Chapter 3

Inside a cave outside the forest

Naruto lay passed out inside cave he had found. After the red chakra dissipated, the remaining adrenaline in his body wore off causing him to grow tired and pass out. He felt like he traveled a good enough distance that no one will bother him while he rested. When he passed out, the gauntlets on his arms to melted back into his wounds sealing up them closed.

Naruto's mindscape

Naruto opened his eyes to find that he was lying in a sewer with ankle deep water and pipes running along the ceiling. "Where am I? This doesn't look anything like a cave I passed out in." He stood up and looked around assessing where he was. "I seems like I'm in a sewer. Damn, of all places to be dumped in."

"Kit." A deep looming voice echoed through the sewer causing the water to ripple. "Over here, Kit" Naruto turned his head toward the direction the voice came from.

"Hello. Who's there?" His voice echoed down the hallway.

"This way, Kit." It came again. Naruto stepped in the direction the voice led, feeling compelled to see what was on the other end. He walked through what felt like complete darkness dragging his feet through the water at a slow pace. After a few minutes of walking he saw a light at end of the tunnel. Naruto rushed at the light with all the energy in is little body only to stop in front of a giant gate. In the middle of the gate was piece paper with the kanji for "seal" written on it. Before Naruto could even speak a pair red eyes with slits for pupils stared right at the boy waiting for any type of reaction. Strangely the boy just stood there transfixed by the eyes' gaze. "Funny, not many human just stare back at me. Most people just run off screaming their heads off." The room grew brighter revealing a giant fox with nine tails swishing behind it. Naruto just stood there with a puzzled expression written across his face.

"Who are you?" He asked in a small voice.

"I have a name but I'm pretty sure humans just call me Kyuubi." Naruto's eyes widen a little at the declaration the fox just made.

"Impossible your supposed to be-"

"Dead yea I know. Look kit you shouldn't believe everything your told." Huffed the fox. "Know let's discuss what just happened a few hours ago, shall we?"

Images started to flood Naruto's mind. Pictures of him slaughter people one after another, every single bloody detail resurfaced in his head. He fell on his knees gasping before he regained a little of his composure. "So I did all that." He asked in a shaky voice.

"Sure did kit." 'With a little of my help' Thought the fox.

"Shit this is bad. If the council finds out about this they'll definitely have reason to have me executed." Naruto panicked. After several seconds of hard breathing he calmed down enough to remember the metal claws he used in the slaughter and how it seemed as if his blood to float in the air.

"That is the next thing we must discuss." Said the fox reading the kids mind. "It seems you picked a very rare and quite interesting ability."

"Do you know anything about it." The fox was a little puzzled at how quickly the boy changed from panicking about how screwed he was to his curiosity about his new found ability. "Are there others that can use it."

"From what I can tell this ability allows you to control your blood to form those claws you used. I theorize that, with enough training, you can pretty much use it to make anything. As for if anyone else can use it. Something the that lady said that one day a few months ago puzzled me. She said she wanted you to spread this so called nameless worm. She made it sound like a disease or parasite. Clearly this isn't a blood line trait so you can forget about spreading the other way."

"What other way?"

"I'll tell you when you're older. The only other way I can see you spreading it is if spread it through blood."

"Why are you helping me?" Naruto asked breaking the fox's train of thought.

"Look kit, it's not like l like you or anything, honestly I'd rather outside of you. But like it or not I'm sealed inside you, therefore you represent me. I can't have a weak host, it makes me look bad." Naruto accepted the answer with a nod. "Now as for our current situation, I think it's best if you don't go back."


"Seriously, didn't you just kill a bunch of villagers?"

"Oh. But won't they send Anbu after me."

"Not if your within the borders of another land."

"You think they'll drop the charge."

"In time. But until then we need a way to hide your identity. I think I have the perfect disguise."


Hiruzen Saratobi was known for as many things, the professor, the god of shinobi, the Sandaime, no matter what people called him you just knew he was the most powerful man in the village. Currently the sandaime was sitting at his desk starring at a picture of the yondaime. He couldn't help but think about the little blond that disappeared nine years ago. It was also nine years after the slaughter. As soon as he got back he got back from Suna after a meeting he was alerted by one of his anbu. When he came upon the blood soaked street, it took all his will and steeled nerves not to lose his composure as he gazed upon the bloody mess that stained the streets. The brutality of it alone was enough to make the most harden jonin lose his lunch. The only survivor was hunched in corner trembling. When anyone tried to get her to talk she only just stared at them with a scarred expression on her face even when being interrogated. It was only thanks to Inoichi that they were able to see what happened.

To easy anyone was shocked at what they saw was an understatement. If it were up to the Hokage he would have left what he and Inoichi saw buried but seeing as how the slaughter was already public, it wasn't long until the council called for a meeting. And call they did. He can remember the meeting very well.


Saratobi was sitting in his chair in the meeting chambers listening to the bickering that was going on between the members of the council.

"Hokage-sama, this is a serious issue. The culprit could be out there killing more innocent people if nothing is done." Shouted a chubby councilmen.

