Look who's back! The sequel is early because I just got struck with the plot and decided that I couldn't keep it from you guys any longer!

This is a sequel to Time Riddles so if you're reading this and haven't read that, it might help you to read some aspects of the story.

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by Tighterthanflower

Chapter 1

A snowball began to plummet through the air before it landed and smacked right into Jamie's face. It knocked him onto his back and Jamie laughed, there was only one person who would throw snowballs like that.

"Jack!" Jamie cried when he saw the winter spirit standing in a tree.

"Hey, Jamie," Jack replied, dropping down the ground and landing perfectly on his feet whilst twirling his staff in the air. Jamie took this opportunity to run straight at him, now knocking Jack over.

Jack laughed as the both fell into the snow. The boy was getting strong in his age. Jack brushed the snow off him and slowly got to his feet, letting Jamie slide off him. "I've only been gone a few months, Jamie. You couldn't have missed me that much!" He teased looking down at the nine year old.

Pulling a face, Jamie laughed before responding, "Of course I did! We don't get snow days in the summer,"

"Well I'm here now so you can have as many snow days as you want," Jack said making his way towards the Bennett's house.

Jack had been waiting for Jamie all afternoon, hiding in the tree so that he could surprise him. Quite a few adults had walked past muttering about the cold and wondering where all the snow had come from. He had almost laughed hearing it, if only they knew.

Walking into the Bennet's house, he saw Mrs Bennet cooking at the stove. When he walked in there was a drop in the room temperature and Mrs Bennet turned around to see Jack standing there behind Jamie.

Ever since the events of just a mere year ago, when Jack, Jamie and Sophie had been sent back in time, Mrs Bennet had been able to see Jack. It offered him some peace of mind and it made him feel special. This was the first time he had ever had an adult believer and the past year had been the best of his, immortal life.

"How was the North Pole, Jack?" Mrs Bennet inquired, bringing the pan off the stove and placing it onto the kitchen side.

"It was alright, North, made me do loads of work. He always gets so busy during the summer months. I was kind of happy when I could come here though, I can take a break from all the work I've been doing,"

"I see, but don't you have a job to do all ready?"

"Yeah but it something that I enjoying doing, I'm not all that fond of wrapping presents, all day, every day,"

Mrs Bennet gave a laugh. "I wouldn't enjoy that either, did you run into Jamie on the way home from school?"

"Yeah, I wanted to surprise him,"

"Where's he gone?" Mrs Bennet asked. Jack then looked around noticing the absence of Jamie.

"I'm sure he's in the house somewhere. He's most likely gone to fetch Sophie,"

"Ah," Mrs Bennet stated, now going into the kitchen cupboards and put the plates onto the side. She then picked up the pan and scraped the spaghetti onto the plates. "Jamie and Sophie have really missed you Jack, I haven't been able to shut them up. It was always I can't wait for Jack to get back or I bet Jack, would love this, Mom!"

"I could tell, when he attacked me earlier,"

At that point, Jack heard footsteps come into the kitchen and saw that Sophie was standing there looking at him with a big massive smile on her face. "Jack!" She squealed, running up to him and jumping into his arms.

Jack gave her a tight squeeze and she clung onto the fabric of his hoodie. He noticed that her hair had gotten longer and her fringe still covered her eye. She still supported her fairy wings but was wearing a pair of rabbit ears on her head.

He put her down at the table where Jamie was sitting and walked back over to Mrs Bennet who had now finished making the dinner.

"Mrs Bennet, do you want me to put the dinner on the table?" He asked, putting his staff next to the fridge.

"Oh that would be splendid, Jack but you don't need to call me Mrs Bennet, just call me Jenny,"

Jack didn't say anything but picked up the plates of spaghetti bolognaise and placed them in front of Jamie and Sophie. The plate was hot and it did hurt but he bit back the pain. He had been trying to get used to the feeling of warmth just for the sake of Jamie and Sophie.

He didn't want to call Mrs Bennet by her first name, just yet because he still didn't feel comfortable around them even after knowing the Bennet family for eighteen months plus the fact that he was just used to calling her Mrs Bennet.

He watched the children sloppily eat their spaghetti and Sophie had accomplished getting it all over her face. Jamie was a lot neater, eating it the right way and twisting it round his fork.

Mrs Bennet walked past Jack with her spaghetti and sat down at the table with them. It caused Jack to feel a little empty inside, sometimes he wished he was able to eat and join in like a proper family.

"Jack, come sit down," Mrs Bennet gestured to the empty chair that was beside her. Jack did as instructed, sitting carefully and looking at everybody as they ate.

"How long are you going to be here for, Jack?" Jamie asked through a mouthful of food. Mrs Bennet scowled at her son to which he gave a sheepish grin.

"A week, kiddo. I'm then going to hit Canada for a few days. I'll try and check in every couple of weeks,"

Jamie gave a smile to that and took another mouthful of food. He then began to tell Jack all about what had happened in the summer months. Jack listened half-heartily and as he took the scene around him, a family that he was struggling to be part of, Jack still felt empty.

Looking at the house with four windows, a door, and a garden made him feel sick. It just seemed to scream 'safe and sound', like they were stuck in their own little world and nothing could shatter it. Oh, he laughed, he was going to shatter it.

Perched upon a rooftop, a young boy who looked to be in his teenage years watched the Bennet family through their kitchen window. His hair was raven, slicked black and his eyes grey, dull and seemed to have the life sucked out of them. Tanned skin, was the only thing out of place on the boy. He could just make out the faint figure of Jack Frost, how had he become a guardian? Of all things! He bit back the word; it was like fire on his tongue. He loathed the guardians and everything they stood for. They acted like they were perfect. Well nobody in this world was perfect, they all had their flaws and he was going to find them out so he could take them down one by one, starting with Jack Frost.

A jingle filled the air and the boy turned to see the one who he had summoned. A faint glow surrounded her and her purple eyes seemed to reflect the very essence of life. Dark eyelashes fluttering in front of her big eyes. Her silver hair, long and wispy, believed to be the creation of the moon's own light.

"It took you long enough," He snapped, turning his whole body to face her.

"Long enough, to make you wait, you are impatient," The woman responded, her white dress fluttering as she came to rest next to the boy.

"I don't need any snide remarks, you know the plan?" He asked, his eyebrows arched and a small smirk began to appear on his face.

"I must do, what must be done, this is your wish and I cannot interfere," She refuted. "A week when he leaves and his wish shall be granted,"

"All according to plan, Wish Bringer," The boy laughed, hopping down off the house and into the garden. He looked at the snow with a look of disgust, why did children find this so fun to be in? Winter had been the season that had killed his family; they had been starved slowly to death.

"I fear that your confidence has grown too much, Aven," The Wish Bringer told him looking down at the boy with what seemed like pity.

"Don't you dare call me that!" Aven cried looking at her with a look of fear. "You know, I don't like it when you call me that, you have no right!"

"But I have every right," The Wish Bringer told him before floating off into the air and giving Aven one last sorrowful look.

Aven ignored her and went back to watching the Bennett's, a week. A week, was all that it was going to take.