Welcome to "Marvelous & Amazing," dear readers! This is the one shot series/saga of two heroes, Carol Danvers and Peter Parker, and the dynamics of their relationship-and sometimes lack of. Now, along with that, there shall be team-ups, some intimate moments and some visits from other Marvel characters-all the good stuff basically.

So, let's begin the series, shall we? And what better way to start it of that with the first ever encounter between Carol and Peter?



Chapter 1: Destined

I am Uatu, The Watcher.

It is my duty to observe all existence on Earth, and even in the universe, never to interfere in the course of life and destiny.

However, I know there will come times when I must question and even break my sacred vows of non-interference. As will it be for my brothers, scattered all across the universe…as well as throughout the multiverse.

But for now, I simply observe. At the moment, my gaze comes to Earth, upon its New York City, home to the mighty Fantastic Four. My eyes specifically find a building the humans call the office of The Daily Bugle, a form of communication for these humans.

And inside, I focus on a trio of humans, two females and one male. But I am not interested in all 3 of them. No, my gaze and focus only remains for two of these humans.

The female named Carol Danvers.


"Say hello to the lady, Petey."

And the male named Peter Parker.

"'Lo, lady."

These two individuals…if they only knew what lay in store for them ahead in the years to come…

Both of them are burdened with great power, something they never expected or asked for. She was granted her powers by the Kree, in an attempt to save her life. He was granted his power by a seemingly random bite of an insect. Anyone else may have thought these incidents a curse, but not these two.

Both will take their responsibility to heart, and strive to live up to the legacies left to them with passion I have seldom ever seen before.

Both will suffer harsh, unimaginable trials that will take them above and beyond their breaking points. Both will questions their lives and actions, and at one point, both will forsake their paths, only to return twice as strong and twice as determined to do good where others cannot.

Both are complete polar opposites: she, the mind of a warrior, a heart of stone, a will of iron determination; he, the mind of a guardian angel, a heart of gold, a will of compassionate hope. She will cringe at humor and emotion, while humor and emotion will be his tools to protect humanity. She will strive to be the best she can be, while he will strive to redeem himself for past failure. Polar opposites...

And yet, it will be these opposites that will bring them together.

I smile as I know this will blossom into something…wonderful.

Random Fun Fact: The first time Carol & Peter met was when Mary Jane introduced them in Ms. Marvel Vol. 1 #1, back in January of 1977. It was very brief, but I figured that it would be a perfect first step for the series, and that is indeed what I based this chapter on, also adding some destiny stuff with the Watcher. I believe the Watcher is omniscient, but I could be wrong; well in any case, in FanFic, all is possible, right?

Enjoyed it? Your reviews are welcome, as is your feedback and suggestions on what to improve on.

Next time, we delve into the era of Avengers Vs. X-Men. Until next time, readers :)