"Why do we even bother? We now it was the de-"

"It would be wise if you stay your tongue councilwomen Haruno." Growled Tsume Inuzuka. The matriarch of the Inuzuka clan was a known Naruto supporter. She's always wanted to help the boy any way she can, but the council always stopped her at every turn.

"Hokage-sama, shouldn't we send a tracker team after the culprit? He may get to far if we wait any longer." Stated Shikaku Nara.

"That will be impossible since the area was heavily soaked in blood, keying onto one scent is next to impossible." With a sigh the aged kage rubbed his temples for the impending headache the next few minutes will insure.

"Do we at least know who did it?" Asked Homura.

"We do actually." With a said sigh he continued. "It was only thanks to Inoichi that we were able to retrieve the memory of what from the only survivor of the incident. We were able to get it to video for the council to see, but I warn you it is gruesome." With that said an assistant rolled in TV so the whole can see. As soon as it turned on everyone was greeted by the sound of man shouting "Hey guys I found him he's right here." Looking from the witnesses perspective the video went outside to see a blond child running from a mob yet again. This got a frown from all but one of clan heads and a smirk from the civilian side. The expressions only deepened as the watched the boy fall to the ground after being stabbed in the shoulders and legs leading to the next few minutes of the video consisting of the boy being beaten constantly. Snickering could be heard coming from the civilian side causing the shinobi side to scowl. It was no secret that the civilian council has always hated Naruto, they've even called for his death on several occasions. The Sandaime could only shake his head seeing how low the village has fallen.

Tsume was about to snap and shout that the video be turned off until a red haze started to form on the screen. It didn't need to be said but everyone knew or at least had their form of an idea of what's happening. The demons influence was leaking out. As the council continued to the red haze with fear in their eyes, more so coming from the civilians, everyone's eyes widen as the blood coming from the blond began floating in the air. As the blood formed a pair of metal claws on the boys arms, everyone except the hokage was curious as to what this new ability is that was just shown to them. A certain one eyed war hawk was curious to see if he can get the boy to be apart of his root program. All question ceased or at least buried themselves deep in their minds for later as a loud stabbing sound blared from the TV. Everyone stared in shock, horror coming from the council, as the boys hand was stabbed through a civilians chest tearing out his heart. Before anyone could register what just happened the boy continued to cut down civilian after civilian painting the screen red with blood and entails. The shinobi was shocked beyond belief being thankful they had the stomache to watch this...this massacre unlike the civilian side who were turning green at this point. The video ended with the boy walking of into the forest.

*Flashback end*

After the video was shown the meeting room was in chaos. Many had called for the boys death claiming that the demon was finally escaping. Some just remained silent still in shock. In the end it was decided the boy would have to be brought back to answer for what he did. It wasn't possible to declare him a missing nin since wasn't even a shinobi to begin with. As the years went by many search parties turned up empty. After the third of searching it was eventually decided that the chargers would be dropped thus erasing any need for search parties looking for one boy.

The aged shinobi looked out at the village with saddened eyes. His gaze fell upon the face of the Yondaime carved into the Hokage monument. A sense of failure washed over him as he continued to stare.

"Looks like I failed you Minato. I only hope your safe Naruto."


"Achoo. Bless me." Underneath a tree in forest sat a hooded man. He was around 5' 5. Pretty good for a fifteen going on sixteen year old. He wrote a hooded black coat, with standard black shinobi pants, and black sandals. Currently he was sleeping under a tree. Traveling constantly does tire one out.

"There you are you idiot." Shouted a feminine voice effectively waking the man. a women walked out from behind the tree. She wore a hooded cloak that ended at her waist and nearly covered both her arms. She also wore a pair of shorts with black thigh stockings and a pair of black shinobi boots. Her hood was up only revealing a pair of beady magenta eyes and a toothy frown.

"Ma ma, Karin-Chan why must you be so mean." He said rubbing his head sheepishly. His hood was also up revealing the same thing as Karin except his eyes were crimson.

"It's because your lazy butt had to leave me at the bounty collections office by myself."

"Did you kill anybody?"

"Fortunately no, but I suggest we not go back into town for awhile. Those perverts better be lucky I didn't use my branch of sin." She sighed heavily. "So where do we go now?" The man fell into a contemplative stare. Karin could something was troubling him.

"Karin, I was thinking, maybe it was time I returned to my home village." His voice became serious but at the same time she could hear a hint of nervousness.

"Naruto-kun, remember I said I would be with you forever. The day I became a deadman was the day we became friends forever."

"I know. I just wonder if they've dropped the charges yet."

"I'm pretty they have by now. Nine years seems too long to hold to such charges. They usually drop them the third or fourth year. Don't worry Naruto we'll go together, and if push comes to shove we'll just do things the deadman way." She have off a toothy grin and a thumbs up.

"Thanks Karin-Chan. You always know just what to say." Naruto stood up and hugged her causing a light pink shade to form on Karin's face where her cheeks would be. Ever since Naruto found her in one of Orochimaru's see secret labs, she had developed a long standing crush on the blond. It wasn't until two years later when he revealed his abilities to her that she fell in love with him. She only hoped that someday he would return those feelings.

When they broke the hug they gathered their things and began walking toward Konoha unaware of the adventure they were about to set foot in.

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