Title: Close Encounters of the Same Kind

Pairing: Quinn/Rachel Berry; Quinn/Puck; Quinn Finn

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. Just having a little fun.

Summary: While unconscious after hitting her head, Quinn is exposed to different versions of herself from other dimensions, living their own lives. After accidentally stepping into the wrong dimension, Quinn and the other versions of herself all swap in and out of each other's lives, yet somehow all arrive to very similar outcomes in their own lives.

Quinn sighed audibly with a heavy eye roll.

Rachel cut her eyes up to Quinn, lips pressed into a firm line. "I wish you would attempt to be more emotionally available."

With a huff, arms outstretched in exasperation, Quinn rebuffed. "What does that even mean? Emotionally unavailable," she scoffed. "I'm always available."

"It means I get sick, so sick of fighting for this relationship all by myself, Quinn. And no, you are most certainly not always emotionally available." Rachel leaned into the doorway she had been standing in as she regarded her girlfriend.

Quinn looked away.

Rachel heaved a pained sigh and tried again. "I feel unappreciated, Quinn."

"Here we go…" Quinn muttered to herself as she glared holes through the ground.

"Especially since you've joined the Cheerios again."

Quinn glanced up at her. "I'm not any different."

"You're completely different," Rachel argued. "We spend significantly less time together. You hardly listen to what I have to say." She clutched her books to her chest, eyes coming to rest on her Mary Janes. "Look, I know I talk a lot. And I'm annoying, and sometimes I don't even make sense or allow you to get a word in." Bottom lip sewn between her teeth, Rachel met Quinn's eyes again. "But even still, you used to listen."

Quinn swallowed. The fingers wrapped confidently around her hip strummed against the bone as the fingers of her other hand began to fidget by her side. Her shoulders shifted underneath her uniform as she watched tears form in Rachel's eyes.

"I just—I miss you, Quinn. I miss us, the us we were before the Cheerios."


Straightening at the mention of her name, Quinn turned to the football field beyond the bleachers to find her team already taking off into a jog around the field. She turned back to Rachel with urgency in her eyes. "I have to go," she rushed out, already taking steps back toward the field. "Sue will kill me if I'm not out there." She absorbed the crestfallen expression on Rachel's face with a sigh. "I'll call you, okay?"

"Yeah…okay, Quinn."

Quinn stormed into her bedroom and threw her duffel bag across the room. She rolled her neck to the side and released a pained hiss as she trudged across the floor. Her eyes squinted shut as she plopped down on the bed and she groaned in agony as she lifted her leg to take her shoes off, dropping it with an audible thud onto her hardwood floors.

She had texted Rachel twice in the locker room once practice was over then once again in the driveway when she made it home. All three text messages garnered no response and, logically, Quinn reasoned it was because she was having dinner with her fathers; but the earlier irritation that had stemmed from the argument coupled with irritation with Sue and how sore her body currently felt, left a very unreasonable Quinn.

In a huff of frustration she kicked a sneaker across the floor then stood from the bed. Stepping forward, she unzipped the back of her Cheerios top then peeled it off, hissing and groaning in pain the entire way. She came to a stop at the corner of her desk in the corner of her room where she always dumped her uniform after practice, and shimmied out of her skirt. Quinn was in the process of working her spanks down her legs when her phone rang. Recognizing the tone, Quinn attempted to hop forward toward Rachel's awaiting phone call. Her foot got caught in the pair of spanks and with a rather loud yell of an expletive, Quinn tumbled down, cracking her head on the corner of her desk before landing in a heap on the floor.

Quinn groaned in agony as she began to come to. "I'm gonna need a damn aspirin," she mumbled to herself, clutching her head just where it hurt. Her eyes peeled open the barest hint to see…nothing. She didn't see her room. She didn't see her television across from where she should have been lying on the floor in front of her desk. She didn't see any pictures of her and her sister on her wall. She didn't even see familiar hardwood floors below her. "What the…hell?" she whispered in alarm, eyes widening to take in her surroundings. It was like she was in a white blob; it was the only way Quinn knew how to describe it. It was an empty vacuum with outer walls that moved around her like she was in a lava lamp. Sitting up, Quinn cradled her head in her hand as she silently observed the freak-world she had fallen into. "I'm still unconscious—have to be," she convinced herself.

"Umm…hello there."

"What the—" Quinn hopped up, growing woozy immediately and threatening to tip over.

"Whoa, hold on," another voice called, or perhaps the same voice, this time from a different point than the last. They both sounded alike, and way too familiar. Pretty soon she felt slender arms wrap around waist and guide her back to the ground. "Must have been some hard fall, huh?"

Once equilibrium seemed to be restored, Quinn opened her eyes. Her vision was black around the edges, but she was able to make out a familiar blonde staring right back at her. "I would sure as hell say so," she retorted, frightened. She began to scoot back as her vision cleared, and looked over to another figure standing several paces away…who also looked like her. "What the fuck is going on?"

The figure standing folded her arms across her chest with a furrowed brow and began to approach. "This one has quite the potty mouth."

"Who are you?" Quinn finally shouted, glancing from one to the next. The likeness in all three of them was uncanny, but Quinn had never heard of having a twin, much less being a triplet.

