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Konoha village gates

Kotetsu Hagane and Izumo Kamizuki, also known as the immortal chunin,both sat at the booth near the front gate to Konoha. The sun shone through the vast amount of trees surrounding Konoha. Kotetsu yawned putting his leg up on the desk.

"Ughhhh, this is so boring. I swear, nothing happens around here."

"You know if you were to become a Jonin you wouldn't have to continually guard the gate." Shouted is partner in immortal chuninhood Izumo.

Man be serious. You and I both know that neither of us will take the Jonin exam even if we did have what it takes."

"Well then there is no use complaining about if you aren't going to do something about it." Kotetsu sighed in indifference at his partner's blatant point. He was about to argue back until he heard two people talking from the horizon. He sat up to get a closer look seeing two figures coming up from the hill. One male and one female if eyes didn't fail him.

"What if they people recognize me? As I said I wasn't the most well liked person in the village." Asked the man.

"What have I told you? As long as you have the hood up the only thing people see is pair of beady eyes and a toothy mouth that changes emotion." Yelled the woman who was shaking her head at her companion's paranoia. "Once we see the Hokage everything will be fine."

"I hope so I really don't want to have to do things the deadman way in a place I once considered my home." As the two approached the booth near the gate, Kotetsu sat up to get a good look at the two. The man was wore what appeared to be a black hooded coat with the kanji for deadman written on the left side of his chest, a pair of black shinobi pants, and black shinobi sandals. He then turned his gaze upon the woman. She wore the same color coat except that the ends of her sleeves were open and very loose. Also that the kanji for deadman man was written on her right shoulder. She wore a pair of black shorts with thigh high black stockings and a pair of black boots. Kotetsu noticed how Karin's coat was clinging to her curves and began starring, much to her ire.

"Hey buddy eyes up here." She shouted pointing to her face. It unnerved him a but that all he could see of there faces was a pair of beady eyes and toothy mouths. He snapped out of stupor to reach for a clipboard.

"Alright fill out your names and reason for visiting." Naruto was hesitant to grab the clipboard. With a reassuring look from his companion he grabbed the board and filled out both their names. Handing back the clipboard both Naruto and Karin walked off into the village. And that's when Kotetsu's partner decided to come out.

"So anything new happen?"

"Yeah just this odd couple that came by."

"Define odd."

"They only had ominous beady eyes and toothy mouths for faces."

"Sounds familiar." Izumo reached into his back pocket and pulled out a little black book. He flipped through a few pages before he stopped on two pages facing together. "Did you see their eye color?" He asked in shaky voice.

"The male had crimson eyes while the female's were magenta, why?" Kotetsu asked catching onto his partner's nervousness. Izumo turned the book towards his partner revealing two entries.



Description: Mostly weres black clothing. Most notable feature is his everpresent hood covering his face. The only thing visible is a pair crimson eyes and a toothy mouth usually split in a psychotic grin.

Ninjutsu: unknown

Wanted in Iwa and Kumo for killing several Jonin upon leaving the village.

Bounty: 500,000 ryo dead 1,000,000 alive.

Unique: it's suspected that he has a kekkai genkai due to his use of crimson weapons that seem to come out of no where.

Strategy: He is known to always travel with Kusukusu warai. If she isn't around then she is probably hiding nearby. Approach with caution.

Kotetsu paled for only a moment before reading the next entry.

Kusukusu warai


Description: wears mostly black clothing. Most notable feature is her ever present hood covering her face. The only thing visible is a pair of magenta eyes and a toothy mouth usually found in a sinister frown or a psychotic grin

Ninjutsu: unknown

Wanted in Iwa and Kumo for aiding in the murder of several Jonin upon leaving with Sumairī.

Bounty: 500,000 ryo dead 1,000,000 alive

Unique: it is suspected that she has a kekkai genkai due to her use of crimson weapons that seem to come out of no where.

Strategy: Kusukusu warai is always know to travel with Sumairī as he is very protective of her. Many people have ended up in the hospital for staring at her for too long. Approach with caution.

Kotetsu stared blankly stared at the pages in front of him. A sense dread washed over him as he processed the information he just recieved. He just uwittingly let in two dangerous people into the village. He just hoped they don't do anything like they did Iwa or Kumo.

"Sould we alert the Hokage?" questioned Izumo. Kotetsu broke out of his stupor and scrambled to find the clipboard the two just signed.

"Something tells me he will know soon enough."

With Naruto and Karin

The two deadman were walking along the streets of Konoha. Naruto only had one goal in mind and that was seeing the one person he viewed as a grandfather. As the two walked through the village, the two could all kinds of eyes on them. Naruto was used to being stared at but Karin on the other hand was didn't take too kindly to people who stared at her. It didn't matter if it was from lecherous perverts or skeptic strangers.

"Why the fuck are they staring at?" Karin shouted in anger.

"Well maybe if weren't wearing such a clingy coat perverts wouldn't stare at you." Stated Naruto.

"But Naruto-kun, I thought you liked my coat."

"I do, in fact it looks sexy on you" This caused Karin to blush. the two walked all they way to the giant red building near the center of the village, also known as Hokage tower.

