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Chapter 1 - The Assignment.

I was absolutely, utterly furious.
I'm a bloody immortal! I'm eternal! I'm the Angel of Death, albeit in training! So why the hell must I go to school, much less get these exasperating assignments?!?
The small, leather-bound mission folder was clenched in my right hand, with the name 'Duo Maxwell' perfectly stencilled upon it in neat calligraphy with gold ink. The way that my name was written only served to aggravate me all the more - couldn't anything in this place ever be less than perfect?!
A hand appeared upon my shoulder... I growled and slowly turned around, counting till ten, in a last ditch effort not to blow up at whoever was behind me. I loathed being touched. There were just the two beings allowed to even come close enough to me, and just about everyone around here knew that. I was relieved to discover that the person attached to me was one of the two.
He was a golden blond, with clear aqua-coloured eyes, milky white skin, as well as tiny white, fluffy wings that complemented his bright aura and went magnificently with his Renaissance cherub look. He was Quatre, the Angel of Compassion, like me in training and one of the best friends I had upon this plane.
"Calm down, Duo. Your aura has become all blood reds and dark ominous browns, plain for all to see. Relax. Its just another assignment. Anyway," He held up his own folder, a bit different from mine, to show me, "you'll have me for back-up."
"I'll have to have a body, of all things! And I'm not even allowed to bring my flaming sword, or the scythe..." I trailed off, seeing the horror and humanity of it all. Finally computing the last bit of the information he gave me, I smiled and instantly got my hopes up - "Does that mean that you'll be coming along with me?"
His simple, one syllable answer of "no" dashed the much-improved picture.
Another hand landed on my shoulder. I spun around, and saw the Angel of Justice (in training), my other roommate and friend, the only other one, besides Quatre, who was allowed to lay a finger on me. Wufei looked as detached from it all as usual, as he held up a folder just like Quatre's.
"I am to assist you as well," he said with no emotion whatsoever.
"So neither of you is coming with me..." I couldn't help whining. "How will you be able to assist me?" I was puzzled, baffled and confused - I admit it.
"You're to contact us and use us for guidance and support," they said exactly at the same time and exchanged a look, something passing between them that I couldn't read. Quatre continued, while Wufei kept silent - I guess they had reached some unspoken agreement. "The mission you were given is very tough, usually not given to those in training. It is vital that you succeed, or the balance of good and evil will be shifted. You must stop a war between the Earth and its colonies on the 1st plane."
I shrugged. There wasn't much I could have said.
The sweet blissful sounds of a harp alerted me that I must not dally. With a fierce brotherly hug from Quatre and a casual clap on the back from 'Fei, I rose to go.
"Take care," said Quatre and Wufei echoed him with a "Be careful". And on that note I turned on the charm, grinned and blinked out of existence.

* * * *
* * * *
* * * *
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