karin. Her eyes were wide as she used her abilities to try and get a better feel of the shinobi that caused her former beau so much annoyance.

'U-Unbelievable…what is this chakra…?' Karin felt her body soar high into the sky. It was almost as if her pain and inhibitions were released from her body. 'It's such…amazingly…peaceful chakra…never have I ever felt something like this…'

Karin tightened her grip around Kakashi and tilted her head into Kakashi's back, almost as if she was about to go to sleep, but there was a sudden darkness in the pit of her stomach as she continued to examine the shinobi. That darkness continued, and seemed to never end, pressurizing her into the pits of her mid. All around her, she felt the colors bleed into red and black. Karin looked up and around the blond boy and found that he was surrounded by an aura that had eerie resemblance to a great Nine-tailed fox.

Karin had never once been so terrified. What really scared her though, was the untamable power that resided deep within the boy had her terrified that she was going to the same village as he was. That kind of power wasn't even felt when she and the former team Taka took on the eight-tails jinchuriki. Karin tried to come up with a conclusion as to why he held such malicious power within his body, but filed it away for another time when she realized that she'd been staring at the back of the blonds head. Her cheeks lit up slightly. She looked away and stared at the ground for a while.

'It'll be a while before I get into anyone like that…' Karin whispered.

The rest of the journey was quiet. No, it wasn't quiet, but rather, not as loud as it normally would have been. With Naruto off in his own little world thinking about his difficult situation with Sasuke, Kiba saying something stupid and the others not really saying much, it left Karin with much to think about, namely, where she stood, now that she was no longer aligned with anyone.

'I'll most likely get arrested and thrown into jail…' Karin mentally shivered. 'Or worse…I'll get executed…'

Karin reached over with her hand and weakly, pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose and somehow, once more, he gaze landed on the figure of Uzumaki Naruto. Karin continued to stare and was genuinely surprised at his appearance.

'Everything Sasuke said…' Karin thought. 'It's almost as if Sasuke was jealous of him…this Naruto is nothing like the one that Sasu-…the Uchiha…always spoke about.'

Naruto put his arms behind his head and started to walk slowly for just a moment. He was lost in his own thoughts as he stared off into the trees above them. The small rays of light tickling his whiskered cheeks and bouncing off of his sun kissed hair. Naruto stopped suddenly and took a small breath before sighing in content and continuing forward. Karin quickly noticed that Sakura had a flash of worry on her face, only for it to disappear before she could examine the pinkette's expression any further.

Karin shut her eyes and took the same action, making Kakashi turn his head slightly. The jounin gave her a small look, but then gave her an eye-smile. Karin raised an eyebrow and rested her chin in his shoulder, knowing that she is still too weak to walk on her own. Kakashi simply fixed her position on his back and sped up the pace since he was starting to fall behind Kiba. The Cyclops of a jounin sped up his steps and started to catch up to the somewhat speeding blond just a few clicks away from him.

Once he caught up with Naruto Kakashi looked over to see Naruto had no expression on his face. Naruto's cerulean eyes were glimmering and looked deep in thought. Karin saw this, and for the first time, she had seen his face up close and was surprised by his facial appearance. From all of the descriptions that Sasuke gave her, she had half-expected Naruto to be some god-awful thing to look at, but to tell the truth, she felt that the blond wasn't too bad.

He looked over from the corner of his eyes and gave Karin a small smile. Karin felt her face heat up from just how bright his smile actually was. Suddenly, she sensed a great burst of peace and happiness radiate from the blond smiling at her. His glinting teeth seemed a bit much, but Karin seemed to not mind the sight. But there was a sudden burst from that peace once more. It was powerful and it filled her mind with darkness.

Everything was thrown in a thousand-mile-per-hour downward spiral. But from the darkness, the girl was met with two powerful blood red eyes that glared, menacingly into her own crimson eyes. Her skin shuddered, and grew cold in the presence of such powerful orbs. She could feel her chakra fluctuating because of the powerful force that seemed to practically be breathing in her face. Her eyes were wide when she saw what seemed to be the face of a beautiful, light-skinned, redhead with the most beautiful violet eyes that Karin had ever seen. The image was seen in the center of the slitted irides of the beast glaring at her.