Hokage's office

Hiruzen Sarutobi, a man revered as the Shinobi no Kami, had final conquered the threat known as paper work and was now relaxing in his chair his favorite little orange book. It had been years since the incident and things have been relatively peaceful. Though sometimes he would tend to look at the picture of the Yondaime now and again and a feeling of guilt would wash over him. 'I really wish things could have gone differently.'

"Hokage-sama, two people are here to see you." Blared his intercom

"Alright let them in." 'Strange I'm not expecting anyone.' A few moments later a knocking sound came at his door. "Come in." As soon as the door opened he dropped his book. In his entire career he never would have thought that two people viewed as A ranked threats would waltz right into his office. It really didn't surprise him that they got in without arousing suspicion as they were both obscured entries. He composed himself as the two sat down in front him. He made a small hand sign signaling the anbu in the room to stand by and wait for orders. "So what brings you two to this village." He said putting on a fake smile, trying to take control of the situation. The man was first to speak.

"I was hoping to finally catch up with the one I saw as a grandfather. You know he's the leader of this village." The Sandaime stiffened a bit. He Sumairī was talking about him. But the problem was he didn't know or remember anyone like this man.

"Do I know you?" asked the aged shinobi. He readied himself just encase the duo decide to make an attempt.

"You know it really hurts that you don't remember me Jiji." Anime streams were pouring out from Sumairī's eyes for a few seconds before his reached for his hood. "Then again if I didn't have this hood you would recognize me better." When he began pulling his hood down the beady eyes and tooth grin disappeared. Everyone in the room, except for Karin, was shocked upon seeing the face they thought they never thought they would see again. "It's really good to see you again Jiji." Naruto said giving of a trade mark foxy smile.

Sarutobi snapped out of his stupor and looked at his 'grandson'. He certainly looked older that's for sure. "Naruto, where have you been?"

"Honestly I have been all over the place, hoping from one village. Meeting new people, collecting bounties, killing bandits and such"

"Speaking of new people, who is this lady with?" This time Karin pulled her hood down revealing a woman with bright red hair with one side straight and the other messy and crimson eyes behind a pair brown framed glasses.

"My names Karin." She stated with a warm smile "I have been traveling with Naruto for a few years." She then proceeded to tell Sarutobi about how they met. She purposely left out any information about their abilities for safety reasons. After Karin finished her tale Naruto decided to drop a bomb that would cause the poor man a headache.

"Jiji, I was hoping if it was possible that Karin and could return to the village." The Hokage just rubbed his temples to ease the headache he was having now and in preparation for one he was going to have in the future. If the circumstances were different he would do it in a heartbeat. But this time he had to call council on this one. He pressed a button on his intercom.

"Could you gather the council for meeting in ten minutes?"

"Hai Hokage-sama."

Twenty minutes later

The council was gathered in the meeting hall, both shinobi and civilian. All the clan heads were present minus, Fugaku Uchiha. Thhe seat had been empty ever since the Uchiha massacre years ago only leaving Sauske alive and the sole survivor of the Uchiha can, besides Itachi who as they put 'went rogue'. Many members of the council were a little irritated having to leave their daily lives to attend a mandatory meeting.

The doors near the end of the room opened reviling the Hokage in all his glory. As he sat in his appointed seat, the room burst out into barrage of questions. "Hokage-sama why have called this meeting on such short notice." Soon everyone on the civilian council started complaining about their daily lives were interrupted. Finally the Hokage had enough.

"ENOUGH!" He shouted. The whole room was silent as a ghost before he continued. "Now I have brought you in for an important reason." He took deep breath and readied himself for the impending headache. "Thirty minutes ago someone entered the village. Normally this wouldn't have been an issue, but given this persons history it was something that had to be resolved within the council."

"If I may Hokage-sama, who is this person who has warranted our attention." Asked Shikaku Nara

"You'll know him when you see him that is if you've looked through the Bingo book that is. Alright send him in." On cue Naruto walked in to the room with his hood up and Karin following up behind him. Instantly the shinobi in the room, besides the Sandaime, tensed seeing the two deadman enter the room. The tension in the room remained thick as the two walked towards the center of the room. When the two finally made it to the center of the room, a council member final spoke up.

"Not to be rude Hokage-sama but what is it exactly that these two want." Asked a confused council woman.

"Yes I would like to hear what it is that the Deadman duo wants from us." Stated Shikaku Nara instantly getting a reaction from the civilian side finally recognizing the two standing before them.

"Well I believe that is for him to tell you." Sarutobi said to the male of the group.

"All I wish is to be able to settle something that happened nine years ago and be able to return to the place I once called home." Naruto said confusing many of the council members. As he reached for hood people like Shikaku Nara and Danzo some form of an idea of what he was talking about. When Naruto removed his hood revealing his face to everyone, the tension in the room increased as everyone in the room, minus the Hokage and Karin, face displayed a range from shock to horror. The room remained silent until Koharu, one of the Hokage's advisors, spoke up breaking some of the tension.

