Naruto woke up to a blindingly white ceiling and ten he instantly knew where he was. He knew he was in the hospital. There's one place Konoha with a ceiling this white. The sound of doctors and nurses scurrying up and down the hall the smell of antiseptic just screamed hospital. Gathering his thoughts together, Naruto tried sit up only to fall back down due to the pain in his stomach. Images if the white lady and the red object she hit him with came rushing to his head. He only laid there remembering everything that happened, trying to understand what she told him.

He was brought out of his thoughts as he heard the clicking of the door. He turned to see an old man in his late sixties wearing all white robes with a kind smile on his smile. "Naruto my boy, how do you feel?"

"I feel alright Jiji." Everyone knew the old man as the Sandaime thus referring to him as hokage-sama. Naruto respected the old man as leader of the village but saw him more as a grandfather, just as the Hokage saw Naruto as a grandson. "Just feeling a little stomach pain otherwise I'm fine. How exactly did I get here?"

"Neko found you inside the forest outside of the village as she was returning from a mission." Hiruzen looked at the boy warily for a little bit. "Naruto, do you remember what exactly happened?"

Naruto put his on his chin trying to fully recollect what happened that night. "Well I was walking through the forest after the usual mob beating-" The aged shinobi flinched at hearing a boy his age refer to a mob beating as the usual. He just felt like Naruto should've at least lived a somewhat normal life. "Then I came up to a field where I heard groining and-" Suddenly a worried look sprouted onto the young boys face. "Is the pale lady alright?"

Hiruzen looked at the blond with a puzzled look. "There was no one else out there when Anbu appeared."

This shocked the blond greatly, but as soon as his shock came it went replaced by looked that indicated he was in deep thought. 'Was all just dream? It couldn't have been, it felt real enough.'

"Is there something on your mind there son?" said the old man shaking the boy out of his thoughts.

"Uh, no Jiji." The blond decide to lie. "Is it possible that I can leave here soon? Somehow the hospital seems to depress me." A rumbling noise echoed through the room making Naruto laugh nervously.

"Sure thing my boy, from the sounds of it you can use something to eat." Chuckled the Hokage.

After he checked out of the hospital, Naruto went to his favorite place in the whole world Ichiraku's. It was the only place that didn't throw him out, in fact the welcomed him. He's was pretty much their number one customer. When he entered the stand he sat in his favorite stool. "Two miso pork ramens please."

"Sure thing kiddo, coming right up." Said Teuchi. As he got to work, Ayame walked out from the back of the shop.

"How's it going Naruto?" She greeted her surrogate little brother. He really wasn't her little brother, but he's been here so many times that he grew on her.

"It's going pretty well." Naruto decided he didn't want to burden her with his troubles. He spent a good hour talking with the two before leaving, but not without paying of course. He walked to his apartment only to come to the usual 'DEMON' insult written on his door. He lets out a heavy sigh before opening in the door. The inside wasn't the most luxurious looking, but it wasn't the rattiest place there. It was fairly livable. He trudge himself all the way to his bed for the night. He couldn't sleep all night. The images of the white lady raced through his head. And then there was what she sad that really got to him. 'Was it really all a dream? Did she really give me some kid of power?'


Naruto wasn't really looking forward towards today. It was his birthday after all. It was also the day to celebrate the defeat of the giant nine tailed fox, or Kyuubi as most called it. Currently Naruto was walking towards his apartment trying to hurry before the villagers got done celebrating and started hunting. 'Just a few more blocks and I'll be home.'

He was brought out of his thought when he accidentally bumped into someone. "Sorry mister I-"

"Hey your that demon brat." Shouted the clearly drunken man, making Naruto gulp. "Hey guys I found him he's right." In that instant Naruto had bolted in the opposite direction but not without a mob following behind. He ran for what seemed like hours. He was about to make the last turn he needed to make before he would make it to hokage tower where he knew he was safe until he felt a sharp in both of his shoulders a legs causing him to collapse. The mob quickly caught up with his prone body and continued to beat him repeatedly.

"Kill the demon!"

"Finish what the fourth started!"

"Finish him!"

They just kept shouting as the abuse continued. He just laid there listening to shouts. 'I'm not a demon. I didn't do anything. I just wish they would all go away.'





"As you wish Kit."

A red haze started to form around Naruto causing the mob to back up fearing that the demon was escaping. The blond stood blood dripping down his limbs. What happened next started to scare the villagers as the blood on the ground and his limbs started to float and swirl around his arms. The blood coated his arms. In mere seconds the blood took the shape as a pair of all crimson metal gauntlets. (A/N like the demon brothers except fully crimson and no chain….Yet). The boy opened his eyes revealing a pair of blood red eyes with slits like a fox. A very sadistic grin formed across his face as he started to chuckle darkly. At this point the mob was completely frozen in fear. Some even had the thought of trying to get the fuck out of there with their live.

He never gave them that option. With a burst of speed only a jonin can achieve he impaled the first villager through the chest with his gauntlets, ripping the poor fool's heart out. They all just starred at the gruesome seen with horror not being able to respond to any commands their brains may have given them. Without a moment's notice Naruto proceeded to slaughter the next villager moving on to the next. By the time he was done there was only one woman left. She sat there shivering, coated in the blood of the slaughtered villagers. What she had witnessed was nothing short of a slaughter that was now imprinted in her memories forever. She starred at the boy who just committed the act standing in the middle of the blood soaked ground. He walked towards her, gauntlets dripping with every step he took. As he approached her she couldn't help but whimper hoping that he may spare her life or if he was going to kill her, make it quick and painless.

"You-" he said in a dark tone. "The hokage is going to what a witness report. You're going to give it to him, GOT IT." She nodded her head rapidly not wanting to get killed. "Good girl." He then proceeded to walk out of the village into the forest.

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