The woman gave Karin a small smirk, and tilted her head as she looked at the red-eyed girl. Karin's eyes were wide and filled with fear. Karin felt her jaw unhinge, and felt her heart race in fear. This boy that she's sensed is filled with such strange secrets that Karin couldn't even fathom. But the dark chakra narrowed its blood-red eyes and sent a major burst of its own charka, nearly scaring Karin off of Kakashi's back.

Looking back to the normal world, Karin found that she was now on the ground. Sakura and the others were looking at her with worried expressions, despite the fact that she was an enemy. But once Naruto came into the scene, Karin saw a quick flash of the crimson eyes staring at her through Naruto's own blue. The redhead had seen a lot of scary things in her life, but never had she ever felt that dark. Never had she felt that terrified. In a quick move without thinking, she started backing away once Naruto reached forward with his hand.

A small pang of hurt reverberated through his heart. He looked down and slowly retracted his hand, but Karin quickly reached out and grabbed it, with a quick and brisk apology, Naruto lifted her from the ground and carried her on his own back, rather than Kakashi's. Karin's sensing abilities were exploding in all directions from the amount of dark chakra shooting off of Naruto's body. Karin gripped tightly, tighter than what she did with Kakashi; actually, with Kakashi, she held him loosely, hence the fact she fell off. Naruto nearly choked from the amount of pressure she was pressing on his neck, but immediately loosened.

"Oi, Naruto!" Kiba started. "I think the redhead likes you!"

"How youthful Naruto-kun!" Lee howled.

"I DON'T LIKE HIM! I AM JUST MAKING SURE THAT I DON'T FALL OFF AGAIN!" Karin roared back, nearly causing Naruto's eardrums to burst. "YOU BAKA!"

"Now, now. No need to get feisty." Kakashi gave her another eye smile. "We're all trying to go to the same place now."

"Don't worry." Naruto said in a reassuring voice. "We'll get there all fine and then we'll all go our separate ways."

-At the village…

Naruto was walking towards his most frequented place in the entire village; Ichiraku Ramen. His stomach grumbled and tumbled as he walked through the streets of his home village. Everything around him was making good progress in being rebuilt, especially with the help of Yamato's Mokuton jutsu. A small smile grew on his lips as the civilians began to cheer his name and wave lovingly towards their newest hero. Some even went so far as to say, 'I hope you become Hokage one day'. Naruto didn't know if they were kissing up to him, or if they were truly genuine in their words.

For so long, he was ostracized and made an outcast by many of the people that cheered his name. For the longest time, the only form of interaction between him and the villagers was the occasional blurb of harsh words, or even going full out and actually kicking him or tossing him about, or just downright slandering him in any way they could, be it talking behind his back, or insulting him to his face, but now, he didn't know how to respond to their kind words and kind actions. So, he simply hunched his shoulders slightly and looked down towards the dirt road with a light blush on his cheeks.

Making a quick turn, Naruto walked towards the nearest exit and took the quickest detour towards Ichiraku. After all of those years of running off to find a quiet and secluded place to cry, gave Naruto an imaginary map of the entire village, one that is burned into his mind probably to the end of his days. Looking up, Naruto felt his eyes light up from the sight of the little paper lantern moving swiftly in the blowing wind. The new Ichiraku Ramen stand was no longer a nice hut with cloth hanging over the front of the stand, but instead, it was its own actual restaurant with a large counter and multiple seats.

The coloration paid a great homage to their favorite customer, by coloring much of the store orange and black. Naruto smiled devilishly and charged in, sliding the rice paper door open, completely forgetting his predicament and jumped onto a stool with drool already flowing down the sides of his mouth. He slammed his hands onto the counter getting the attention of Teuchi.

"FIVE BOWLS OF MISO RAMEN!" Naruto roared with a loud laugh. "And keep em' coming old man!"

"You got it Naruto!" Teuchi started laughing and called the orders out to his ever faithful daughter, Ayame, whom of which was working furiously with the order. Naruto sat in silence as the intoxicating smells of the wondrous ramen came floating into his nose. But, the wooden doors suddenly slid open. With Ayame and Teuchi in the back working on the orders, in came two chunin that witnessed Naruto's battle with Pain. They were surprised and actually relieved it seemed, to see Naruto.