The one who had helped her to the floor stood up and began to pace. "Let's see, how do we go about this?" Quinn deemed her The Calm One.

The other approached her. "We just tell her." This was The Impatient One, Quinn reasoned. She wondered briefly if she had hit her head and managed to knock herself into her own mind, coming into contact with variations of her own personality.

But that was silly.


The Calm One and The Impatient One began to argue back and forth over how to best broach the topic, and Quinn began to shout over them. "Will someone please tell me before I strangle you both!"

The Impatient One stepped back to give The Calm One the floor. "Go ahead. You're better at explaining this anyway."

The Calm One shot the other a look before turning to Quinn who was now standing. "Okay. Wow, let's see how this goes."

Quinn folded her arms across her chest, meeting The Calm One head on.

"Well," The Calm One began. "You're Quinn."

Quinn scoffed. "Obviously."

"See that's the thing," The Calm One began again as The Impatient One snickered. "So am I. And so is she."

Quinn looked back and forth between the two, well Quinns as if they had both grown two heads. "Excuse me—what?"

The Calm One rubbed her forehead as The Impatient One laughed harder. "This is always my favorite part."

"Okay, let me try this again. We're you but from other dimensions," The Calm One told her. "And in the same vain, you're us from a separate dimension."

Quinn observed the two of them in silence for a long moment. It was absolutely insane. Different dimensions? Sounded like a sci-fi novel Sam tried to get her to read once. But that was just it—science fiction. Different dimensions didn't exist in real life.

It was impossible.


But they looked so much like her. Hell, The Impatient One was dressed in a Cheerios uniform.

Which reminded Quinn…

Half naked, she angled herself away from the other two.

The Impatient One scoffed. "Been there, done that. Try hitting her head on the tile soap holder in the shower after reaching down to grab the soap, passing out in the shower, and ending up here naked for 'the talk.'"

Quinn offered a half amused, half relieved smile that another version of herself had been caught in an even more compromising position. "The…talk?" she found herself asking, only to regret it.

"The 'you're not the only you in the universe' talk. Or well, I guess you're the only you in your universe, but not the universe as a whole," The Calm One informed her. She wasn't wearing a Cheerios uniform, and Quinn guessed by her patience and aura of serenity that she was far beyond those days, which made Quinn wonder her age. She wore a gray skater dress with a pair of brown boots that came up to her calves. Her hair tumbled down in waves over her shoulders and she gave off and air of maturity that Quinn felt drawn to.

Overwhelmed by it all, Quinn took a step back and turned away from the two, clutching at her pounding headache that only seemed to worsen with each fact that got crammed into it. "So what do you call each other?"

The Impatient One took a step toward her. "We all have varying names. That's Q—" The Calm One gave a small wave. "And I'm, grudgingly, Lucy."

Quinn's eyebrow arched as she turned fully toward Lucy. "As in Caboosey?"

Lucy reddened. "I said grudgingly."

Quinn nodded, eyes wide in disbelief at all of this. "Right."

"So what do you want to be called?" Lucy asked. "And Quinn is off limits, obvs."

Quinn rolled her eyes. "Call me Fabray then."

The two nodded. "Why didn't I think of that?" Lucy whispered to herself.

"So what's your life like?" Q asked.

Quinn shrugged because, how does one explain their life to themself? "I don't know. I'm on the Cheerios. I'm in glee club, quit celibacy club. I'm dating Rachel."

Q and Lucy froze.

"What?" Lucy shrieked.

"No way," was all Q could muster.

Quinn stiffened at their remarks. "What of it?"

Lucy gestured wildly. "You're gay?"

"Oh, come off it," Quinn gritted out. She was still on the fence about whether or not this world was real, but there was no way in hell she was going to let another version of herself insult her.

Q's brow furrowed. "So…you've seen her naked?"

"That's sick," Lucy argued.

"I mean, she's my best friend and everything. I've entertained the idea, but…it'd just be weird," Q reasoned.

Quinn turned to Q with an odd look as she sized her up.

A ghost of a smile touched Q's lips. "I know that look. I'm not speaking of your Rachel. I'm speaking of my own."

Quinn looked away, feeling her cheeks burn. "Makes sense." She cleared her throat. "And yes, I've seen her naked."

Q tilted her head.

Lucy looked as if she would vomit. "Eww!"

"Watch your mouth!" Quinn and Q shouted at once.

Quinn froze, taking a step back. "You really are me."

Q shrugged. "We're both you. And you're both us."

"Yeah, yeah, enough of this 'we are one' talk. I can't deal." Quinn clutched her head with a grimace. "How do I get back anyway?"

Q pointed around them. "There are doors. One for every Quinn who's here right now." She looked around, eyes narrowing. "Wait…"

"There are four doors," Lucy confirmed with a nod.

"Hello? Anyone there? I hear voices?"

They all swiveled around to the sound of the voice and Quinn felt she'd faint.

Q and Lucy sighed.

"Who is that?" Quinn asked.

"Celibate Sue," Q retorted.

Lucy snickered. "She won't like you."

