Last Call

This will mostly just be random one-shots throughout and after the series. Mostly friendship, but will occasionally dip into shippy things. Enjoy. This particular piece is set near the beginning of season two.

One: Breakfast

They've been on the road for an hour already when Lawson makes the customary breakfast stop. He seems to have pointedly ignored Shannon's request that they go to a bakery instead of a burger shop, but today, Stella's just hungover enough to side with Lawson.

'Part of being a team means eating the same thing as everyone else, Shannon,' Lawson says, in that tone of voice that makes it abundantly clear that he's joking, but Shannon gives him a look anyway.

"Control freak" isn't the worst word to describe her, but it's close. Shannon's a little uptight, but nowhere near as uptight as Stella had first thought. They don't really have anything in common, and two girls on the team will either end in catfights, or sleepovers.

It doesn't hurt that she's insanely attractive, either, but then, if Stella hooked up with the people she found insanely attractive, she probably would have been kicked off the job a long time ago.


Stella's more than a little wary, because it's clear from the way Lawson's acting that Shannon had been Kerry's pick, rather than his. It's even clearer by the way they act around each other that there's some kind of history.

Shannon gives Lawson a long look as he passes over the burger. 'It's eight o'clock,' she says, still pressing the point a little.

'There are starving kids in Ethiopia, Shannon,' he counters, in that same tone of voice as before. Stella's not entirely sure whether to be amused or uncomfortable. Shannon shakes her head, and catches Stella's eye in the rear-view mirror.

She grins, and Stella decides that Shannon's alright.