"Hey!" One of them shouted out with a smile. "It's the hero of Konoha!"

"You're right!" The other laughed. The elder one quickly walked up to a seat next to Naruto and pulled out a notebook. "Please, honor me with your autograph! My son would love it if you did!"

"Same here! My daughter would love it if you signed an autograph for her!" The other shinobi joined in.

Naruto turned red from embarrassment. Looking around for whatever escape he had, he tuned out the two shinobi and tried to listen in for whatever distraction he could take advantage of. Thanks to the newly renovated Ichiraku Ramen stand, the Ichiraku's hired a full staff of waiters, cooks and even deliverymen and women. So once Teuchi got the order of deep-fried pork cutlets, the order came out first. With a ring of the counter bell, Teuchi got the attention of one of his deliverymen. But Naruto quickly Kawarimi'd with the deliveryman and took the order himself and started running away as fast as he could towards wherever he could.

After he felt that he was a good distance away from Ichiraku Ramen, he looked around and found that the street he was on was quite desolate and empty. He sighed and sat against the nearest wall and slid down and rested on the ground, placing the order next to him. He leaned his head on the wall and stared at the deep blue sky without a thought in his mind. But, then, he realized that the order belonged to someone. He frantically opened the casing and stared at the destination; The T&I Department of Konoha Intelligence.

He shut the casing for to-go food and shot to his feet. He looked up and found that the sun was still high in the sky, with a lot of time still remaining in his day. So why couldn't he play deliveryman for the day. So, he took his sweet time making his way towards the T&I Department building. Now though, the streets towards the building were empty. Almost no one populated the area. Naruto smiled slightly, but didn't let it show. The cheers and the kind smiles were something that was going to take time to grow on him, and he was sure of it.

Naruto took a right and headed down a great hill and found that grass was already growing and tree saplings were seen sprouting from the flattened ground. Naruto smirked at the village and how well it was bouncing back from the invasion of Pain. Taking another detour and finding the surprisingly small building labeled with the symbol of the T&I department of intelligence on the front, Naruto opened the door and walked inside of the building and headed for the prison rooms. It was a quaint journey, no one to mock him or insult him, no one that begged for him to let them free and best of all, no new fans to bother him.

He found the only room holding any people within it and knocked. There was a quick reply and the door slid open to reveal Karin sitting in a chair while picking her nails while two interrogators were bickering like children and Ibiki was rubbing his temples. Naruto held in his laughter remembering the terrifying and imposing figure that Ibiki was as a man. The blond walked ahead and shivered in fear once Ibiki stood from his seat. The larger and older man kindly took the casing of food and started laying out the meal in front of the redhead sitting behind the table.

"You've got your food. Now eat up."

"Karin ordered this?" Naruto asked. "W-Why?"

"She runs a hard bargain for information." Ibiki groaned. "Why don't you join in on the interrogation Naruto? Since my two subordinates are being less than adequate."

"Erm…why not?" Naruto sighed and pulled up a seat and sat next to Ibiki. 'I was hoping that I could eat my ramen by now…'

"Ok. Now tell us what you know of the Akatsuki and what they're planning." Ibiki said with a voice that demanded respect. "You have literally no reason to hold back information."

"Hold on." Karin replied with a small smirk. "I just need to finish my delicious pork cutlets…kami. You Konoha people sure know how to cook. I'm impressed."

"Don't try changing the subject Karin!" Naruto grabbed her shoulders.

But suddenly, the two disappeared in a puff of smoke.


The smoke cleared and the two were now in a vaguely familiar room, well to Naruto that is. Once the smoke was officially cleared, the two looked around awkwardly and found that Lord Fukasaku and Lady Shima were sitting at the other side of the table with wide eyes. Karin's eyes bugged from her head and she nearly freaked out from being in the presence of toads of all things. Then she looked down to see caterpillars, insects of varying sizes. She quickly shot a hand to her mouth to hold in her incoming gag.

