Okay. First of its kind for me. Here is a parody rap (though I had to classify it as a poem) playing off of the final chapter of Princess Unicorn123's story "Fruits Basket:Truth or Dare." The concept clearly comes from her, with a slight twist. If you enjoyed this AT ALL please review her work. She truly is the mad genius behind this.

Listen up, bitches, the name's Akito,

I'm a real big playa and I'm lookin' fo hoe-ohs.

I'm the boss, yea they all fearin' me,

Cause I'm stratchin' out eyes and spittin' in tea.

The name's Aktio, but you betta call me Sama,

Cause I be stealin' kidz candy and taken bananas.

I scarred Yuki for life, just for laughs,

The Sohmas do what I say or they be facin' my wra-hath.

So get it in yo heads, all you bitches and hoes,

I'm yo doom, and the name's Akito.