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Chapter Forty Eight


We called a conference of all the vampires in Volterra to elect a new ruling council and those who couldn't or weren't willing to attend sent in their votes with proxies. As expected Carlisle, Eleazor, Esme, and Carmen were elected to head the new council with Cassian, Zackery, Duncan, and a few others choosing to stay on and form the new guard, a better guard than before. Jasper and I were asked to take our place on the council too but we wanted only to be left in peace. We did promise to be available if anything serious ever happened, although we weren't expecting any more trouble, we'd had our fill. We left Italy along with the wolves, one injured but the others safe and well, Rose and Emmett, Peter and Garrett, the others choosing to make their own way. As for the humans, their memories were modified by Zackery and another friend of Carlisle's so they no longer remembered what they had really seen, only that they had been ill but were now cured and the town cleansed of the disease that had quarantined it.

Back in Forks we accompanied the wolves back to the Reservation where Charlie and Renee had been sheltered in safety until the outcome of the battle was known. Old Quil and the other Elders met us and held out the hand of friendship. We had done as we promised and brought the pack home safely, even Embry who had been injured was recovering and that mattered greatly to these men of honour. While Jasper and Peter stayed on to speak longer with Harry and Billy I went across to the cabin that had been made available to Charlie and Renee. I knocked and went in, not sure what I would find. Charlie sat on the couch watching TV while Renee stood behind him, a hand on his shoulder. Seeing me they both came over and we all hugged, they in relief at seeing me unharmed, me in happiness at seeing them both healthy. We sat and talked for a while about what had happened. Between them, Charlie and the Quileutes had explained to Renee everything that had happened. She seemed to have accepted it all fairly well although she looked rather nervous and never moved more than a few paces from Charlie's side.

"Bella I think you should know that I'm not going back to Jacksonville"

"Oh, what about Phil?"

"I told him I had a change of heart, that I was going back to Forks. That he and I just didn't work. I didn't see it for a long while but it was the truth."

"You're coming back to live in Forks? Where? On the Res?"

"Well there's a job for me at the reservation school but I'll be living in town."

"I'm surprised but pleased I guess. What will you do? Rent somewhere?"

She took Charlie's hand and I suddenly understood, after all this time and everything that had happened my parents were getting back together!

Charlie and Renee elected to stay on at the Res a while longer so Jasper and I along with Peter and Char, who both looked relieved to be back together, went to Dads house in Forks. It seemed strange to be back in the house again knowing my parents would be living here together again. There was a pile of mail on the mat and I gathered it up into a stack looking through it absently when I noticed a brown envelope addressed to me. I ripped it open and read the formal letter that had been inside then laughed out loud. Jasper came to read it over my shoulder and smiled,

"So the Roberts haven't quite finished with you yet!"

The letter read,

Dear Miss Swan,

After careful consideration Jude Roberts had asked me to write to you to explain that although he still has strong feelings for you he had decided that it would not be in his best interests to remain engaged and is offering you a monetary settlement. If you would be kind enough to ring my office when you receive this letter to arrange the details.

Yours Mr J Scott.

Attorney at law.

Peter had also come over curious and nodded,

"Give him a date Bella and we'll all turn up. That should make for a lively party."

I shook my head,

"The family are idiots but I wouldn't upset Jude any more than I have already, he was good to me. I'll ring and tell Mr Scott I'm not interested."

"Well, you should think about taking the money Bella. He'll be most insulted if you don't."

"Let him, we were never engaged officially in any case and I have all I want right here"

I pulled Jasper close and kissed him hungrily.

The next morning we prepared to leave for home along with Peter and Charlotte. We were driving, making it a leisurely trip after all the excitement of the last few weeks. Charlotte called up,

"Bella, someone for you"

I looked at Jasper who shrugged and went downstairs to see a delivery guy on the doorstep with a box in his hand,

"Miss Swan?"

I nodded and he gave me the box in exchange for a signature which I took in the kitchen and opened warily. Inside was a note attached to a single rose still to open properly. I read the note with tears of venom pooling in my eyes,

The red rose whispers of passion,
And the white rose breathes of love;
O, the red rose is a falcon,
And the white rose is a dove.

But I send you a cream-white rosebud
With a flush on its petal tips;
For the love that is purest and sweetest
Has a kiss of desire on the lips

Will you make me the happiest man on the planet by agreeing to marry me?

Yours for eternity Jasper xxxx

As he came slowly down the stairs I nodded and ran into his arms. As they closed around me I whispered


The End.

The poem is by John Boyle O'Reilly.

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