Let's Go Home

Disclaimer: Sleepy Hollow does not belong to me, of course.

Summary: Tag to episode 5 "John Doe" because, let's face it, there were a lot of loose ends to tie up!

AN: Also, for the sake of this story, we're going to assume that injected adrenaline has basically the same effects as a particularly potent energy drink. Enjoy!


"Well, what do you say we go home? We have much work to do. We will require much more than faith if and when the horseman of Death returns."

Icabod started off through the forest.

"Please hurry along, Miss Mills," he implored, grabbed Abbie's hand and started running, "we must get back to Sleepy Hollow and-"

"Wait! What are you-" Abbie gasped, nearly stumbling over a fallen branch, "Crane! Slow down, will you? We don't have to get back right now!" She yanked on his arm.

Icabod swung around to face her in surprise. He tried to explain, "Of course we do! Our work is most urgent! My, my heart is racing. Miss Mills, I feel as though I've just pulled off a surprise attack on the redcoats and made safe my escape just in time!"

"That would be the adrenaline alright," Abbie looked up at him, her expression a mix of smirk and concern. "Maybe I gave you too much."

"But I feel great!" Icabod declared.

"I bet you do. But maybe we better read the directions anyway, just in case." Abbie let go of his hand and crouched down to look through the medical bag.

"Read the directions? Miss Mills, do you mean to say that you injected me without knowing the potential effects?"

"I can't find it…" Abbie rummaged in the bad for another minute, muttering, "Maybe I dropped it…" She zipped the bad and stood up again.

"I'm sure you're fine."

"Yes, I feel very fine!" He started walking again, although at a slightly calmer pace, saying, "While your medical expertise makes me somewhat uneasy, I have to say that your resourcefulness pulled us through this latest trial."

"Uh-huh. Thanks," Abbie replied, ducking under another large spider web. "Are you sure we're going the right way here, Crane?"

"Of course we're on the right way. This is our second time making this trek and my, what do you call it, my pictographic…"

"Photographic memory."

"It comes quite in hand when following a faint trail and," Icabod smiled back at her, pointing ahead, "these trees…" He paused, frowned, and looked around for a few seconds before moving his arm to their right and continuing on in that direction. "These trees, we passed on our way here."

Soon the pair arrived at the edge of the island. The toes of their respective boots stood just at the water's edge.

"So. Now the question is," Abbie started, "Do you have enough faith, Mr. Crane, that the secret walking-on-water path is still here?" She picked up a stick and started poking at the water.

Icabod shook his head, "My faith aside, I highly doubt it, since the whole village has disappeared and I don't see the indicative markings on either side."

"Oh, I did not want to go swimming today." She tossed the stick into the water and watched it sink out of sight. She turned to look up at Icabod and asked, "You can swim, right?"

"Of course I can swim!" he replied indignantly.

Abbie held up her hands, "Hey, I was just checking!"

"In fact, I was the champion endurance swimmer in my entire regiment, before we were deployed to the colonies."

Hands on her hips, Abbie bated him, "All I'm hearing is a lot of talk, Mr. Navy SEAL."

Icabod looked across the water, judging the distance, and then proceeded to remove his jacket, fold it into a neat square and place it at his feet. As he pulled his shirt over his head, he heard Abbie exclaim, "What are you doing?!"

Quickly folding his shirt as well, he told her, "Miss Mills, when crossing a body of water at low temperature, especially with the sun about to set as it is now, even for a short distance, hypothermia is a very real danger. It is best to keep your clothes dry if at all possible."

He sat down on a nearby log and began to pull his boots off, saying, "Was this concept not covered in your basic survival training, Leftenant?"

Abbie just gave him a look and sighed. Putting down the medical bag and shrugging off her own jacket, she said to herself, "Okay then. After all the crazy that's already happened today, why the hell not add skinny dipping to the list?"

She glanced over at Icabod again, who was removing his pants, and quickly looked away, focusing instead on carefully untying the laces of her boots.

In order not to prolong what could become a rather uncomfortable situation, Icabod said simply, "I will cross first."

He picked up his tidy pile of clothes, boots stacked on top, and raised it above his head. Wearing nothing but his Revolutionary War-era underwear, Icabod stepped into the water. He moved quickly and was soon almost neck deep.

Abbie hurriedly undressed and stuffed her shirt, pants, and boots into the medical bag, barely managing to zip it up. Icabod was almost to the other side already.

