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Selina: This chapter is writen by both me and Waty, though it's mostly me this time for some reason. This is also the last chapter, I hope you enjoy owo/

~Chapter 3: The Ambitious Scriptwriter meets The Cat Gentleman~

The next morning, 6am sharp, Alfred was awoken thanks to a ball of fur jumping onto his face. He sat up immediately but the ball of fur seemed to be stuck on his face or rather, it was clinging onto his face. Alfred pulled that ball of fur out from his face which soon started struggling and hissing.

Alfred sighed and said "You're a really impatient kitty y'know that?"

That cat only glared at Alfred in response.

Alfred got up and put on his jacket with a sigh "Fine, let's go search for your owner now shall we?" He took his keys before opening the main door and letting the cat head out first before locking the door behind him.

As he walked outside, the cat looked around a little, trying to find his way back home. After a few seconds, he seemed to find his way back and started to walk, almost running, toward it. Even a man like Alfred had troubles following the cat.

After making their way in the town, they reach the part of the city with many houses. The black cat started to run faster as he got closer to one house. The house didn't look too different from the others, but the cat was focusing on this one.

As Alfred walked closer to it, he could see a name on the door. "Kirkland" was the name on it. While Alfred was looking, the cat started to meow like he was telling his owner he was back.

Arthur was still sleeping when he heard the noise outside, so were his cats, except Darky. This one was awake for a while and was looking outside in the window. Once he heard the noise, the man gets up and get dressed as fast as he could. The cats jumped off the bed and went to the door, waiting for Arthur to open it.

The man walked to the door, he knew who was behind the door, it was Kuro. He was sure of this, so he opened the door.

Once the door was open, Arthur was greeted by a black cat pouncing onto him and nearly knocking him over if he had not been steady enough. Grabbing Kuro off, he looked up to come face to face with the young, bespectacled, blond man with blue eyes that seemed to look at him in amusement.

"O-Oh that's right, I think I hav-" Arthur started.

He was cut off by Darky walking past him and looking up at this young man in front of him now, who soon lifted him up with a smile.

"Darky belongs to you after all?"

Alfred turned back to Arthur with a nod "Yup~ Sorry about that, I thought that black cat was Darky when I first saw him... I mean, it's Halloween after all and Darky suddenly disappeared and well..." Alfred struggled to find the right words to explain.

"I understand this... I-I mean, I thought Darky was Kuro too when I first saw him and well..." Arthur cleared his throat a little before continuing "...for the same reason..."

"Ohh...I see..." Alfred nodded.

After an awkward silence, Alfred decided that he should probably say something to this man with weird eyebrows in front of him somehow, anything.

"Oh ummm also... I haven't introduced myself yet, right? I'm Alfred F. Jones, I live in an apartment across the street~" Alfred said, flashing the best smile he has, hoping to leave an impression somehow.

Arthur was surprised, he'd never expected that Alfred would introduce himself so suddenly, he'd expected him to just leave after they have gotten their cats back. It has always been like that with other people, he just couldn't leave any good impression on anyone in general.

"Arthur Kirkland..." Arthur managed to mumble. Perhaps after this introduction, this young man would leave with a promise of meeting again that would never happen. And after a few years, they would become complete strangers once again.

"Ooh~ Is it just your cats and you? In this huge house?" Alfred asked in amazement as he looked up at Arthur's house.

"...yes." Arthur mumbled. He's definitely laughing at me inside, I can feel it... Was what Arthur is thinking.

"Woww! That's so cool!" Alfred exclaimed "You have a good job I'm guessing?"

"A stable income, yes. But I'm working from home most of the time..." Arthur nodded.

"Oooh~ What do you do as a living?" Alfred asked curiously.

"W-Well... I'm well...a novelist..." Arthur replied, wondering if the other party is already bored of him.

"Seriously, that's so cool! We both write and own cats, now this is such a coincidence!" Alfred exclaimed, his eyes shining with delight.

"W-Wait, you write too?" Arthur blinked.

"Yup~ Well, technicially, I write scripts so well... it's different but then, it's still a form of writing!" Alfred nodded proudly.

"I-It's different yes..." Arthur mumbled. "B-But I guess it's still under that catergory..."

"Right?" Alfred continued, excited. "Say, why don't we meet up for lunch together later or something?"

"W-What?" Arthur blinked. Wait, why is this happening, this isn't supposed to happen! Arthur thought, confused by this young man's sudden invitation.

"Are you busy or something?" Alfred asked.

"N-No... But why are you inviting me for lunch, w-we barely know each other..." Arthur asked, looking away.

"Well, that's the point isn't it? I was thinking that maybe we should try to get to know each other a little more or something~?" Alfred explained, nodding as he spoke.

"...Is that so." Arthur mumbled.

"Yup~ And also..." Alfred gulped a little "I-I think your cat hates me..."

It turns out that Kuro has been glaring and hissing at Alfred for a long while.

"W-Well..." Arthur scratched the back of his head as he tried to explain "K-Kuro always does that to anyone I talk to... I-I think he's jealous or something, he can be really difficult sometimes you see..."

"I-I can understand how difficult he could be, yes..." Alfred chuckled nervously as he remembered the events of yesterday.

Arthur just nodded in response before continuing "A-About this afternoon well... I-I guess I'll be fine with it..."


"L-Lunch...I mean..." Arthur added, looking away.

Alfred blinked, then nodded in acknowledgement. "I'm glad to hear that!" Thinking for a moment, Alfred continued "Let's meet at the café across the street shall we~?"

Arthur nodded "That's fine..."

"That's great then~ I'll see you later at twelve then~" Alfred grinned as he waved before heading off for home, excited with the thought of possibily making a new friend after.

"Well... now... that was unexpected..." Arthur mumbled as he closed the main door behind him. "I guess I'll just have to give this a try then..." he nodded to himself as he put Kuro back down onto the floor, watching him walk over to the other two cats after.

The cats seemed to discuss among themselves after that, looking a little busy somehow.

Arthur sighed a little and got up, heading into his room to look through his closet for anything that'll be presentable for lunch later.

Alfred flumped onto his bed the moment he reached home, letting go of Darky once he landed.

Darky rolled down his master's body before getting back up, finding a comfortable spot on the bed before curling up into a ball and closing his eyes, finally getting some sleep.

Rolling over to the side, Alfred smiled. "They say black cats supposely bring bad luck, but I don't think that's the case... I mean, I met a potential friend thanks to them"

Jumping back up after a few moments (and unknowingly startling Darky from his sleep at the same time), Alfred clapped his hands together and rejoiced happily "Darky! I have an idea for the script now! This is going to work, I'm sure of it!" He picks Darky up and spins around happily before falling onto his bed once again. "But first... I need to find something to wear later~"

At this point of time, Alfred never knew that the person that he'd invited for lunch that day would very soon become a very irreplacable person in his life.

Black cats are not really a bad omen after all, aren't they?

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