Chapter 1: Day Dreamer

The sunset seemed to glimmer over the waters of emerald beach, like diamonds as the silhouette outline of a hedgehog outlined a section of the sand of beach, contrasting black on the gold horizon. Sonic, the blue speedy hero of Mobius supported a pair of red swim trunks, and very damp fur, from what it seemed he had just waded in the water, after recently getting of his long lost fear, which was the water that was in front of him. In his arms, the pink and now grown up, hedgehog Amy Rose who was in pure bliss as she smiled meekly at her hero, her knight in shining armor. Nothing could make this moment any more beautiful, as around on the edge of the beach, wind blew through the green leaves of palm trees which rustled gently with the flow of the wind.

It was paradise. Nothing could ever compare. The sunset was lighting up both of their green eyes as Sonic pushed Amy's now wet drooping quills from her face, smiling gently. Closing her eyes Amy blushed, reopening them she'd the spark in his eyes as he'd gently lean in for a kiss. Leaning in she'd smile and-

"Amy Rose! Come on sweet heart, back to work." the voice of the elderly hedgehog broke her day dream.

Shaking her head the pink hedgehog stared at the older blue hedgehog, with a white busy mustache, which was Sonic's uncle, Sir Charles Hedgehog, also known as Uncle Chuck.

"Oh I'm sorry. I kinda zone out again."

"Kinda? You've been wiping this table for the past fifteen minutes, in the same spot." Uncle Chuck laughed, "Come on you've gotta get the orders to table six." He pointed to a window with a few plates sitting in it and patted her back slowly.

Sighing the pink hedgehog adjusted her apron and put the cleaning supplies she had onto the side of a rolling cart and grabbed the two lone plates that was deck out in hamburgers, onion rings and and french fries their scent lingering off of them and hitting Amy's nose.

"Double Cheese Burger with fries and a regular cheese burger with onion rings, no pickles." Amy set the plate down at the table with two mongoose Mobians who looked like twins with purple fur and black hair, "Just let me know if you need anything else, and please enjoy."

Both nodded as she slowly walked away from the table and walked to another where three other Mobians had come in and sat down.

"Hi I'm Amy, I am your waitress for today, what may I get you to drink?"

Day in and day out she had been living like this. Since she was eighteen, it was her life. Being a waitress at the place at that belong to the uncle of the one hedgehog she dreamed would be her's one day but unfortunately it was not so. Sonic had recently asked Sally Acorn, a blue eyed chipmunk, the royal highness, of this kingdom they resided in for her hand in marriage, and all Amy could do is sit idly by and watch as her dreams went down the drain. Her only means of coping was her day dreams, in fact it had gotten her in trouble a lot.

Now at the age of 22 Amy, feared she would be, forever alone. Which in all aspects it did not seem all that bad to her, since she had actually been alone all her life any ways. Used to in the old days it was always fun to at least stomp some bad guy's rump, but that had come to an end, as all their troubles had finally vanished. No evil, no one doing harm, the world was finally at peace. Which again was the reason why Sonic decided to settle down with Sally once and for all. She wasn't mad too much about it, she considered Sally a sister in all aspects, but it still hurt her heart to know she'd never have a chance to really know what it was like to kiss the lips of Sonic the Hedgehog.

She wanted excitement, but that was beyond her reach since their main trouble maker, Dr. Ivo Robotnik, also know as Eggman, was surprisingly put into the hospital with life threatening injuries from where he and Sonic had battle last, nearly killing Eggman.

Another one of their renowned enemies Scourge the Hedgehog, after breaking out of the No Zone jail, a prison for the worst criminals through the multiverse, was now put behind bars and was under protection against any one who he had worked with in the past. So there was no means for escape for him anyways.

Ixis was finally dead, the Iron Dominion was fizzled. The world was at true peace.

Amy was glad to see every one safe and sound living their own happy lives, but in truth hers was flat out miserable. She only put on an outward appearance of being cheerful and happy, but she wasn't. There was nothing she could do, but live her live the same way, which she was fine by.

Later on that after noon Amy walked to the back of the diner slowly folding her dark green apron with Uncle Chuck's diner logo on it. Which was one of his acclaimed chili dogs, which was of course Sonic's favorite food. Grabbing her punch card she signed out for the day, calling out to Uncle Chuck to have a good day, but strangely unlike him he didn't call back.

Amy shrugged it off as nothing as she walked out of the diner and slowly starting walking down the path that lead her back to her house that resided next to Freedom Head Quarters, the old base that now Rotor the Walrus and Tail's the orange two tailed fox lived, just tinkering with machines and old robot parts.

On the way Amy decided to take a short cut instead of her usual path back home because she was especially tired and really wanted to just prop her feet up, and watch some TV after soaking in a hot bath. Down this particular path she chose it was deeply wooded with dark oak trees, where the tops of them barley shown any of the remaining sun that lingered in the sky through them. She was used to this area, since she had taken this short cut many times.

Kicking a single stone she pondered to herself again as what would happen if Sonic had truly been hers, but sighed once more as she gave the gray colored stone she kicked one final and hard punt kicking dirt, and the stone, causing it bouncing off a nearby tree and landed in a pile of leaves. Looking down at her feet she knocked off the dirt on her boot, suddenly as something golden, and caked with dirt caught her eye.

Amy's head cock to the side as she slowly pulled off one of her gloves, still leaving her trade mark bracelet on, digging through the dampened moss covered ground around the object her jade eyes lit up with the sudden realization she had just found a ring. With joy she dug faster as the dirt now flew away from this golden object. She knew Sonic liked collecting these things, so In her mind it would make a great wedding gift for the two.

Finally the dirt was dug away and she stared at it with a gleam in her eye as she grasped the ring with full force to pull it from the remainder of the ground that enclosed it, but her smile quickly faded. As soon as she touched it a jolt of electricity stuck through her. It felt worse than one sticking their finger in a light socket as she shook tremendously as she couldn't even barely let out a yelp. She tried letting go of the ring but the jolts caused her hands to clasp tightly around it.

Suddenly there was a sound that was crossed between loud thunder and an explosion from a bomb right before she saw nothing but white, then darkness, as she faded out into nothing.