As Abbie stepped into the murky water, her determined expression abruptly turned into a surprised grimace.

"Cold! It's really cold!" she exclaimed through clenched teeth, awkwardly holding the bag above her head.

Icabod reached the other side and tossed his clothes onto dry ground.

"Oof-" Abbie felt her feet slip out from under her and her head ducked under the water. She just managed to hold the bag above the water and popped back up, treading water.

"Crane! I can't –" she sputtered, "it's too deep!"

"Leftenant!" With a few strokes, he was by her side and grabbed the bag, balancing it on his head. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah. I'm okay. Thanks," Abbie wiped her eyes and paddled the rest of the way across.

They both clambered to shore, shivering from the cold. Abbie wrung out her hair, looking unhappy, and tried to shake off as much water as she could. Icabod did the same. He struggled to pull his dry shirt over his wet body, sort of hopping back and forth to try and keep warm.

"Dress quickly! We must go quickly!"

"I'm so cold, I'm so cold!" Shaking from the chill air against her wet skin, Abbie hurried to pull her clothes on and shoved her feet into her boots, not bothering to lace them. She glanced over at a now fully clothed Icabod.

"Let's go!" She clutched her jacket closed tight around her, teeth chattering.

"Here," Icabod said from behind her and draped his heavy cotton jacket over her shoulders.

"Crane, no, you need-" protested Abbie.

"Just wear it!" Icabod ordered. He grabbed the medical bag and marched off into the forest before she could argue further. Abbie slipped her arms into his blue jacket and ran after him.

The ambulance was parked at the entrance to the park path, right where they'd left it a few hours ago. Icabod strode to the front of the ambulance and was alarmed to find it locked and empty.

"Miss Mills!" He exclaimed, "Where are the Emergency Medical Technicians?"

"Uh, they're at the hospital," she replied as she dug the keys out of her pocket, fumbling with the too-long sleeves.

"But you told me the E-M-T's drive and operate the ambulances. How did we get here without them?"

Abbie held up the keys and jangled them. Icabod looked briefly confused, then surprised, then impressed.

"You commandeered an ambulance to bring myself and the boy here, all without sanction!"

"Just get in, will you?" Abbie stepped around him, unlocked the driver's side door and climbed in. Icabod obeyed and ran around to the passenger side. She started the engine and pulled onto the road.

"And no, Crane, I did not 'commandeer an ambulance without sanction'. Not exactly. Captain Irving said it was okay."

"Not exactly?"

"Well this is not exactly your regular joyride, now is it?" Abbie retorted.

Icabod's grin faltered for just a second at the unfamiliar term but from the context he could guess at the meaning. He asked, "What then, Leftenant, is your definition of a regular joyride, in your professional opinion, of course?"

Abbie rolled her eyes at this particular line of questioning. She changed the topic by saying, "Hey, go see if there are any blankets in the back. I've got the heater set to max so it should warm up in here soon."


Several minutes later they arrived at the hospital. Abbie drove slowly around towards the side entrance.

"So, this is the plan," she explained, "We're going to park here, calmly walk to my car right over there, phone the Captain, then drive home, where I will take a long hot shower."

Icabod nodded, pulling the emergency blanket tight around his shoulders. There was still some commotion around the hospital as the CDC tried to make sense of their brush with pestilence. The two made it to Abbie's SUV without being stopped.

Abbie turned on the engine and called Captain Irving's cell phone while Icabod messed with the AC controls, determined to produce warm air from the vents just as he had seen Abbie do in the ambulance.

"Captain, its Lieutenant Mills. I brought the ambulance back." Abbie stifled a big yawn. The events of the day were catching up to her. "Yes, Crane is with me…uh, no, the boy's not with us."

Satisfied with the heater's settings, Icabod listened to Abbie's end of the conversation.

"… He, uh, disappeared…yes, into thin air, sir. I believe he went back to where he came from, before he appeared in Sleepy Hollow," she said.

Icabod nodded to assure her, but it was still difficult to talk about supernatural things with Captain Irving. At that moment, she definitely did not envy him his job. Somehow he had to deal with some very perplexed CDC officials. It was probably best that she and Icabod made themselves scarce.

"…Yes sir, I'm taking him home now. I'll check in again in the morning… Thank you, sir."

Abbie hung up and looked over at Icabod, who was happily warming his hands in front of the vents. She smiled to herself and put the SUV into reverse.

"Let's go home."