Chapter: 17 -Horrifying Truth

Two days had passed and everything was still going great. Amy, was now wandering through the halls of the castle just admiring it for once as a free hedgehog, than one under captivity. Scourge himself was in his throne room taking care of weekly Royal's pays and other issues within the community of his kingdom. Amy admired how that no matter what Scourge did, and what jobs he made his other worker slaves do, that they were happy with their jobs.

They were cheerful, and truthfully seemed very glad to work for the King, and the scenery had proved that point, from the cleanliness of the castle, do the wide arrange of painting and decorations placed through the castle halls.
She couldn't believe she was here, in this place, and as happy as she was, even when her old life crossed her mind, she could gladly state that she was truly home now.

The pink hedgehog decided that today she would explore other areas of the castle than the usual bedroom hallways and facilities before having to meet up with her now lover, Scourge, who would soon be in the dining hall for lunch. Walking though the empty all she realized it lead her to a set of steps that lead downward, that was lit up with torches that were stuck in holders in the wall.

A few steps down the stairs a guard sat on a small platform in a groove to the side of the steps holding a spear similar to the one Knuckles held. "State your reason for being here." a black dog like mobian with green eyes sat forward eyeing the pink hedgehog moving his spear in front of her so she'd stop.

"Um... I'm just look around the castle, Scourge told me that I could."

"Oh you are the highness's miss that every ones talked about. Alright, well, you can go on down, but be careful, its the dungeon down there."

Amy nodded. The dungeon? That was new to her, she really wondered what was down there. Would it be as scary as she saw in all those movies she watched back in her home dimension? Walking past the guard she turned the steps and continued walking, the steps became darker as some as the torches were not lit. She kept walking, her boots slowly hitting the steps one by one and was nearly to the bottom when a voice hit her ears that she didn't want to hear, stopping in her tracks immediately she peered around the corner of the base of the stairs.

"Its BEEN more than two days how long is this going to take?!" Rosy the Rascal's voice screeched through the bars of one of the dungeon cells, "I'm a royal I shouldn't have to deal with this injustice because of some little bitchy brat I stabbed."

Amy's eyes caught another figure but the darkness and limited light of the dungeon concealed him as a light chuckle was heard from their throat.

" Oh don't worry about that Rosy. You'll be out of here within the hour, and you'll be free from his rules and reign. I'll even give you the privilege of taking the life of that pathetic slave in anyway you desire."

Amy's eyes narrowed. "No...It can't be..." Amy thought to herself, and her suspicions of who it was came true as the figure stuck his head out of the shadows. His red eyes flared with delight.

"You can be sure of that Rosy."

Reaching a gloved hand through the bar of the cell, Amy gasped when she saw him, Scourge's right hand man Shadow the Hedgehog pulling Rosy tight to the bars, "Then, we'll start this kingdom in the way we both want, and I can have my way not only with you but this kingdom as well."

"Shadow..." Rosy's voice cooed through the bars as Amy cringed as Shadow kissed Rosy deeply.

She had to get out of there, she had to warn Scourge. Still stepping back quietly and slowly she went to go take off, but her boot slipped on the stone floor making a loud thud echo. Instantly Amy turned back to see Shadow's red gaze turn towards Amy.


Scrambling up to her feet the pink hedgehog scurried up the steps as fast as she could, running past the guard and flying down the hall, she heard Shadow's angered voice break out to the guard, "WHERE'D SHE GO?"

Amy's feet was moving as fast they could as she plowed into a vase at the corner of the hallway causing the glass to shatter to the floor. Her ears were flattened against her skull as she saw the dining room door in view. All she had to do was get in there, and she'd be free, Scourge could handle this, she'd be safe.

She glanced behind her to still see Shadow.


No Never, she wasn't stupid. Amy still tried her best to reach the door, only a few more steps then, "BOOM!" She flew in the double door flying open slamming against the back walls but her ears flattened to her skull. Frantically for a moment she scanned the room, he wasn't in there. No one was there. She was early.

Then there were foot steps behind her, as Shadow came to a stop. He stood at the entrance of the dining room.

"P-Please. I...I...Don't..."

