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A/N: For X-Dana in the VAMB Anniversary Secret Drabble Exchange. Her first line: Ten years ago, I didn't even know your name. Today...

These three resulted.


Ten years ago I didn't even know your name. Today, I know more than you wanted. My hands stroke every surface, call each nerve ending to vibrate through your warm, white skin.

At first, I held back. I've learned. You may be slight, but you aren't delicate. You're fire, silk over tempered steel. Strong. Demanding everything I have, accepting nothing less. We waited entirely too long for this. Why?

You glance back, sensing distraction, move that way, and I retaliate exactly as you predicted. Xtabay. Temptress. So exquisitely sensitive.

And mine. Tonight, I'm not stopping until you've admitted it.