"Fukasaku-sama, Shima-baa-chan!" Naruto cried out and dropped Karin off of the table and headed off to give the two Toad Sages the tightest hug he could muster. "Wait…what in the world am I doing here?"

"What the heck is she doing here?" Fukasaku asked. "I thought we only summoned Naruto-chan…"

"These two were apparently in physical contact." Shima replied. "Well young lady…whom might you be?"

"K-Karin." The redhead replied. "N-No surname that I know of…"

"Well then…how were you two in contact with one another?" Shima asked.

"I…Erm…" Karin was surprised by the amount of chakra that the two elder toads possessed. To be frank, the girl was slightly terrified. "We uhm…"

"I was interrogating her." Naruto quickly replied. "She was a part of Sasuke's team, so she could possibly have information about the Akatsuki and what they're doing with Sasuke."

"So she's an enemy?" Fukasaku asked with a raised eyebrow. Karin's eyes nearly widened when she felt a chakra spike from the green toad.

But before Karin could reply, Naruto raised a hand and shook his head. He then turned his head and looked at the redhead sitting in one of the seats. Karin was surprised to say the least. She barely knew this guy but he was so quick to defend her against whatever these toads meant to him. She felt his chakra fluctuate in a way that made his actions seem genuine. He had a stern look on his face as he stared the two toads down.

"There won't be any need to kill her, or dispose of her." Naruto said. "She's under my protection since it's my fault that she's here."

"Are you sure, Naruto-chan?" Shima asked.

"I am dead serious Shima-baa-chan." Naruto smiled softly. 'Besides…Kaa-chan seems to like her…'


The group began to walk towards their destination and seemed to be making a good walk, although the walk was plagued by the innate rambling of Karin. Naruto was confused and seemed to be wondering and worrying about the redhead's sanity. But then after at least ten minutes of blocking her out, he sighed and decided to listen in on what the redhead was saying.

"…I seduced him…I helped him for nothing! That damned Uchiha tried to even kill me! The nerve of that guy!" Karin placed her hands on her hips and glared viciously towards nothing.

"And yet…I still…why do I feel this way for him…why…why didn't he feel the same…? Was there someone else…was it because I wasn't smart or strong enough? Am I not attractive…?" Karin sighed and looked down stopping suddenly. "I bet it's because of my cursed red hair…"

'Why the hell does this sound familiar…?' Naruto thought with a strange look marring his face. Suddenly a bright blush formed on his cheeks and he quickly forced his hands into his pocket and started walking forward with a quick pace. The images of the first meeting of his mother came flittering in his mind. 'S-She's almost exactly like Kaa-chan…'

"Well…actually it's because of your red hair that I think you're beyond beautiful!" Naruto suddenly blurt out. 'Fuck. Did I just say that?'

"N-Naruto…?" Karin looked at him with a light blush growing on her cheeks. "W-What did you say?"

"N-Nothing! Let's just continue on to the Great Toad Sage!" Naruto started walking faster trying to get away from the redheaded girl.

"B-But…" Karin looked with a distraught expression on her face. "I…whatever…he probably didn't even mean it…"

Karin charged forward and followed Naruto with the same pace that he was going at and followed the Toads towards the central husk. The four entered and bowed to the various toads staring at them and walked through the great structure towards the Great Toad Sage of Mount Myoboku. A great door was opened and they came to see the sight of a massive toad with a grand hat on his head.

"H-Hey…Uhm…erm…I kinda…" Karin was starting to stutter in the presence of such great beings. There was so much that she didn't know about Naruto, and most of those things, she could do without knowing. "C-can I go back?"

"If you want to stay in a prison cell for an unspecified amount of time instead of hanging with Konoha's number one knuckleheaded ninja…then go ahead." Naruto said without a single stutter. "You could stay with me and I'll be able to let you walk around and be free…to an extent."

"W-What do you mean?" Karin asked slightly worried for what he meant. With a quick sensing of his chakra, she found nothing wrong that would signify any evil intent with his words.

"I mean, stay under my protection." Naruto replied. "With me…the village won't bother someone under the protection of the Hero."

"I mean…thanks…but why?" Karin asked. "Why are you doing this for me? You don't even know me."