"You have a lot of never coming back here after what you pulled Uzumaki Naruto." She shouted in anger. Korahu was one the many people on the council who wanted Naruto executed that day and her opinion never changed. Same as most of the civilian side, It wasn't a secret that they never liked the blond and on a few cases asked for his death. But ever since the incident the now had a good reason to. The shinobi side on the other hand was on his side of things. They stated that it was in self-defense. Although some clan heads Hiashi believed he should be punished although not severely so. Danzo didn't care one way or the other, but what he really cared about was something everyone seemed to have forgotten about all those years ago.

"I'm very curious as to why you would want to return to the leaf not that I'm against." Stated Tsume.

"To be honest we-" He point to Karin "have been traveling for a very long time. We both decided that we should find a village to be a part of. As you can see Kumo and Iwa are not a very smart option at the moment." He chuckled nervously. "Karin hates the desert and Kiri is still recovering from the war so Konoha just seemed like the best option right now." Everyone seemed to accept the boy's explanation even the civilian side, although they were a little hesitant about letting the boy who killed a bunch of civilians back into the village.

"What reason do you have saying we should let you back into the village?" Asked council woman Haruno. As much she disliked the boy, the idea of him and his companion joining the village was an even worse idea. And this is when Karin decided to voice her opinion.

"Because your honorable council-" she started trying to as respectable as possible. "Being the travelers we are, we been in many villages including a new one that has been trying to make itself known." This got everyone's interest. The aspect of getting information a new village was almost too good to pass up. "And in the years we have collected quite the well of information on the villages we've been through." This really peaked everyone's interest. The idea of getting information on their enemies and potential allies was just too good to let it slip through their fingers.

"I believe it would be in our favor to let Naruto back into the village given that the charges against him were dropped years ago." Said Shibi Aburame. Gaining man nods from the council. Then Danzo decided to speak his mind.

"I agree given the information they have acquired along with their abilities as Deadman, they would fine additions to the village forces." Everyone, with the exception of Naruto and Karin who tensed up, gave a questioning look at the war hawk. Naruto knew this would lead to him having to reveal Karin and his abilities to them, something he would rather have put off until later if ever. "I'm quite curious as to why you two call yourself deadman anyways." Everyone looked at the two in center waiting for answer. Both Naruto and Karin sighed knowing that weren't going to be able to avoid telling someone about their abilities this time.

"What we say does not leave this room as we want this to be as much of a secret as possible." Naruto stated with a dead serious tone. As much as the council disliked being told what to do, the really wanted to hear about the reason they call themselves Deadman. "We call ourselves Deadman because the way we fight should have killed us a long time ago." This got a puzzled look from the entire council. "I's better if show you."

With that said Naruto reached into his pouch and pulled a Kunai knife. The council tensed preparing themselves for whatever the blond was planning only to be surprised to see place the knifes edge against the palm of his right hand. Everyone watched in awe as dragged the edge against his palm causing a deep cut across his hand, not once wincing in any sort of pain. As he finished, flashbacks of the incident resurfaced in the minds of the council member's minds as the blood in Naruto's hand pool around his arm forming the same crimson gauntlet he used to slaughter those villagers with.

"As you can see our abilities allow us to manipulate our blood to form weapons and projectiles." Karin decided to speak up this time. "We should have been dead a long time ago we use to use up a lot of blood when fighting but now we enough control to prevent that from happening." Practically everyone in the council's eyes beamed some form of excitement, at the idea of having potentially having a new bloodline within village. That is until Naruto decided to crush their hope of arranging marriages with the boy.

"This is not a genetic thing mind you." Causing an emphatic 'What' to be heard throughout the room. Already hearing the questions that people had about him giving it to someone else when it is not genetic, Naruto decided to shut everyone up by forming a small red shard in the palm of his hand, getting the attention of everyone in the room.

"This, right here, is a red shard." Karin grabbed the shard from his hand and displayed in front of everyone. "This is able to turn anyone into Deadman just like us." This made them forget the idea about the whole CRA act they were about to in act. "Only Naruto can make these he is the holder of the red diamond. All one needs to do is to swallow or inhale this and after a few hours they are just like us." This practically got a smile from all the council members seeing as they could use Naruto as mass producer of deadman they could use for the village. But Naruto decided to put in his two cents.

"Before I start making these for the village I have two requests." Everyone perked up to here what his two requests, but if only to make sure they were in their favor. "I request that anyone who is to become Deadman must be of chunin rank or higher and secondly the must be approved by the Hokage and three members from both the civilian and shinobi council." The council took their time to mule over the request just made. To the civilians this seemed like a sure fire way to see their forces strengthen in no time, but the shinobi noticed that was more of way to make sure that just anybody can become a deadman and abuse the power. After several minutes of mulling the council finally came to a consensus and gave Sarutobi their answer for himself to announce.

"We agree to your terms Naruto Uzumaki. You and Karin are hearby instated into the leaf village. " He announced loud enough.

"Thank you Hokage-sama, as a sign of gratitude we would like to give this." Karin said while handing the red shard she was holding to the God of shinobi. "Who you give this to is your choice." Accepting it with sincerity he grasped in his hand before dismissing the meeting.

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