Lost Child
~Nobel Boundaries~

A female sat up on the roof of the Shiba clan estate feeling the wind as it blew past her face. The sound of movement from down below caused her too look down and a smile spread across her face. Jumping down she found herself hurrying over to the three males who approached the place. She flung herself at the eldest. "Uncle Sui!"

"Ahh, my darling Ku-chan!" The man staggered back as the female came into his arms, a smile on his face as he wrapped said arms around the young woman. He then set her down and rubbed a hand through her hair. "Perhaps though I shouldn't call you Ku-chan anymore as you have grown so much since I last saw you!'

"You got that right!"

Isshin's face twisted up into a pout. "But Ku-chan! What about me your eldest brother! Why don't you great me?"

The female let out a deep breath before going to hug the taicho of the tenth, her arms wrapping around his neck. "It's nice to see you o-nii-sama and nii-sama."

Kaien turned his head to look at the two and watched as his twin brother suddenly froze, his mouth twitching. "What ever is the matter?"

The eldest of the Shiba sibling's eyes began to water. "I can't take baths with Ku-chan anymore! She grew boobies!"

Isshin suddenly found a knee in his stomach as well as the side of a palm on the top of his head, each done by a different sibling. Kukaku frowned at her brother. "What is this about me still taking baths with you? Do you even know how old I am nii-sama? I'm Ran-chan and Gin-kun's age. Where are they. Usually you bring them to visit as well. And where is Miyako nee-san?"

Kyoraku frowned. "You two didn't tell her about Ran-chan? I thought you would have. Sometimes despite being geniuses you two can be complete morons."

Kukaku folded her arms. "What is going on?"

"Ran died." Isshin pouted at his sister.

"You guys are morons for not telling us. What else aren't you telling us." The female of the Shiba clan began to walk back to their home. "No... seriously... are you going to tell me that Miyako nee-san is dead too?"

"Ukitake is sending a message for her to join us. This was kind of unplanned." Kaien frowned. "You seem to be taking this a bit to well. I mean... the news of Ran's death."

His sister turned towards him, a frown on her face. "I refuse to cry in front of people. You of all people should know that. I'll cry in my room later. I'll tell Koganehiko and Shiroganehiko that we need food prepared and they'll tell the servants. She continued to walk away from them, her mouth pushed together.

The sound of someones feet came pounding across the wooden floor. "Nii-sama!" A boy stopped short as he looked at the two Shinigami in front of him. "Um... which one of you is Shi-nii and which one of you is Kai-nii?"

The two younger male stopped short as the stared at the boy. Kyoraku chuckled. "You can't tell? I mean, their should be an obvious difference between the two."

"What, I can't tell."

The two twins followed behind Kyoraku. Isshin turned his head and looked at Ganju while he pointed at his haori and Kaien pointed to his fukutaicho badge. "It's the hair."

"Oh... I see! Shi-nii's is all nice and straight while Kai-nii's is spiked."

Kaien's hand came down on the boy's head. "Try again!"

"Ow! That hurt!"

They then headed into the room for eating and sat down on the pillows, both relaxing and leaning back on their arms in a similar manner. Kyoraku of course lay on the floor, his hat tipping over his eyes. Eventually Miyako came into the room and sat down, leaning on her husband as she did so. The two whispered a few things to each other before becoming quite.

Kukaku came into the room. "We bring you the food!"

Ganju came hurtling into the room. "Good! I'm getting hungry!"

Kukaku tripped the boy, causing him to fall onto the floor. "Mind your manners!"

"Come sit. There is something Kaien and I have to tell you two."

The two younger siblings sat on the pillows, Kukaku in a relaxed sitting manner while Ganju flopped onto his back. The boy spoke up. "Yeah... what do you have to tell us."

"Kukaku's going to be an aunt and Ganju is going to be an uncle." Miyako smiled at the youngest two.

Kukaku's eyebrows rose up, while the youngest rolled over onto his stomach. "Wait..."

The youngest Shiba female let out a sigh. "Boy or girl."



"Wait..." Isshin blinked a couple of times. "Ganju... I think you have a misunderstanding..."

The boy turned to the wall and began to mutter to himself. Kukaku shook her head. "You two are adopting, aren't you."

"Yes..." Miyako placed her hands on her lap. "It will be awhile until the adoption goes through, but there will be two children added to the family."

"Could you bother not trying to explain this one to Ganju?" Kukaku pointed a finger at her chest. "I'll explain it to him. I mean, by the time we see you again we'll be meeting them and we'll also find ourselves seeing the two of you more often if not all three of you." The girl smiled. "But most of all congratulations are in order. Does this mean we can bring out the sake?"

Isshin pointed his finger at Kukaku. "You're not old enough to drink in non celebratory manor!"

The girl looked at the tenth division taicho, frowning as she did. "He doesn't get it, does he?"

"He hasn't exactly been here to watch you grow up and sense of time has not been nii-sama's strong suit." Kaien shook his head at the girl. "Also... I don't think he wants to admit that you're growing up. You were the first baby born after us so he got you as his." The fukutaicho of the thirteenth took his thumb and pointed it at Ganju. "I got stuck with that thing as my baby sibling."

Author's note ~ When I started planning out Lost Child two years ago it was nothing like the plot I choose to use for NaNoWriMo this year. As I began to write Lost Child it began to evolve on its own and I realized that I would have to break it up into parts. I am choosing here to end the first part and start in on the second. I've also made my fifty-thousand word count and I have three-thousand in addition to that for an AU one-shot for Lost Child. More is to come. That also said I don't think anymore that the characters I selected are the best so I may end up changing them.