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Title: True Confessions of a Hollywood Heartthrob: A True Confessions of a Coffee Girl Outtake

Summary: All I wanted was a café au lait to get me home after a long day on set, but I hadn't anticipated falling for the coffee girl in the process.

~True Confessions of a Hollywood Heartthrob~

Some people looked at me and thought I had everything I could ever want because I was a movie star. I made millions of dollars on each project I'd worked on, but my life had been missing one thing: love. I never imagined I would find the love of my life while searching for a perfect cup of joe after a long night of filming, but I did. My coffee girl flipped my world upside down with one sip, and I never have been more grateful for having had a late night on set before that moment.

It wasn't easy convincing her I was perfect for her, but every step and struggle was worth it because I got her. She made my life more complicated, but she made it more exciting too. Everything I knew I wanted in life was handed to me along with the café au lait she made me during our first meeting.

Coffee made everything better, and so did the girl who made it for me…Who knew I would find happily ever after in a coffeehouse? I sure didn't, but I was glad I had.


Work had been a bitch that night, but I was thankful I had Rose to keep me company while I dealt with the constant waiting that came along with being an actor in a movie that never shot its scenes in order. It was a strange process that typically left me wondering how it would magically come together, but it always did. Rose was my saving grace because she always had a way about her that kept me laughing and relaxed while we waited between takes.

We had worked together before which is how she met my lug of a brother, Emmett. They'd been an item now for more than four years and I was green with envy. I wanted what they had, but I hadn't been able to find anyone who wasn't trying to use me to further themselves. Tanya had been the last straw before my self-imposed singledom. Enough about my jealousy though.

We'd been on location since two in the afternoon and it was now after five in the morning. As I cruised down Ventura Boulevard on my way home, I'd managed to hit every red light and I was growing frustrated. I should have taken the freeway, but I needed something to get me home first.

I was one of only a few people navigating their way through the dark morning, even the paparazzi had given up and gone home as the late hours continued to grow. The sun was still happily sleeping. Sleeping…that was something I needed to do, but if I was ever going to make it back to my bed, I needed to get a cup of coffee.

Like a beacon of salvation, the sign for a coffeehouse glowed bright and I pulled into their lot and parked. I hoped they were open even though the rest of the city was still sleeping. The lights were on, but I learned long ago that that didn't necessarily mean they were actually open. I watched a man walk out of the shop with a coffee in hand and a few other people walk in before I sent thanks up to the heavens for making my morning better and granting the answer to my prayer.

I needed a café au lait that could get me home safely. I looked down at my clothes and groaned. I looked like a fucking bum; my t-shirt was holey and my jeans looked like they hadn't been washed in weeks, which reminded me I needed to do laundry. Not to mention my hair was greasy from all the product the hair people had rubbed into it. I reached into the back seat and grabbed my baseball cap, sliding it over my dirty hair. With that covered, I scrubbed my face one last time and then climbed out of the Camry I'd been renting, because I found it impossible to keep the paparazzi at bay when I drove the car I actually owned, and headed for the door.

My hands were stuffed into my pockets until I had to pull the door open. The aroma of the roasted beans called to my addiction and I felt my mouth begin to water like Pavlov's dog. I lived for coffee.

A petite girl stood behind the counter and was completely oblivious to my presence. She was singing along with Adele, and while I tried to wait patiently as I took in her incredible voice, I was dying for that black gold I called coffee. I cleared my throat to get her attention, hoping I wouldn't catch her off guard too much because she appeared to be all alone. While I wondered if it was safe for her to be by herself in the shop, I watched as she lost her balance and fell to the ground with a loud yell at my interruption.

Way to fucking go, asshole, I thought to myself.

"Are you okay?" I asked, utterly concerned for her because of my screw up.

"Yeah," she laughed. It was almost as sweet sounding as her singing. "Happens to me all the time. Just another day in the life of a graceless swan."

When she raised her head, I could see the blush blazing brightly on her cheeks, but that wasn't what I noticed the most. No, what sealed my feet in place were the most beautiful deep-set coffee colored eyes I'd ever seen in my life. They were followed quickly by the most kissable looking lips that I imagined tasting better than the café au lait I was going to order.

She was beyond beautiful, and I was hopelessly attracted to her, all of her.

