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Warning: sorta-kinda-maybe-slash ahead!

The Walk Home

"Whennerr's trubble you know whooot'call…" The gravelly baritone echoed through the alleyway, bouncing from wall to wall as a pair of wayward superheroes stumbled their way home.

"Nananah. Don't say that." Robin held up a stern finger in the air, other hand resting on Beast Boy's ribcage to hold the changeling steady. "Official team leader rule. They better not call us till late, late tomorrow. Preferably like in a week."

At that, the green boy dissolved into a fit of giggles, and Robin was forced to grab his wrist and brace to keep them both from falling to the ground. The Boy Wonder was doing far better in the coordination department than his companion; he'd chalk it up to the acrobatics, but that would be ignoring the fact that for every two drinks he'd had, Gar had plowed through three.

"C'mon, Gar, keep it together jus' a little. Yer too heavy to carry."

"Hey, you called me a ninety-pound wuss."

Robin snorted. "That was like five years ago, Beast Boy."

After a moment of consideration, the changeling gave a dismissive wave. "Eh. Don' argue with me when'm drunk. I'll always prove ya wrong."

Any other time, Dick might have pursued that to see where it led… but not now. Right now he was having enough trouble just keeping them both on a course toward the Tower.

Minutes passed in companionable silence punctuated by the occasional belch from one of them. Predictably, Beast Boy spoke first, holding the bottle in his hand at arm's length as he unsuccessfully tried to focus on it. "Y'know, I never went to a bar b'fore t'night, but I thought you couldn' take al'c'hol out, right? Did I jus' break the law?"

A chuckle shook Robin. "Beast Boy, that's a water bottle. If you keep a water bottle sealed till yer…" He hiccuped. "Yer out the door, it's all good. Least in California. I think."

The changeling nodded sagely. "Cool. No jail for me."

"Nope… I made sure to ask the bartender an' make sure it was okay. Yer good."

"My hero." Gar shifted his weight, and his other arm wrapped around Robin's neck. As the Boy Wonder turned to see what was going on, a pair of green lips collided with his.

There was a moment of pure shock, followed by an instinctual response. Tongues met and swirled around each other, and as fanged teeth gently captured his lower lip, Robin let out a deep, resounding moan.

They jerked away from each other, and half a second later, Garfield tripped over his own feet as he stepped backwards, butt making contact with the pavement. He didn't even wince; just sat there, wide-eyed. "Dude," he whispered, "Did we jus'… Oh man. I was totally jus' goin' f'r a peck onna cheek!"

Robin had no words, so he simply nodded and tried to resist the insane urge to run his tongue over his lips.