Final chapter guys.

"Drake! Wake up! Drake!"

I rubbed my eyes sullenly, annoyed at being awoken at such an early hour. "What is it?"

Only then did I see Savannah's frightened face, pale and wide-eyed. "What is it? What's going on?"

Her eyes darted from left to right nervously. "They're taking us out Drake. One by one. By District."

"How do you know this? I didn't hear anything all throughout last night."

"I saw them take the boy from D1 out. The girl's missing, they must have taken her first. They were dead silent, impossible for anyone to hear."

I scratched my cheek and shrugged, unconcerned. "Maybe they decided to let us take a bath or something. We'll ask the two when they come back."

Savannah made a sound of impatient disbelieve.

"Don't you get it Drake?" she asked, staring at me. "What if they don't come back?"

Savannah was right. None of them came back. Our numbers dwindled by one each night. Our turns came close.

Both of us knew for a fact Savannah will be taken first, but whenever the conversation so much as strayed an inch to that topic, either one of us would take desperate measures to change it.

I was wide awake the night she was taken. Savannah, all of her energy used up due to fretting and worrying during the day, was fast asleep beside me. Devious came in, wearing black one-piece tight suit. She made no noise, stepping over the sleeping kids, slowly making her way to Savannah. I panicked then, and started shaking Savannah awake. Devious had left the door open, and if we're fast enough, we might be able to escape.

Savannah opened her eyes just as Devious slapped me across the cheek hard. I was thrown to the floor, dazed. I heard scuffling, a sure sign that Savannah was resisting. It didn't last long.

The room was quiet again after a few seconds. The door closed. The lock bolted. Savannah gone.