Author's note:

Selina: This is a collaboration fic with Waty for Halloween~ This chapter is focused on Arthur and is written by Waty ^_^

This fic is actually inspired by a tumblr post signal boosting everyone to keep black cats at home owo

~Chapter one: The cat gentleman~

In a house located in the middle of a town, lived a certain man; a man with green eyes and blond hair. This man's name is Arthur Kirkland.

Arthur was what people would usually call a "cat lady", or well in his case, a cat gentleman. He hates interacting with humans and would rather spend his time with his cats. He didn't really believe in human goodness and whatever he saw on TV, or outside, would not make him change his mind. This is why he chose to have cats instead.

The three cats (Kiku,Taki, and Kuro) were brothers and living with Arthur since a very long time. Those black cats were often staying near Arthur and seemed to love him a lot. They all had their own personalities still. Kiku was mostly the silent type but would often ask for pattings; Taki was more playful and sometimes noisy; while Kuro was very clingy and could easily hiss if anybody tried to get close to Arthur. He was definitely a jealous and possessive cat.

Arthur yawned a little; it was very late, but he couldn't sleep somehow. He looked on his sides to see the furballs sleeping near him peacefully. Smiling a little, he patted them before turning his head towards the clock.

"31/10, 1:26"

It was Halloween... Oh how much Arthur hated this day. He never saw the point of it and he hated how many stupid people would make fun of black cats and sometimes hurt them or, in the worse case scenario, kill them. It's why that during this day, and the week before, he would make sure that his own cats stayed inside and away from doors or windows. Just so those stupid people wouldn't try to catch them or something similar. He was proud that nobody tried to do anything to his cats until now. It would be perfect if this could continue till tomorrow.

Arthur soon noticed one of the cats moving a bit. This cat yawned and opened his eyes slowly, turning his head towards Arthur, noticing that he was awake and walked up towards Arthur's face with a worried look. Those brown eyes and white fur on his face and paws showed that it was Kiku. The cat meowed a little as he faced Arthur. The human smiled a little and patted him.

"Don't worry Kiku, I will sleep soon. You should return to sleep with the others"

Kiku responded with another meow and rubbing his face against Arthur's. He didn't want to leave his human awake alone and he knew he needed rest. But he also knew that Arthur would never listen to what a cat would be saying...

If only his master could find a companion that would take care of him... He knew that this would be almost impossible since Arthur was not really the friendly type... But maybe someday... Somebody will appear in his life and change this...

The cat needed an idea for this... His master really needed to go outside, meet other humans and open up to the world.. But how could he? Maybe if he went outside, the human would follow to catch him and bring him back... Perhaps Arthur could meet somebody this way? But... Arthur did told them not to go outside during those days still... And Kiku is too obedient and kind, he would never do something that his master prohibited him to do or make him angry (and losing the dear pattings and warmth he could get as a result).

Somehow, he knew the only solution to get Arthur outside was to go outside as well... but he was scared... Maybe... Just maybe…

The cat turned his head a little to look at the all black cat; Kuro was still sleeping...

Even if they were brothers, Kuro's behavior was very different. He is rebellious and had a lot of pride. Maybe he could be the one to go outside. But the problem was that Kuro could get into trouble as well (something he is very good at), it was dangerous... The cat "sighed" a little, was his plan no good?

Looking back, he noticed that Arthur is finally asleep at last. The cat shook his head, now is the moment or never. Maybe his plan was not good because he was working alone. Maybe if he'd discussed with his brothers, they could help him. Yes, now is the moment for this.

He let go of Arthur and walked up to the black and white furball sleeping near the human. Pushing him with his paw and waking Taki. The cat, white in front and black behind, meowed sleepily and opened his eyes slowly. While he was waking up, Kiku went along to do the same things to Kuro.

And once they were awake, the cats' meeting started.

* The next day, 11 am *

Arthur woke up slowly... Opening his green eyes and soon noticing that the cats were not around him, not even the black one, who was usually so clingy. Surprised, he looked around and then stood up. No cats in the room, this was weird, very weird. He started to worry as he looked around the house.

Once he reached the living room...

He found one of the windows open with two cats in front of it, Kiku and Taki. The glass was not broken and there were no traces that a human had opened it from the outside. But the lock was open from the inside... Arthur hurriedly walked towards the two cats.

"Where is Kuro...?" he asked, almost panicking.