"Does that really matter?" Naruto asked with a small smile. "We could get to know each other. Enemy or not, it doesn't matter to me."

"Uhm…I guess…" Karin sighed and walked closer to Naruto. "So what are you…and what is all of this?"

"Well, for starters, this is the home of the Toad summons. I am the Toad Sage, the only Shinobi Toad Sage alive." Naruto began. "I have mastered senjutsu, and that big toad is the Great Toad Sage."

"T-That's amazing…" Karin looked around the room with wide eyes as she examined every crack and crevice and started sensing the large toads surrounding them from the corners and the walls and outside of the building. 'Everything has chakra…it's amazing!'

"Ah…" The old Toad Sage began. "…Who are you again?"

Karin and Naruto face faulted and glared somewhat at the old senile toad. Karin was the first to straighten up, but then Naruto followed shortly. He was glaring at the old Toad but then, the wrinkled lips of the toad began to crease and began to open.

"I have received another prophecy…the future…" He began. "It will be one filled with great strife…a great battle will rage between every shinobi…and a clan will be restored and the other will be destroyed. Either the clan of the red eyes or the clan of the red hair…and whichever path you choose…it will decide how the world will either end or be rebirthed."

"How do I do this?" Naruto asked. "How do I even begin to take ahold of this prophecy?"

"The Kyuubi." Another Toad said. "You must control the beast in order to bring peace. It is the first key to the door that opens to your true potential. But with this key, there is another."

The toad elongated itself and Karin nearly gagged at the sight. The toad unraveled its scroll body and it came to reveal a complex seal formula drawn upon the scroll. On the far right though, there was an Uzumaki swirl with a box on top of it. The toad nodded at Naruto knowing that the boy knew full well of what he was to do.

"Wait." Karin suddenly said. "The Kyuubi? Didn't the Yondaime kill the beast?"

"No." Naruto replied. "In truth…he sealed the beast inside of me. I am the jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. And this seal was devised by the Fourth to allow me to control the beast."

"Naruto-chan." Fukasaku chided. "I don't think it's wise to give information so freely to enemies, former or not."

"I know." Naruto replied. "But I trust her. Anyway. Let's get this going on."

A flame of chakra formed on each fingertip as he placed his palm onto the empty box. The chakra burned into the scroll and the seals began to grow from his chakra, and spread onto his body. Karin started to examine the sudden change and began to feel an overflow of chakra coming from the seals power, almost as if someone's life force was being transferred into the boy. She could sense the chakra and she had to say, it felt vaguely familiar. Using her knowledge she started to think of who's chakra it was. But then thinking back to the conversation, Naruto said that the fourth created the seal. The chakra felt familiar because of the fact that the chakra belonged to someone she knew.

Then she recognized it. The untamable fire within the chakra that showed off the different colors of the persons will. It was so powerful that Karin couldn't miss it. It was beautiful and it filled her with strength. She stared at the chakra flowing into Naruto's body and into his chakra coils. As she watched, she finally realized who's chakra it felt like. It felt like Naruto's. The warmth, the strength, the power, it was all there. There was no doubt about it.

"W-Was your father the Fourth Hokage?" Karin asked suddenly.

The chakra stopped channeling for a moment, but only to resume. Fukasaku and Lady Shima narrowed their eyes at the redhead and started trying to sense her abilities through the use of senjutsu. But Naruto though, had a small smirk on his face when Karin asked. To hear people ask if the Fourth was his father made him smile. Even though it's only happened a few times. He knew his father at least. Once the chakra transfer was over and the seals were changed and reformed, Naruto turned to face Karin and gave her a small smile.

"Tell me all you know…and I'll tell you what you want to know." Naruto smiled softly. "I'm pretty sure you have one hell of a story to tell…and besides, Fukasaku-jiji and Shima-baa-chan need to trust you first."

"Where do I start?" Karin asked.

"Start from the beginning."

That's that! This took me a little over a week to write because I kept rewriting and trying to get the characters in character. So I am so sorry if they are OOC. If you haven't noticed, I like to make my character OOC because well, their original personalities are kinda cliche, imho. But yeah...again, tell me what you thought! Was it ok-ish? Was it shit T^T?

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