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Warning: bad writing ahead~~
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The young man looked up to the blue sky, his eyes scanning the cloudless distance, and his warm eyes slowly shutting. As his eyes went smaller by the second, the light in them began to vanish. Yawning, he scratched the back of his head, only to mess up that orange colored hair of his. He gave a resigned sigh, just before losing his consciousness. The last thing he realized was the presence of another person. Being too tired to actually open his eyes again and check, he missed out on seeing the slim figure that was standing there in midair, watching him, as he fell asleep.

"Ichigo," a voice ripped the boy out of his sleep "where are you?!"
Rubbing the sleepiness out of his eyes, he sat up. "H-huh? What the–"
"Ichigoooooooo!" Another voice sounded up to him.
The boy yawned for one last time and looked around him. He must've fallen asleep. Finally recognizing both his surroundings and the voices he had been hearing, a small smile rests on his face.
"I'm on my way," he shouted down the hill near his hometown. He liked this place, it was near some woods but it was always quiet except the muffled noise of the city, and the sounds of nature. Here, it almost felt like everything was okay, and nothing was missing. As he made his way over the grass, towards his two sisters, he couldn't help but sigh.

Even though he would never actually admit it, and every time his friends asked, he'd say it was nothing, he missed her. He missed her annoying voice coming from inside his closet, complaining about things. He missed her stupid questions about the world of the living, about things that were so obvious to him and still like a mystery to her. And, as surprising as it might seem, he also missed her crappy drawings that she used to make for the cause of explanation.

"There you are," Yuzu's relieved voice greeted him, and Ichigo forced a smile on his own face. He couldn't show his sisters the actual pain he was currently in. It would be too troublesome.

After being dragged home by the two younger ones and having dinner with them, he quietly made his way to his room. The second he entered through the door, his happy expression dropped. A deep sigh escaped his mouth and he let himself sink into the soft cushions of his bed. He covered his face with both of his hands, and peeked through the fingers after a short while which had felt like an eternity. Ever since she left, he hadn't cried even once. He dropped his hands onto the covers beside him and stared out the window into the sky. The light blue color from earlier had faded away to make place for a darker tone, which seemed to get dimmer by the minute. Soon enough, there would be nothing else to see than the wide blackness covering the roofs of the neighboring houses. As Ichigo finally tore his gaze away from the outside, and fixed his eyes on the wall, something rushed by his window. As if controlled by an invisible force, the young man's head turned into the shadow's direction.
"Huh...R-Ru –"Headshaking, he rubbed his eyes in confusion, and silently blamed his sisters for waking him up earlier. He was way too tired today. And with one last sigh, he scratched his head and then turned off the lights in his room, letting his thoughts run over his mind, and falling deep into unconsciousness.