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True Confessions of a Coffee Girl


My name is Isabella Swan-Cullen, and I'm a former barista. A barista, you ask? Well, it's is a fancy title for someone who makes coffee for a living. I was, and still am, a coffee connoisseur – even if I don't work in a coffee house any more.

I was the girl who would make you the perfect rich and foamy cappuccino. I was the one who filled up your drip coffee and left just the right amount of room for your cream and sugar; the one who left absolutely no chunks of ice in your perfectly blended coffee beverage.

If you were a regular customer, odds were that I knew your order ninety percent of the time before you walked in and would have it ready before you even made it to the register. I was the woman who stood between you and your addiction. I fed the obsession you had for liquid crack and provided you with scrumptious blueberry muffins. If muffins weren't your thing, I had the most decadent and delicious coffee cake you could get your hands on. I was all smiles at five in the morning when you trickled in for your caffeine fix. I would wish you good day as you left with your order, or good night as you walked out the door if I was on closing duties that day.

I know what you're thinking. Why should you care about my pathetic life as a coffee slinging, blue-collar girl? Well, the truth is, you shouldn't. I spent four years working there to put myself through college. I learned a lot, and I met a lot of Hollywood stars during my time there.

This is the truth about the good and the bad that comes along with working in a coffeehouse. It's also the truth about how I fell in love with one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors and married him.

So that's the intro...do you want more? 'Cause I got more if you do. Leave me a little ditty if you have any questions. I'll give you a bit more background about the story idea when I post the first chapter on Monday.

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