I would have laughed at the way her eyes made their way up and down my body, but I was too busy remembering each and every curve of her taut ass and shapely legs in that flimsy excuse for pants she was wearing. Between her eyes, lips, ass and voice, I was convinced she was a coffee siren sent to flip my world upside down one cup at a time. I hadn't even ordered yet, but something told me I was about to get the best cup of coffee I would ever have. It seemed inevitable…and I was completely okay with it.

I wondered what she was thinking about as she continued to give me the once over, and while I was pretty sure she knew who I was, I just hoped she wasn't one of those girls who would tweet out about having just seen me. Something deep inside me told me she wasn't like that, but the last thing I needed was a pap tailing me home. It would also make this the first and last time I ever came into this coffeehouse.

I couldn't help but smirk when her eyes met mine again. The thought of only being a sex object to her would be disappointing though, so I needed to find out more about her and that voice of hers. After all, her siren status made me believe she was more than anything I could ever hope to find in Hollywood.

"What can I get for you?" Her speaking voice was a bit rougher and grittier than her singing voice and sent a tingle straight down my spine. The little voice in my head whispered that I was fucked. I wasn't sure if I was hoping or wishing that it was true.

"I'll have a large nonfat café au lait," I finally said as I remembered why I was there.

"Sure, no problem. That'll be $2.95."

I handed her the only bill I had in my pocket without glancing at it. I knew it was at least a twenty, but at that moment I couldn't stop staring at her to check. When she handed me my change I dropped it straight into the tip jar. I wasn't going to go broke either way, so if it helped her it was worth it. I was pretty sure she worked harder for the money than I ever did, even if her hours may have been better than my own.

I watched as she flawlessly fluttered behind the counter and made my drink like the java fairy she was. I knew it was a pretty simple one; just coffee and warm milk. Sometimes it would be foamy if they made it right, and she did.

"Careful, it's hot," she replied as she handed over my drink. I couldn't wait; I had to know if I'd been right about her skills.

Yep, I thought. I was fucked. "Damn, that's the best coffee I've ever had."

"Thanks, Edward." Even with the confirmation of her knowing who I was, I wasn't deterred like I normally would have been with other woman who recognized me. No, I was completely and utterly convinced I'd just met my future wife. She didn't even ask for an autograph or to take a picture with me like most of my fans would have. She just said thanks and owned me.

"You're more than welcome, coffee girl." That sounded rude, so I glanced down at her name tag and corrected myself. "I mean, Bella." Besides, I needed to know the name of the woman I was going to marry. If not for myself, then for my mom.

I took another sip, cherishing crisp and rich flavor before I swallowed it down. She had done the one thing my mother said my future wife would have to be able to do: she made me the perfect cup of coffee. I learned to never bet against Mom that morning.

It wasn't very well known, but I was addicted to coffee. I loved the taste and drank way more than any human ever should, but with my career I needed the constant boost that it provided. My café au laits were a must at least three times a day, and I was seriously hoping she'd be okay with making them for me for the rest of my life.

I hadn't been in this particular shop before, but I wasn't ready to leave—not until I got more information. I needed to know more about my coffee girl.

"So, are you new here?" It sounded completely lame, even to myself, but the words were already out there.

Coffee girl shook her head and then spoke. "No, I've been working here for about three years now. My shifts always fluctuate with when I have classes, but I'm definitely not new."

"What are you studying?"

When she froze I knew I was on the verge of crossing the line, so I steeled myself and put on my actor's mask in the hope that she couldn't see through my façade just yet.

When she finally answered, I breathed a sigh of relief. She wasn't shutting me down just yet. "Music. With a minor in business."

"Explains the voice," I said aloud, remembering the way she sounded when I first walked in.

"Excuse me?" she hissed.

Holy crap. What did I say? I wondered. I didn't think I'd said anything inappropriate, but I could feel my ears heat up. "You were singing when I interrupted you. You sounded like an angel."

Or the coffee siren, I thought to myself again. She had definitely captured my attention with her voice in the first place.

Her cheeks bloomed a lovely pink again before she spoke and I was captivated. I was beginning to wonder if she'd put a spell on me. I just didn't think I would care either way.

"I'm no angel, but thanks. I like to write, but I have no desire to get up on stage and sing for a living. It actually freaks me the hell out. The thought of hundreds of thousands of people judging my every sound…" She shivered at whatever she was thinking and I really wanted to ask her about it, but I resisted, thankfully. "But songwriting is my passion."

I knew she would be talented beyond her coffee skills, but seeing her talk with so much passion brought me back to when I first began acting. It was so fresh and exciting. I believed the world was my oyster; too bad the reality of the long hours and loss of personal space came along with the job that I loved.

