Hey Everyone! Wow! 3 Reviews in One day, That's a world record! Wait no it's not? But still I love this ship and I thank you for your awesome support. At one point I accidentally made the weirdest typo. I put no one wants to talk to a Cebu when I meant frog. I fixed it luckily but I just wanted to share.

"Well ,I get nervous easily and whenever I have to talk in front of like a Billion people or something I get super nervous. First splinters start to run up and down my arms then I get super tongue-tied and have no idea what to say." Cedar said

"It is like that for me too. No one wants to talk to a frog besides a maiden looking for a prince. That's why almost no one knows me. But when i'm in human form i'm somehow different. When i'm in frog form I can show the world the most beautiful thoughts but then in human form it just seems like I can't anymore somehow for some reason." The frog said dramatically

"So your a poet?" Asked Cedar

"Yes, I write all day and night. Everything from stories to sonnets. About flowers or even nice purple bonnets." He said very poetically

Cedar giggled happily

"I kind of like to write too" Cedar said

"I have an entire book of poems and stories that I write."

"Who would have known that a girl made of pine would have so much in common with a frog of the color of dark lime." Hopper recited

"It's very true" Cedar said

Cedar kissed him on the cheek completely forgetting he would take human form. Cedar then wanted to say something but then she finally remembered she had class.

"I almost forgot" Cedar shouted

She put hopper into her dress pocket and headed out of her dorm.