Baffled, Quinn glanced between the two of them. "Wait, why?"

Just then the figure encroached upon them. Donning a yellow sun dress, Quinn watched as yet another her moved about in space. She seemed demure in nature, yet very observant as her eyes unapologetically met Quinn's and began to study her. "You're all here. Who is this one?"

Quinn rolled her eyes at the stupid charades they all seemed keen on playing. "I'm you, idiot."

The New Quinn snarled at her. "Well, duh."

"She's Fabray," Q supplied, hiking a thumb over her shoulder at Quinn. "Fabray, this is Quinnie."

The name seemed to be timeless, or dimensionless and Q, Lucy, even Quinn laughed. "Oh, poor you."

The aforementioned Quinnie stuck her nose in the air, attempting to appear unruffled.

"She's dating Rachel," Lucy informed her.

Quinnie clutched at her chest in mortification. "Blasphemy!" she gasped.

Quinn winced. "My goodness, was I really like that?"

"Not necessarily," Q supplied, ever the informer. "As I'm sure you know, you've diverged from the celibate and, well, straight and narrow path."

A flush crept along both Quinn and Quinnie's faces.

"There are thousands, probably millions of us, based on decisions we made when we were five, eight, eleven, even up to yesterday."

"I can't believe you're dating a girl," Quinnie chastened while folding her arms. "And Rachel Berry? Immoral."

"That's what I'm saying!" Lucy chimed in. "How could you touch that-that beast?"

In a flash, Q swiveled around to face Lucy. "How about you shut your little—"

"All right. You know what? Who are you all dating? Huh?" Quinn challenged, acid dripping from her voice. "Besides you, Little Miss Cobwebs."

"Finn," Lucy announced with a whip of her ponytail.

For the first time in the span of however long Quinn had been unconscious, she watched Q grow anxious. "Puck."

Quinn nodded a little in understanding. "At least Puck has a job. What does Finn have?" she asked Lucy. "Besides popularity?"

Lucy glared daggers at her. "Popularity is all that matters. Considering you're dating Rachel, I guess you've forgotten that." She looked around to the three others then grinned. "Actually, I'm the most popular Quinn here right now."

Quinnie gave a start. "Wait a minute, I am!"

"You're popular alone," Lucy explained with a dismissive flick of her wrist. "I'm super popular because I'm dating the quarterback."

"Boned him, too," Q muttered under her breath.

Quinnie's eyes widened. "You did not!"

Quinn cackled. "Seriousy? Must have been an awful five minutes."

Lucy shrugged in discomfort. "I had to do something to stop that she-beast from sniffing around him."

Quinn stepped forward. "Look, you've got one more time—" Q grabbed her arm and whispered, "She's not worth it."

Quinnie's face remained stoic, though her lower lip began to tremble. "I can't believe you slept with him."

"Quit being such a cry baby," Lucy barked. "He's still a virgin in your world—maybe. But you actually have to make a move on him."

Quinnie gained an air of haughtiness as she looked down her nose at Lucy. "To be chaste is to be holy. Not that any of you would know."

"Quinn? Honey? Are you still upstairs? Dinner's ready!"

Quinn turned to the group. "That's my mom." She began to take a step back. "Look, it was nice meeting all of you, but I really have to go. Hope to never see any of you again."

Lucy folded her arms across her chest, while Quinnie scowled. Q chuckled. "Understandable. Take care, Fabray."

Quinn smiled. Perhaps—if this was all true—Q wasn't too bad after all. "Bye guys."

She turned away from them and walked to one of the four portals and into the light. After a moment, she was gone.

Immediately Quinnie felt her blood run cold. Distressed, she turned to the group with wide hazel eyes. "Guys?"

Q's chest heaved. "She went into the wrong portal, didn't she?"

"That's mine! I have to go to the Chastity Ball with daddy in an hour!" Quinnie cried.

Lucy raised an eyebrow. "You still call that man daddy?"

"Quinn? You awake, honey?"

"Fuck!" Lucy sighed.


"Oh, bite me, Goody-Goody."

"Do you even remember the celibacy club motto? Or is your head only filled with chants of Finn's name?"

"Guys, shut up," Q reprimanded. "Fabray's mom is looking for her and one of us has to go into her world and be her."

Lucy took a step back. "A world where I'm locking lips with Berry? No way."

Quinnie looked uneasy. "Yeah, you should go since Man-Hands is your best friend."

Q looked between the two of them and sighed, knowing there was no way she could get out of this. "Fine. But the two of you owe me one."

Quinnie backed away from the group as Q stepped toward Fabray's portal.

Lucy hid an amused smile. "Don't enjoy yourself too much."

As Q stepped into the light, she extended her arm to give Lucy the middle finger.

When the portal closed, leaving only two, Lucy turned to her right to notice Quinnie wasn't there. "Really," she scoffed, turning around. "Did you leave me—" Lucy turned to find Quinnie at her portal. "What the hell, Quinnie?" she shrieked.

"I just want to kiss him, that's all," Quinnie rushed out in an anxious breath.

"Lucy Quinn Fabray," Lucy growled as she approached her. "You cannot have my boyfriend. You listen to me—no!"

But it was too late.