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Tony took another sip of his coffee and then settled back on the couch. "It's a long story", he began, kind of unsure of how to approach the topic. His relationship had never been easy and sometimes even they didn't fully understand it.

So, how was he gonna tell their story to a person who hadn't even seen them together? "I have time", Isabelle assured him and he smiled. "It all started with 'having phone-sex?'", Tony recalled, chuckling at the memory.

Isabelle looked at him confused and slightly taken aback. "She walked into the room and I didn't notice her at first. I was kind of talking to myself", Tony started to explain. He didn't really want to go into detail about Kate right now, so he left that part out.

"When I noticed her, I pretended to press the end-call-button on the phone so she wouldn't think I was a weirdo talking to himself. I started to make up an excuse but she cut me off with 'having phone-sex?'", he went on.

Isabelle laughed. "Well, that's quite a story to tell", she commented and he nodded. "Yeah, our relationship has always been..special", he agreed, smiling. "So, she was your new co-worker?", Isabelle assumed.

"At first, no. But after about two weeks, yes. It's kind of difficult to explain", Tony replied and Isabelle nodded in understanding. "We went undercover a couple weeks after she joined the team. As husband and wife", Tony said and Isabelle grinned.

"You did?", she questioned, obviously very interested in the story. "Yeah. And we kissed", he recalled. Isabelle's eyes widened. "Seriously? You kissed? All those years ago, and you never got together?", she asked in disbelief.

Tony shrugged. "Not exactly", he admitted. Isabelle raised an eyebrow. She knew there was more to the story and she also knew that it was an important part of their relationship.

Perhaps if he told her, she would be able to understand his feelings for Ziva better. Maybe there was something they had both tried to forget. "What do you mean?", she demanded.

"Well, we did get together", he said sheepishly. The way he said it made Isabelle wonder whether it had been on more than one occasion. Perhaps it had been an on-again-off-again kind of relationship?

She looked at Tony in question, waiting for him to elaborate. "A couple times", he mumbled, confirming her suspicions. "Care to elaborate?", she asked carefully.

He bit his lip, obviously trying to find the right words. She leaned back against the couch, trying to make herself comfortable. She wasn't exactly tired but she wasn't one hundred percent fit either.

She would need to get more coffee soon. But for now, she'd let him talk. It was obviously important. The fact that it had been an on-again-off-again kind of thing definitely explained his heartbreak.

He had expected something more this time around, he'd been ready for a committed and stable relationship. But she had broken his heart by staying behind in Israel. Isabelle understood his behavior a lot better now.

But still, she wanted to hear the whole story. "The first time, we just gave in to the mutual attraction. That was when we were undercover", Tony admitted, pulling Isabelle from her thoughts.

"You were on a mission. Wasn't that, like, dangerous?", Isabelle asked. Tony shrugged: "We didn't exactly think about that." Isabelle smirked and nodded. She was sure as hell not gonna ask any further questions regarding this topic.

"Second time was when our boss was in Mexico for the summer. He quit, but he came back after the summer. Long story. Anyway, so Ziva and I spent the summer together. Not just because of the mutual physical attraction though. It was more. We just never admitted it out loud", Tony went on.

"So, you were dating that summer?", Isabelle asked. "Kind of, yes. We spent almost every night together, went out to dinner. I guess you could call that dating. We just never put a label on it", Tony clarified.

"Why did it end?", Isabelle questioned. "Our boss came back and he has these rules for his team. Number twelve is 'Never date a co-worker'. He takes the rules rather seriously, so we didn't wanna take any chances. We never talked about it, it just kind of ended", Tony explained.

He hated to think about that. Sometimes he wondered what would have happened if Gibbs hadn't come back. Perhaps they'd be married by now. He was sure they'd be dating though.

That summer had been the beginning of something. But they hadn't had the time to make more out of it. "Years later, I killed her boyfriend", Tony whispered, still not comfortable with the subject, even after all these years.

Isabelle gasped. "Why?", she asked, her voice barely above a whisper. "He was playing her, he was dangerous. I went to her apartment to warn her but she wasn't there. Instead he was. He attacked me. I fought back. One thing led to another and suddenly I had shot him", he recalled, images of that fateful night running through his head.

He closed his eyes to regain control over his thoughts and suddenly he felt Isabelle's hand on his knee. "It's not your fault. He attacked you. What were you supposed to do?", she said softly.

However, her words didn't help in the slightest. Of course, she couldn't know. But those were the exact same words Tony had used when Ziva had questioned him about his motives for killing Rivkin.

'He attacked me, what was I supposed to do?', he'd told her. She'd pressed him down to the ground, her gun to his chest. He'd never seen her so furious before. It had been kind of frightening.

And it had been then, that he'd thought he'd never have a chance with her. She hated him in that moment. It was unmistakable. "Tony?", Isabelle asked softly, pulling him from his thoughts.