"So, there's really no need to explain your self, Miss. Rose." The black hedgehog starting walking forward slowly grinning, "But you know that I really hate an eves dropper, even accidental ones."

Amy went to cry out but the black hedgehog tackled Amy to the ground slamming his hand over her mouth, "But you want to know what I hate even more? Little Rats that deserve to have died from the get go, eves dropping on information that could ruin the very plans I've worked for. It'd been nice to have taken him down, but you..." He let out a quick huff of air and a half grin, "I could have considered taking you as my prize in the long run as well. Two for the price of one, BUT Even still with the fact he's fallen in love with you, I must kill the both of you."

Amy tried pushing the black hedgehog off of her, "I won't let you hurt him!"

"You won't?" the black hedgehog laughed darkly, his gaze turning toward her now healing wound on her shoulder, "My Rosie did a number on you didn't she? Although I told her to...WAIT!" Taking his claws he ripped the wound back open causing Amy to scream in pain.

"Oh how a tragic moment this will become!" stated Shadow with a sadistic tone in his voice, "The king will walk in to eat and enjoy lunch with his so dear beloved, and then he'll find you crumpled and dead on the floor, in a pool of blood! He'll bend down to take in you lifeless in his arms, then, when he's so consumed with grief and sadness, and then, I'll do him the favor, and let him join you! Oh what a wonderful reunion that will be! "

Shadow did a slit throat sign. "The only reason I didn't kill him and his last girl at the same time is I wanted him to suffer, I wanted him to feel so much pain that he couldn't bear it. Too bad she was pregnant though, but that child would have been more of a nuisance than you are."

Amy's eyes widened.

"Yes, Rose. I killed her. I killed Fiona, I remember it too... She had returned after she and the king were in a fight, she came to me asking where he was, talking about how excited she was to have this baby of her. Well, I told her in the garden. She took one route, I took another. Standing there here blue eyes glistened at the moon she was looking up at before..." Shadow produced a knife from his belt, " Before I took this knife right here, and turned her into a meat Stick!" Laughing hysterically he looked back down at Amy with his blood red eyes, "Oh why am I telling you this? Oh well... It doesn't really matter, cause you are about to die anyways."

The hedgehog reared his knife back, and was about to plunge it before a noise broke from behind him, "Amy?"

Shadow turned in time to see the duck green duck Bean standing at the entrance of the dining room but instantly shot up after to duck when Bean took off running down the hall, "SCOURGE! YOUR HIGHNESS SOME ONE HELP STOP THIS! AMY SHE NEEDS HELP!"

Amy went to take the moment as an advantage to run, she scrambled up and went to run toward the door to help Bean, but to her relief she slammed into Scourge who came from the opposite corner.

"What's all the commotion about?" Amy had her hand on her wound that Shadow just reopened. "Amy?What happened?"

The green hedgehog walked into the dining room a bit before Amy hugged him. "Scourge! Oh thank God! Shadow he's working with Rosy, and he killed Fiona...Tried to kill me and..."

"What are you?" Scourge saw Amy's eyes widen.

Turning the green hedgehog then stood in front of Amy in the center of the dining room as he saw Shadow drag in the dining room a passed out Bean, "Consider him lucky. I didn't kill him." He threw Bean to the side, "Consider yourself even luckier Rose." Shadow pointed to Amy with his knife, "Good you are here your highness, I can now get rid of the both of you." Shadow turned and locked the door of the dining room, "No more interruptions."

"What is with you Shadow?!" Yelled Scourge, "Your words are laced with treason!"

"Who cares about treason, hell who cares of your pathetic rules and lies!" screamed the black hedgehog, "Now, you can just make this easy and both of you can die together, or I'll kill both of you slowly."

The black hedgehog slowly pulled a display sword off of a nearby wall holder and pointed it at them both.

Scourge's eyes cut quickly to the mantle on the wall with the large golden sword with a ruby in the hilt, "Take A small step to the left, then duck." stated Scourge in a low tone.

"What do you mean?"


Instantly Amy went to the left, and the ducked right as Shadow's blade when over her head just in time for Scourge to grab the golden sword and then have the blade pointed at Shadow's throat, "I'll take the third option. Your beheading."

The black hedgehog laughed hysterically.

"Try as you may."