Hey! This is just a short story I wrote. I officially ship Cedar and Hopper so I decided to write this fic here.

Cedar was walking the bustling halls of Ever After High. Sights and sounds coming from every corner. This is what it was like about every day at the school. Beatrice's Bo Peep's sheep were running from here to there,Daring was distracting another group of girls and all the usual crazy things. Cedar some way enjoyed it though. She thought the school felt so alive. After walking for awhile she reached a large white staircase. She did not have to walk up many stairs to get to her room on the third level. She walked into the hallway of her dorm which had a blue carpet and yellow walls with a few golden chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. She passed many dorms with White doors until she got to room 106 which was the dorm she shared with Madeline Hatter. She opened the door and entered. The room was quiet and dark like a place in a horror movie. She then turned the lights on and it quickly became her homey dorm that she enjoyed. It was a colorful and happy dorm filled with wonder and madness. Maddie decorated it that way and both the girls liked it. As soon as she turned the lights on her eyes gazed at her bright Orange bed. She quickly ran and jumped onto it. She quickly forgot how much homework she had as soon as she had lied down. After a few minutes she had fallen asleep. She did not sleep that long for she heard a noise. Some sort of tapping on the floor.

"Maddie" She yelled yet no one answered.

She looked all around the room until she saw a tiny frog right next to her bed. Cedar reconised him as Hopper the son of the Frog Prince. She had never talked to him before but she surely had seen him before.

"Your Hopper right?" Cedar asked

Hopper had no time to answer for Cedar had kissed him already.

Hopper then transformed into a human. An awkward boy with pale skin and black hair.

"Ummm...Hi, I got here because I was umm uh" Hopper said this before then turning back into a frog.

Cedar then became confused.

"What happened?" She asked

"When I get nervous I turn back into a frog again." Hopper said in a deep British voice

"Well I'm not the best speaker either" Cedar said

Little did these Two know that this conversation would last for quite a while.