We were interrupted by the beeping of a timer, so coffee girl quickly turned and almost fell again, but this time I couldn't resist teasing her.

"Careful there, Bella. I've never been good at rescuing damsels in distress before."

"Don't worry," she sassed. "I've always been able to rescue myself." She finished working on her task and then disappeared below the counter.

I was tempted to lean over the counter just so she wasn't out of my sight, but I held back…barely. I watched her carry some jugs around the counter to where I was standing and proceeded to hound her with questions. I figured I could keep going until she kicked me out, or I'd thoroughly embarrassed myself. Whichever came first.

"Do you like working here?"

She nodded but didn't give me anything else to work with. It was getting frustrating. I wanted—no, needed—to know more about the woman I was fated to marry. I wondered why she had to be so difficult. Women usually threw themselves at me, but with her…nothing. It was frustrating.

She continued on doing her job and I stood idly by, drinking down my nectar of the gods. When she turned to me and crossed her arms under her breasts, I couldn't help but stare. She did put them on display after all. I could feel my cock start to harden at the sight of her pushing her tits up.

I was a man, and while I considered myself a respectful one, sex was still on my mind…a lot.

"Eyes up here," she exclaimed before reading me the riot act. "What's with the twenty questions? Do you really care or are you looking for your next girl to bed? 'Cause I have to tell you, I'm not like that."

Whoa. All sexual thoughts left my mind. I couldn't let her think that was all I wanted. I knew exactly who she was to me even if I didn't know her last name.

"I wasn't...I'm not," I stuttered and set my coffee down. I tugged the baseball cap from my head and my fingers automatically pulled at my hair. It was a nervous tick I'd picked up long ago, and though acting classes had mostly cured the habit, when something was important, my fingers always ended up there. I could feel the heat in my cheeks again. She unhinged me and I couldn't find it in me to care.

"Good. I just wanted to make sure. I have morals." It seemed she meant something more by her statement, but I let it slide.

"Morals are good. My mom taught me those too." Oh yes, she was going to have a field day telling me I told you so after this.

"So you're a mama's boy. Do you still live at home too?" She was totally teasing me, and her smile sent my heart into overdrive, but I did confirm that I technically still lived at home. "That's actually kind of sweet. Are you waiting for Mom to approve of the woman you want to marry before you set out on your own?"

"Something like that," I grumbled under my breath. She was just too good at getting the truth from me.

The bell on the door chimed and broke the spell we were under. The woman who walked in obviously worked there, so I realized our time together was coming to a close. I wouldn't risk her job for her.

"Hey, Bella, I'm so sorry about this morning. Jessica is gone. I can't believe she did this again after her third warning," the intruder bitched as she made her way toward the back of the store. She seemed even more scatterbrained than coffee girl had been.

"It's cool," coffee girl explained. "It hasn't been busy yet. Just this dude who can't get enough of my coffee making skills."

I should have been offended, but she was just too cute to mess with.

The other woman looked back and forth between us and I could see the recognition of who I was all over her face. I normally would have found her stuttering annoying, but I could tell by her apologies she actually cared about my coffee girl, so it turned out to be more amusing than anything. "I...ah...um...I just going to go put my stuff away, and...I...ah...I'll come back out and take over so you can take a break."

Bella arched her eyebrow at me and I just shook my head before laying all my cards on the table.

"You know, my mom always said I should find a girl who could make the perfect cup of coffee because then I would always start my day off right and that I should marry her…she was right. And I think I found her." I'd finally rendered her speechless. I almost felt bad…almost. I grabbed my cup again and headed toward the door. The last thing I wanted to do was leave the presence of this perfect woman, but I didn't want to get her in trouble at her job. Besides, I knew without a doubt I would be back. "Until next time, coffee girl."

I climbed back into my rental and just sat there drinking the rest of my coffee. Before I left, I Googled the coffeehouse's information and saved it into my contacts. Then I dialed my mother's cell.

"This better be good, Edward Anthony. You know I need my beauty sleep," she sleepily stated.

I couldn't wipe the smile off my face as I told her about coffee girl. "I think it's as important as it comes, Ma. I just met my future wife, and she's perfect."

I had to pull my phone away from my ear as she screamed with joy, waking my father in the process. I could tell she'd forgotten I was still on the line as she told my father the news.

I knew then that I would never bet against my mother.

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