Title: Whispered Dreams- Destiny
Author: Celyia (ladycelyia@aol.com)
Genre: Romance/Angst
Rating: R
Summary: The Dark King, Jadeite, decides to avenge his lost and broken world upon the girl he blames for its destruction.
Disclaimer: "Sailor Moon", all characters and situations, are owned by Naoko Takeuchi and her minions. :-) This story is written as a tribute to the series and not mean to infringe on Ms. Takeuchi's ownership in any way.
Warning: This fic once contained sexual acts but thanks to FF.net's policy of barring NC-17 fics, I've removed enough of the junk to make this a legit "R". Sorry for the inconvenience and I should have the real version up at www.geocities.com/adultfics soon.

Thanks a million for reading this!


Assorted Notes:

- The Whispered Dreams Series has been many years in the making. It was originally published on the web in 1996 under my pseudonym of "Lord Jadeite". There are three parts to this series, but due to a HD crash, only this one is available. I plan to rewrite the other two when time and energy permits.

- Usagi is 19 in this story. Although she still has her faults, she is no longer the big baby she was in her early teens. Lots of what is written here will probably contradict the series, so I ask you to think "Oooo! Parallel Universe" whenever that happens.

- The Dark Generals of the Negaverse play essential roles in these stories and in order to help the storyline along, I've "adjusted" their positions in their world from mere generals in an attacking force to Kings of their world.

Chapter One

Usagi looked up out of the window, her slender hands propping up her chin as she regarded the beautiful orange and pink clouds floating in the twilight sky. A small sigh escaped her as the glittering gold of her engagement band caught her eye.

"I should be beyond happy right now," she whispered sadly, her full bottom lip thrust out in a pout. Shaking her head slowly, Usagi forced her cloudy blue eyes away from the one tangible promise of what was destined to occur in the morning.

"Destined..." Usagi repeated her thought aloud, tasting the word on her tongue. A word that had once held such an incredibly beautiful comfort and fascination for her, now filled the former Sailor Senshi with an emotion akin to dread.

Blinking away the tears that suddenly drenched her cheeks, she calmed herself. "Life is such a prison," she complained without rancor as her white fingers traced little patterns over smooth wood of the windowsill. "Or at least, my life is."

As a bird cooed nearby into the slight April breeze tumbling through the leaves, Usagi sat there quietly as she watched all control of her life slip away. "Not," she sighed again as the last of the sun's rays escaped from the darkening sky, "that I ever had control in the first place." The urge to break down into tears almost overwhelmed her, but she couldn't. She wasn't sure what it was, but *something* just refused to give.

For five years I've been engaged to Mamoru, Usagi thought, an ironic smile stealing its way to her lips. "He's been everything tome since I was 14," she murmured as she stretched her long legs. "Simply everything."

While other girls spent their teens struggling with school and engaging in a mad pursuit of every conceivable boy in hopes of capturing Mr. Right, Usagi had been assured by the universe that she never had to worry for her Destiny was waiting for her.

It had all been ordained in the dream of a thousand years. A thousand years before, a thousand years hence, it really made no difference. In one time, she was the betrothed of Earth's Prince Endymion, and in the other, she ruled with a King of the same name at her side. When she had been a girl of 14, Usagi had embraced that fate with all her heart, but now, the nineteen year old woman she had become wished desperately for Destiny to forsake her and allow her to make her own mistakes.

"Why can't I?"

"Why can't you what?" a feminine voice responded, a tad impatiently. With surprise written in her eyes, Usagi turned towards the black cat who was currently lying on her bed.

"I don't know... Didn't see you in here," Usagi mentioned, a blonde eyebrow raised in query.

Luna shrugged as she absentmindedly began kneading her claws on the old, pink bedspread. "You weren't paying attention. Why can't you what?" she repeated.

Usagi took a deep breath as she turned back to her window. "Why can't I just live a normal life?"

"What are you talking about?" Luna demanded as she leapt from the bed to Usagi's warm lap. "You *are* living a normal life..."

"No, I am not."

Luna rolled her eyes as she regarded her charge. "Don't be silly, Usagi."

Usagi gently removed Luna from her lap as she stood up. "I don't think I am." Crossing over to the other side of the room, she stopped short in front of the full-length mirror. "Look at me, Luna... Look at me. Can you see the changes inside my heart?"

Luna snorted as she reclined once again on Usagi's bed. "Come on, Usa-chan. You're getting married tomorrow..."

"Like I don't know it? Dammit, Luna, *look* at me!" Usagi insisted, her lovely features flushed with anger.

"You look as you always do," Luna muttered.

"Yes, Luna, I do," Usagi admitted, the anger having fled her light soprano. Her hands found the coils of hair at the base of each ponytail. Loosening the band, her golden mane poured down her back all the way to her ankles. Usagi looked in the mirror before her, her head shaking slowly from side to side.

