Chapter 1: Pride
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Sitka stood nervously amongst the crowd of everyone from the village. They were all here for the totem ceremony and this time it was Kenai's turn to receive his totem and make the first steps towards manhood. Sitka could hear the bubble of excitement radiate through the crowd, as it always did at these occasions, at the idea that the great spirits would be present while they watched over the ceremony. Everyone was also desperately curious to discover exactly which totem and trait Kenai would receive.

Sitka just prayed to the Great Spirits that Kenai would be safe on his journey into manhood and into his future and hoped his ancestors watching over the ceremony were equally as proud of Kenai as he was.

Turning his attention back to the ceremony, Sitka, as well as the rest of the crowd waited patiently as Tanana arrived. She made her way through everyone towards the fire pit Kenai was sat next to and held the hide bundle his totem was wrapped within. As she disappeared from his sight, Sitka realised the need for him to get closer. He weaved through the crowd towards the front and then spotted Denahi. He diverted towards him knowing that he needed to watch his brother to ensure he behaved.

He could already see the worrying signs of smirks appearing on Denahi's face. It increased when Denahi spotted Sitka.

"It's going to be the Deer of Grace. Or maybe the Rat of Slyness. Oh, wait maybe it's even going to be the Mammoth of Loudness…"

"Denahi," Sitka warned. The last thing he needed was for Denahi to be making himself, and therefore Kenai, foolish and he didn't want Kenai's ceremony to be ruined.

"Aww, come on. You don't think it's going to be the Rabbit of Fertility then? Or…"

Sitka elbowed him sharply and rolled his eyes at his brother's antics. "Knock it off."

His brother shrugged and the grin on his face remained. Sitka could just tell he was hoping that one of his suggestions would actually become true.

Meanwhile, Tanana was speaking of the Great Spirits. It was the same speech she delivered every ceremony and yet Sitka felt compelled to listen attentively to it once again in respect for his brother. It was only right after all he reasoned.

"Or…?" Denahi began, but was quietened immediately at the irritated expression Sitka gave him.

"To become a man, your actions must be guided by one thing," Tanana said, starting to unwrap the hide. Sitka anxiously stepped forward, desperate to make sure he heard what she would say.

"Your totem is…"

There was a long, agonising pause which made Sitka wish she would just say it straight away.


Sitka smiled, 'love' was an amazing trait and though it was not one his brother seemed to particularly exhibit at the moment, Sitka just knew he would excel at. He felt pride well up inside of him as the anxiousness drained from him. He felt so elated and so proud for his younger brother.

Only the moment didn't last.

Denahi, who had somehow moved behind him exploded into laughter as cheers erupted from the crowd. Sitka frowned at his disrespectful behaviour, but knew that in this fit of laughter he wouldn't be able to stop his brother. So ignoring his brother he instead listened to his brother's assessment of his totem.


Sitka felt upset at the sound of the astonishment and disappoint that could be heard clearly in Kenai's voice. Denahi, on the other hand, just proceeded to laugh more and his voice choked up as he muttered loudly about 'love'.

"Yes, love," Tanana said patiently, her voice still full of enthusiasm and her smile radiant as she turned to the crowd. Sitka sighed, he knew how this felt. This incident was so similar to that which he had faced when he received his totem, and his own disappointment at it.

He could hear Denahi pause in his laughter, gasping for air. "What ani-mal is it anyw-ay?"

Sitka shrugged, however, the answer was given quickly when Kenai exclaimed, "But, the bear of love?"

Denahi descended into laughter once more, ignoring the looks Sitka noticed the crowd giving him. Sitka just hoped Kenai couldn't hear this, it would only make his younger brother's situation feel worse.

He brought his attention back to Kenai and could hear his brother moaning about his totem. He then watched as his brother held up his totem, the twisted string making it spin round, as he waved it about in front of Tanana. Sitka smiled, it was all just too similar to how he had been and then chuckled when Kenai began shouting about wanting to trade it for another.

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