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Chapter 4

Jamie fell with a loud thud onto the snow and grunted. He hated time travel sometimes, he stretched his limbs and had a good look at his surroundings. Jamie was standing by some trees and there was snow covering the ground. The whole place felt familiar to Jamie and he realized that, it resembled the pond where he had been.

Sure enough, he glanced to his side, to see the frozen lake glimmering in the weak sunlight. With a sigh, Jamie knew that he would have to make his way to the village. He made his way through the thick forest, muttering to himself, a task that he had to do? With only two weeks, to do it in? He was nine years old!

It wasn't long before he could make out, lights flickering through the trees. He stepped forward out of the dim forest and saw the familiar space of houses, it looked like he would have to head to the end of the village. Jamie got odd looks off the villagers, because he was a stranger and was also wearing an odd assortment of clothes.

The familiar house soon came into view and for the first time, Jamie thought about his current predicament, what was he going to do? Could he just knock on the door and say he didn't know where he was? That seemed like the only logical solution so taking a deep breath, Jamie walked over to the house and knocked on the door.

It was a few minutes before the door creaked open, to reveal Jack. Jamie was shocked when he saw the familiar figure of Jack but it wasn't the Jack that he had remembered. Of course Jamie knew Jack, had been once human but it was still a surprise to see him as one. The white hair was now a dark chocolate brown that reminded Jamie of his own hair, but it was a lighter shade. His skin was no longer pale and instead a healthy peach but the thing that surprised Jack the most, was Jack's eyes, instead of the pale blue, they were a startling maple, like the leaves on a autumn day.

"Are you one of Emma's friends?" Jack asked, looking Jamie, clearly not recognizing him.

Jamie shook his head slowly and still in shock, what was he supposed to say?

"Well, then we are you here?" Jack replied, rubbing his head and just staring at the boy in confusion. He looked back at Jamie before asking, "Do I know you?", Jamie shook his head once again but his heart leaped at the sign, at least Jack had, just had some form of recognition, the whole thing wasn't hopeless.

"I'm lost, I was walking through the woods with my parents but I lost them, when they walked ahead! I have no place to stay and this was the first house, so I knocked on the door,"

Jack looked distressed before giving Jamie a smile. "Erm, why don't you come in?"

Jamie walked in and saw that it looked almost the same, there was the wooden couch situated near the fireplace that was roaring. The only thing that felt different was the vibe of the house, all together, it felt lighter and happier.

"Just wait here a minute," Jack told Jamie before disappearing leaving Jamie on his own who decided to sit down on the seat. He heard footsteps come from upstairs and turned to see..Emma who Jamie was surprised to see, she looked a few younger than the last time he had seen her, probably about a year younger than him. She glanced at Jamie and frowned before following after Jack. Jamie wished that Emma had recognized him but time had been thrown all around, so it wasn't like he had travelled to the past to begin with.

Soon footsteps began to sound and Jack lead Mrs Overland to him and the woman gazed at Jamie with a smile. "Jack's told me about your current predicament, You can stay here the snow's cleared or if your parents wonder into town. We can't have you out there, on your own!" She chimed and Jack gave a smile, even though they didn't know who he was, they were still the same people and it made his heart feel warm inside.

"We were just about to have dinner and wondering, if you would like to join us?" Mrs Overland asked and Jamie nodded, he was starving and even if we just going to be some bread and water, he didn't care, anything would do.

After dinner that Jamie was grateful, he was lead up the stairs by Jack, to his bedroom and the boy gestured to the bed so that he could sit down, so Jamie did just that and Jack copied him.

"I know, this is going to sound strange but I swear I've met you before?" Jack inquired, Jamie knew he was asking because he wanted an answer but Jamie didn't want to reveal himself too soon, so shook his head. He would have to stick to the lie.

"I've never seen you before in my life," Jamie lied, while he guessed it could be half-true, he had never seen human Jack in his life, only the guardian version of Jack which ceased to exist at the moment.

"Maybe, it's because you look like me. I'll stop bothering about it now, so what's your name kiddo?" Jack asked with a smile that Jamie had never seen on Jack's face, it was content and almost happy. He had seen him smile but never like that, the guardian Jack's smile was almost bittersweet as if he had lost everything but still had to keep on living.

"Jamie, " Jamie responded, still not too sure what to say to Jack, since he was so different and Jamie was still trying to get over the shock.

"Heh, strange name but can't change what your parents called you, so what brought your folks all the way out here?"

"We were just out trying to hunt some deer and get some food," Jamie gritted his teeth, it was becoming more and more difficult to lie to Jack, he was a big brother figure to him and it made Jamie feel like he was keeping a dirty secret away from Jack.

"You don't want Deer to eat, now Rabbit on the other hand is much better," Jack replied, licking his lips at the thought of rabbit. "But it is hard to catch, so you have to be really quick,"

Jamie could feel a sort of horrified giggle, if only the Easter Bunny knew that Jack liked to eat rabbit! He was sure this would leave to arguments about eating his species! Jamie knew that the two of them were friends but he was pretty sure that Bunny would enjoy not knowing that Jack eat rabbit.

"How do you catch it?"

Jack seemed surprised that Jamie lacked the knowledge to be able to catch a rabbit but didn't say anything, instead ruffling Jamie's hair and smiling.

"I'm surprised you don't know how! I learnt when I was about your age from my dad. Well you have to set all sorts of traps up and use a net. If it wasn't winter, I supposed I could have taught you. My Dad will be back tomorrow, he's go out hunting for Thursday, it's usually the day we have meat, so maybe he'll be able to teach you something,"

Jamie smiled, Jack seemed so energetic and so happy. There was that smile again, Jamie was beginning to think, would he be able to do this task when he knew that Jack was so happy and could he take that all away from him?

"So your sister, what's she like?" Jamie asked, because in truth he had only known Emma for a few short days and that had been when she had become a teenager, finally growing up. Not like the young child she was now.

"She's a bit shy, you'd better not be taking a advancement towards my sister!" Jack laughed and Jamie joined in, not entirely sure whether Jack had been joking or not because there had been the slight tone of menace, in his voice.

"No, I was just wondering because you seem pretty close with him,"


Jack said nothing more but looked out the window to the snow falling. "It's getting late, you can sleep in my bed tonight, I'll sleep by the fire,"

"Are you sure, Jack?"

"Yes, I'm sure Jamie, go on up!"

Jamie went up the stairs taking one last look back at Jack, before retreating to Jack's room. He had been here one day already, just thirteen days left and he still had no idea on what he was going to do.

Jack watched Jamie go up the stairs, there was just something about that boy, that he couldn't put his finger, he was way too familiar and he swore that he had met him once before, once a long time ago.