The sadness in Usagi's normally cheerful eyes shocked Luna out of a reprimand. "Usagi..." she began hesitantly.

"I'm sorry Princess Selenity died. I'm sorry Neo-Queen Selenity never really gets to live. But what about me? What about Tsukino Usagi?"

Luna shook her head violently. "You ARE Selenity, Usagi! What do you think we've been trying to pound into your head for the past few years?" she groaned as she nearly slapped a paw against the yellowed crescent mark on her forehead.

Usagi blinked. "Yeah, I guess I am."

Luna gave her charge a loving look. "You are just nervous, Usa-chan. You have a big day tomorrow."

"Yes, I do."

Luna yawned as she relaxed underneath the covers. "Come to bed, Usagi. Sleeping will help the time pass more quickly. "

"I'll be right there." Usagi was beginning to sound like herself, the talking cat noted with relief.

"Turn off the light, please," Luna requested as she let her eyes close.

A moment later, the cheery pink and white room was sheathed in darkness, the dim moon washing the room in shadows.

"What are you doing?" Luna groaned in frustration as a small clicking sound found its way to her sensitive feline ears.

"Nothing any more, Luna." Usagi answered abruptly as the annoyance stopped.

Luna lazily opened a single eye as Usagi's graceful form move towards the bed. Had the contrary moon not decided to pick that moment to break free of the clouds, Luna would have never known until morning, and Usagi would have been spared a night of scolding. Unfortunately, though, Murphy's Law sprung into effect.

"Oh, great Goddess. Usagi! What happened to your hair?"

* * *

Minako grinned as she rearranged the veil over Usagi's face.

"You look beautiful!" she exclaimed happily as she tossed a hairpin towards Makoto.

Makoto nodded enthusiastically in agreement. "Yeah, Usa-chan, you are going to make Mamoru so proud of you!"

Usagi looked at the only two friends of hers that could make it to her wedding, her cheeks red with embarrassment. "You think so? I mean, with my hair..."

Mina tapped Usagi gently on the shoulder. "The last thing Mamoru will notice is your hair, Usa." Cocking an eyebrow, Mina shook her head slowly. "Why did you cut it, anyway?"

With a shrug, Usagi turned back to the mirror. "Guess I just didn't want to be 'Odango atama' anymore," she answered, her voice distant.

"Why not?" Mako questioned, her well-toned arms folded across her chest.

The strains of a slow piano piece floated slowly up to Usagi's room. Suddenly, it all fell into place, and the reality hit the bride hard.

"I... I... don't want to go out there," Usagi insisted, her beautiful face white with fear. "I don't want this..." Taking a short step backwards, her trembling hands went to her throat. Immediately, the other two girls were at her side, drawing her into a big hug.

"It's OK to be scared, Usa-chan." Mako stated, her own eyes filling with tears. "Really. But you have *nothing* to worry about. I mean, you are marrying *Mamo-chan*. You've always dreamed of this day. And now, it's happening...! Mako exclaimed, her eyes dancing with the excitement.

"Yes, it is." Usagi offered her two best friends a weak smile.

"Did you ever think, guys, that we'd be standing here now..."

"Yes..." the both grinned simultaneously.

Mina pushed Usagi back to the mirror. "You two are meant to be together. Like two peas on a knife..."

"That's 'two peas in a pod', Mina-chan," Mako corrected, a smile playing at the corners of her mouth.

"Yeah, whatever!" Mina rolled her eyes as she turned her attention back to Usagi. "Look at yourself, Usagi. You will never have doubts, never have regrets...you guys are written in the stars. Who else in the entire world can say that?"

"Oh, quit it, Mina!" Usagi broke out into a huge grin. "You are beginning to sound like that Dark King..."

"But it's the truth, Usa-chan," Mina gave her friend a quick peck on the cheek. "You look beautiful, Princess."

Usagi blushed as she took a timid glance into the mirror.

"Even now that my hair is gone...?" Her eyes immediately focused on her shining hair that now only flowed down to the middle of her back.

"It'll grow." Mako smiled as she sat on Usagi's bed. Looking around, she shook her head slowly. "I haven't been in here for years!"

Taking extra care of her expensive bride's regalia, Usagi crossed over to the bed. "Yeah, I was kinda surprised that Mom didn't change it or anything since I moved out."

"She's hardly even touched it," Mina said as she swiped her gloved fingers over a bookshelf. "Eww... shouldn't have done that, now I gotta clean this before they give us the cue."

"And we all know how much you hate cleaning," Mako laughedas she watched Mina nod enthusiastically.

"Don't see how you could stand it," Mina admitted as she walked towards the door. "Be right back."

Usagi nodded as she blew some of her bangs out of her face. "Geesh, maybe I should let these grow out..."

"Maybe..." Mako answered noncommittally. It was blatantly obvious that the auburn-haired young woman was no longer listening.

"What's up?"

