Hi Guys, first attempt at HP fics and frankly, I am scared, it is so popular and I don't want to muck it up because loads of people read HP. Anyway please read, no flames. Do not own Harry Potter or the song Never grow up. All rights go to J.K. Rowling and Taylor Swift respectively.

~Bye, Rosie

Ron Weasley tucked in his little girl Rose for the first time. He had always imagined this moment with Hermione. But life never goes according to plan. He only remembered glimpses of that moment. The nurse bringing out Rose, The doctor telling him that Hermione had lost to much blood and they couldn't save her, Harry consoling Ginny over losing her sister-in-law, the entire Weasley family trying to comfort him, taking Rose home and worst, calling the Grangers to tell them they had lost a child. He was brought back to reality by the soft cry of Rose. So he tucked her in and turned the night-light next to her bed on.

Never grow up.

Rose Weasley was now fourteen and dancing around her room in her pajamas getting ready to go out. She didn't realize her father was currently watching her and had taken a moving picture. Later she was mortified at the thought of her father dropping her off at a quidditch match she was going to with her friends. She tried to get him to drop her off around the corner but he threatened to send the picture to her Uncle George, her favourite uncle.

Never grow up.

Hermione Weasley watched all of this from the clouds, from the first tuck-in to when her daughter moved into her new apartment and tucked herself in, she had even taken that little night-light from her childhood Hermione smiled and knew her daughter was growing up, no matter how much she told her not to.

You finally grew up.