The cats only turned their direction towards the window, showing the street. The man suddenly understood, Kuro had ran away from home during the night...

What was this cat thinking damn it? Out of all of them, he was the one the most in danger because of the fact that his fur is completely black! Arthur hurriedly closed the windows so that the two others wouldn't follow, then he went to put on his shoes and coat and rushed outside.

Closing the door, he looked around, trying to find the cat. Sadly, there were no traces of him... Arthur started to get really worried. What is somebody had found Kuro? What if they were planning to hurt him for Halloween? What if he was dea-

Arthur shook his head, he didn't want to think of this. Kuro was clever enough to run away from strangers and hurt them with his claws if needed. He had to find where this cat could be hidden, and this would not be an easy task...

After a few hours of searching, Arthur was starting to give up on his cat but at the same time... Looking around a little, he noticed a black cat in a corner of the street that looked similar. It was definitely his cat.

"Hey Kuro, what did I tell you about going outside this week?"

Arthur walked towards him and picked him up, somehow the cat was struggling once Arthur had grabbed him. Maybe the cat got into a fight or something? It's why he was fighting? In any case, Arthur would only check this once he would be back home.

Taking the cat, he went back into his house, closed the door behind him and put the cat on the floor. This cat immediately started to hiss at Arthur, trying to bite and scratch his legs. The man blinked, surprised of his cat behavior, and walked back a little, grabbing the cat on the ground.

"What the hell is wrong with you Kuro?!"

The cat kept struggling, trying to bite the hands that are holding him. This way of acting was different from the usual behavior of Kuro, who would sometimes hurt Arthur but not to this point. He would calm down after a few seconds but here... it was like a wild cat.

The sound of the "fighting" had brought the two other cats near them. As he heard them, the other cat started to hiss at them, somehow looking scared. Kuro would never react this way, he would be the one to scare the others, not the opposite...

He looked at this black cat and notices something special about it. It was hard to see with this black fur... but the cat had a collar; a dark collar with a little medal shaped as a star on it... Arthur grabbed the cat again and looked at the medal. Of course the cat was trying to break free and was meowing a lot in protestation. On the medal, there wrote the name of this cat, 'Darky', and an address. As Arthur tried to read the address, the cat managed to escape from Arthur's grip and ran to hide under the sofa. There was no way for Arthur to find out where the cat was from or who is owner was now...

Arthur sighed a bit. The cat was really scared... Probably because he was not in his house and his owner was missing... Also there were other cats around him and perhaps he was not used to this...

The man looked down at his cats...

"Could you two calm him down? If you can that is..."

The man said. At those words, the cats seemed to nod and walked to the sofa and went under it. At least this would hopefully go fine... If..Darky could calm down a little, maybe Arthur could find out who the owner was and where he lived. He was also hoping that he would find Kuro there... Since the two cats looked so similar, perhaps they had took Kuro away thinking it was Darky...

That was what Arthur was hoping at least.

After a few minutes, the cats seemed to have calm down, Arthur couldn't hear Darky hissing anymore. Looking down under the furniture, he saw the three cats cuddling and rubbing their cheeks with each other. This was somehow strange... Kiku was not usually letting strangers (even cats) touch him easily. Yet this cat...It was like they were long lost friends finally meeting again after many years... Maybe they had met when the cats were out? This was the only reason he could come up with for this moment...

Although for now, Arthur didn't really wish to think of this... For now he just wanted this day to end soon so he could give the cat back to his owner and hopefully get his Kuro back.

A few minutes later, he saw the cats walking out of the sofa, Darky still looking around and unsure of the place.

"You will stay here for the day, it's too dangerous for black cats outside. At least today... I will get you back to your master tomorrow..."Arthur said.

At those words, Darky looked away, moving his ears back. This cat was not pleased but there was nothing Arthur could do for now anyway. He didn't want to try to go outside with the cat on Halloween day so they could only wait for now.

But until then, this would be a long day...

Author's note:

Waty: I don't really know what to write but well. I hope you will like this chapter, and I am sorry if it's not good, I have never been a good writer... but if you have like it, then thank you so much and I hope you will like the next parts of the story ^^

Selina: Yes, Kiku (Japan) is a cat in this fic. Taki and Kuro are actually the names Waty and I use to address 'Otaku Kiku' and 'Black (Kuro) Kiku'. Since Arthur is a cat gentleman, he definitely owns more than one cat and he'd probably take care of cats from the same litter so an idea is formed ^_^