Mako smiled as she stretched out on the bed. "Just thinking. Remembering the last time I was in here." Forgetting the pink bridesmaid dress she wore, Mako let herself fall on the sheets. Usagi allowed herself a small smile as she looked affectionately down at the woman. Of the former Senshi, it was now Mako with whom she was closest.

Usagi pulled the transparent veil off her head, lost in her thoughts. "I never thought I'd come back here again. I mean, Mama and Dad were *so* angry with me for deciding to move out with Mamo-chan...I was so certain they'd never forgive me."

"But they did." Mako shrugged as she remembered helping the sixteen year old Moon Princess lug boxes of her stuff to the car waiting outside.

"Took them forever, though. Three years..." Usagi complained, that whiny quality she had been certain she banished so long ago returned to her hushed tones.

Mako smiled, a look of romantic awe lighting up her pretty face. "What's three years in three thousand? They had to accept it, Usagi... The universe gave them no other choice. Anyway, your parents have been great. Not only have your parents allowed you to move back in for these past couple of months, they also insisted on having the wedding here."

"Yeah, they've been pretty good about it," Usagi nodded, her heart brimming over with love for the people who had given her life in this age.

The door opened slowly, and Mina peeked in. "Why's it so quiet in here?" the blonde asked as she walked in. Straightening her light pink gloves, Mina shook her head slowly. "For god's sake! It's more like a funeral in here instead of a wedding!"

Usagi plastered a weak smile on her face as she regarded her two friends. "I guess I'm just a tad nervous...Remember when we first found out about this whole Sailor Senshi deal?" she asked, not even seeming to realise that she changed the subject.

Mako grinned. "Yeah. It was so neat being able to actually do something about that evil instead of waiting for someone to do it for you."

"It was definitely cool to fight the bad guys," Mina smiled as she lost herself in memories, "but it was soooo cool to become a star, too."

"I remember," Usagi started, a blush creeping up her neck only to spill over her cheeks, "wanting to be as graceful and beautiful as you, Mina-chan… I never thought in a million years that one day, you'd be one of my closest friends."

Mina beamed happily.

"And when Luna found me, and told me that I was actually Sailor Moon, it was like a dream come true. Suddenly, I was beautiful, and quick...I wasn't just a klutzy crybaby anymore- I was a superhero!" Usagi blushed vividly at her friends' amused smiles. Shaking it off, she went on. "But when I found out that

I had to fight..."

"You were never really one for battle," Mina acknowledged, immediately regretting her quick words as she saw the bride cringe.

"No, definitely not," Usagi admitted.

"Of course you weren't," Mako shrugged. "You are too loving, Usa-chan. You fought when you had to, but your heart was never in it. You just aren't a violent person."

Usagi blinked. "But it was my destiny to fight..."

Mina nodded. "You did what you had to, Usagi. Anyway, let's forget about this for now. The wedding will start in minutes." Mina stood up. "Let's get going."

Laying her palm on Usagi's forearm, Mako shook her head slowly. "You were...still are... our leader, Usa-chan, but I think Fate screwed up big time when it made you carry weapons..."

"That's enough, Makoto!" Mina snapped, her nostrils flaring with anger. "Usagi has been the best of us. Sure, she had her problems, but she did her job, and she did it well."

Blinking, Usagi stood silently.

"I never meant that she didn't make a good warrior, Mina! Jesus. Don't get so defensive. I just meant that she should have fought evil through other means, not physical."

Her lips twisted as Mina considered how to respond. "Maybe."

The sudden knock at the door cut Mako short as she opened her mouth to speak again.

"Usagi!" her mother's voice called through the door. "Usagi!"

Hurrying to the entrance, Usagi flung it open. "Mama!" she cried happily as she pulled her mother into a hug. "Is everything ready?"

Her mother nodded sadly, her greying black hair bobbing with the movement. Mrs Tsukino surveyed her daughter carefully. "You look beautiful, honey. Here...let me put your veil back on."

Usagi smiled as the love for her mother filled her heart. Handing the pretty, lace garment to the short woman, Usagi felt the tears well up in her eyes.

With the trembling hands of a woman about to give away her only daughter, Mrs Tsukino gently placed the veil on the golden head.

"I love your hair, Usa-chan," she smiled as her index finger tapped a falling curl. "It's about time you got rid of those silly pigtails."

Usagi looked down. "You didn't like them, Mama?"

"Oh, when you were a little girl, they were so cute! But for a woman, well...they just didn't compliment you." Mrs Tsukino admitted as she finished fixing her daughter's headdress.

Eeeking out loud as she heard the musical cue, Usagi turned white as she looked towards the door.

"Are you sure you want this, Usagi?" her mother asked, hope glittering in her eyes.

Usagi stood there, her heart suddenly aching with some emotion. Bracing herself against the unknown, she nodded slowly. "I do."

And minutes later, that girl, Tsukino Usagi, was gone from the face of the earth, only to be replaced by a young woman by the name of Chiba Usagi.