"Sorry, I just..that wasn't an easy time", Tony mumbled, running a hand over his face and through his hair. "It's okay. You don't have to talk about it", she assured him but he shook his head.

"No, I want to", he said firmly. Isabelle smiled at him and nodded. "She left NCIS and went back to Mossad. She was sent on a mission that summer and eventually our boss told us that the ship she'd been on sunk. There were no survivors", Tony said, his voice breaking.

Tears were now pooling in his eyes but he didn't bother to hide them. What did it matter anyway? It wasn't like Isabelle was gonna judge him. "Oh my God!", Isabelle exclaimed, covering her mouth with her hand.

"My life stopped. I..nothing made sense without her", Tony whispered, his voice laced with tears. "Eventually though we found out that she had been taken by terrorists. I wanted to get revenge for her death and went to Somalia with my co-worker and boss. McGee and I got captured on purpose, while our boss hid outside the camp. We were put in a room and the guy kept questioning us, or rather me. He wanted to know things about NCIS", Tony told her.

Isabelle's eyes were wide. She had obviously not expected something like this. But then again, it was far from normal. "He brought someone in and the person had a bag over their face. Saleem, that's the name of the terrorist, pulled the bag off and there she was. Ziva. Alive. Breathing", Tony said, his voice breaking and tears streaming down his face.

Isabelle reached out and rested her hand on his arm again. They were quiet for a while, his sobs being the only sound in the room. Isabelle's hand on his arm was oddly comforting and her thumb drew small circles.

"You rescued her, didn't you?", Isabelle asked after a while, her voice soft. Tony could only nod. The room was filled with silence again, before Tony spoke up: "She asked me why I had come. I-I told her I-I couldn't live..without her."

Isabelle smiled sadly. She had known that this was the reason he'd gone there. However, she hadn't expected to hear that he'd actually told Ziva about that reason.

"We went to Paris a couple months later. Another assignment", Tony said suddenly, changing the subject. Isabelle was confused for a second but quickly caught up.

He didn't want to talk about Somalia any longer. And she was okay with that. She was pretty sure he'd gotten the most important stuff off his shoulders. And that was what mattered, right?

"The city of love", she commented, smirking. He laughed. "Yeah, well, quite literally", he admitted, his eyes sparkling. "Let me guess, you kissed her?", Isabelle assumed and he nodded.

"Yeah, I kissed her. Nothing happened that night though. We just snuggled in bed, but we were both fully dressed", he told her. Isabelle smiled brightly. God, he genuinely loved Ziva.

"I think that night changed her, and our relationship. We learned to trust each other again", Tony said. "Well then why did you two never get together?", Isabelle questioned and Tony laughed.

"You should be an investigator! You always ask the right questions", he commented and Isabelle chuckled. "Well, who knows? Maybe after I finish college, I'll become a cop or an Agent?!", she joked and winked at him.

"To answer your question, Detective Isabelle, I don't know. I honestly don't know", Tony said, his tone light and joking as well. She grinned. It was good to see him kind of happy again.

"Various reasons. People interfering. Wrong timings. You know, stuff", Tony tried to explain. Isabelle nodded in understanding. Sometimes life just got in the way. Everyone knew that.

"We went to Berlin back in April and we shared quite a moment while slow-dancing", Tony said, a smile on his face. He loved that memory. That dance in Berlin had certainly been special.

"And then Israel", Isabelle assumed. "Yeah. I already told you all about that before I went there", he said and she nodded. "So, what happens now?", Isabelle asked, folding her hands in her lap.

"What do you mean?", he questioned, confused. "Well, what are you gonna do? You can't just let her go", she clarified. "There's nothing much I can do, Isabelle. I already tried", he said sadly, his gaze fixed on his fingers in his lap.

"Listen, I don't know a lot about you. But I know that you need her. So, maybe you should..call her or something", she suggested. Tony's eyes shot up. "You really think I should call her?", he questioned.

She nodded: "Why not? It's not like it'll hurt anyone." "It won't change anything though", he said, sounding defeated. "Okay, A- you don't know that, and B- at least you'll get to talk to her. Keeping in touch can be quite effective if you want her to come home eventually, after she's done with finding herself in Israel", Isabelle stated.

Tony sighed. "Maybe you're right", he admitted. "Maybe? I think I'm very right!", she insisted and he chuckled. "Lawyer would also be a good job for you", he commented and she laughed and punched him in the shoulder playfully.

"I'll make us some more coffee and you give her a call. How does that sound?", she suggested. "Sounds good", he agreed after a moment of consideration. She grinned brightly, then got up and walked over to the kitchen to make more coffee for them.

Tony took out his cell phone and stared at the screen. He took a deep breath, then dialed the very familiar number, praying she'd pick up.

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