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Amusement Park Halloween

Today was Halloween, the only day that villains and heroes could go out dressed as themselves and not get attacked by fans. Jinx loved Halloween because it was one of the few days she could escape her team and not get chased down by the police. This year the HIVE 5, actually six, had decided to go to an amusement park. The park was staying open till midnight, which meant plenty of time to ride the rides. The HIVE arrived early in the morning wanting to spend as much time as possible riding the rides. It wasn't everyday that they could go to an amusement park and actually ride the rides! Usually they would go and rob the park of all of its cotton candy. The HIVE now stood outside the gates of the park waiting for it to open and the idiots of the team, everyone minus Jinx, were arguing about which ride to go on first. Jinx had her headphones in and was listening to some music so she wouldn't have to deal with the idiots.

"Superman first! We don't want to wait till later because there will be a line." Seemore exclaimed angrily to his fellow teammates.

"No way snot brain are we riding a HERO's roller coaster." Gizmo exclaimed disgusted

"You're just angry you ain't tall enough to ride." Billy said laughing

"Shut up you smelly cowboy!" Gizmo yelled shaking his hand angrily at Billy

"We should go bumper cars!" Said Billy ignoring Gizmo now yelling childish insults

"I agree Billy." Said a clone Billy

"Brilliant idea Billy." Said another clone Billy

"I know." Said the original Billy or clone Billy, it was hard to keep track of them

"Please don't talk to yourselves." Seemore said holding his head in his hand

"Why? Do you have a problem with it!" said a Billy angrily

"Yah. What's the matter with us talkin to ourselves?" said another Billy

"Because it proves you have no friends." Seemore muttered under his breath

"What's that one-eye!" Yelled a Billy his eye narrowing

"Nothing." Seemore said sighing in defeat

"That's what I thought." Billy said satisfied with his victory then he turned to Mammoth, "So what do you want to ride first? The bumper cars right!"

"The thing with the horses going up and down." Mammoth said dumbly

"Um the carousal?" Seemore asked

"Yah that thing." Mammoth said, "Those horses are very pretty." This caused them all to stare at him in shock. Billy as the first to break out of his shock by shaking his head quickly then he turned to Kyd Wykkyd, "How about you?"

The swings. Kyd signed It reminds me of Angle because I feel like I'm flying. This caused the team to look disgusted especially Gizmo who didn't understand the point in relationships.

"Ew that disgusting!" He exclaimed sticking his tongue out, "Excuse me while I go throw up."

"That's uncalled for Gizmo." Seemore said shaking his head, secretly he was envious of Kyd and Angle's relationship wishing it were like that with him and Jinx. He looked over at Jinx who was still absorbed in her music not paying any attention to what they were saying. She had a far off look in her eyes.

She's probably thinking about that stupid speedster. Seemore through angrily. He had noticed how she had changed after their meet with Kid Flash. Why can't it be me? Why does it have to be that stupid hero? Seemore through sadly looking at Jinx noting how beautiful she looked her face relaxed instead of stretched into a sinister sneer. He was just about to say something to her in an attempt to start a conversation when the gate of the park opened. Kyd grabbed his arm and began to pull him through them after the rest of the team. The last thing Seemore saw of Jinx was her taking out her headphones before the crowd of excited people obscured his view.

Jinx had just finished putting her iPod when she looked up and saw that the HIVE 5, now actually five, had once again left her behind. Not that she minded, to tell the truth she was hoping to escape them inside the park and enjoying the rides on her own. Shrugging Jinx headed into the park, after being checked by security of course. She walked through and a bunch of photographers began to ask her if she wanted her picture taken by the entrance of the park. Jinx politely said no and continued into the park. The place was decorated for Halloween with coffins, fake blood and spider webs everywhere. She received many comments on her 'costume' and how it looked just like Jinx.

If only they knew Jinx though smirking. She headed toward the corner of the park that had all the good roller coasters. Of course there were lines already.

Ugh and we got here early Jinx thought disappointedly. She headed toward the Superman. I'm not supporting him. She though I just want to ride this coaster because it looks good. Sighing she got on the line that was already at the sign informing the guests that it was 'an hour from this point'.

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