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Chapter 1

"Serenity you knew he was allergic to nuts. We all did. He said so himself at the dinner table. Why on Lunar did you give him that cake when you knew it would make him sick?" The silver haired queen asked the young princess who was slouching in a chair opposite her mother, struggling to keep a straight face. "I mean, did you honestly think you would get away with it?" Queen Selene planted her hands on her hips and glared at her daughter.

"Well it would be stupid to say 'yes' now." The princess muttered, staring at the white lace embroidered at the bottom of her mother's dress.

"Pardon me?"

"Nothing. Look, how was I supposed to know the cake had nuts in it?"

"Serenity YOU made it!" The princess took on a thoughtful expression.

"Oh right." A small smile played across the youth's lips. "Well then, it was just a simple mistake. Really. It was." She stated, eyes wide with innocence.

The queen let out an exasperated sigh. "Look Serenity I know you do not wish to be married yet, but I am afraid that is the way it is to be."

"Why is it?"

"Serenity you know why. It has been this way for centuries. It is law. I had to abide by it, as did your grandmother and your great grandmother. It is tradition."

"But mother we are the law. Why can we not change it?"

"No, Serenity. We have been over this a million times before. You require an heir, therefore, you need a husband. You are the princess of the moon. You are bound by obligation for the people of this planet. It is your duty."

"But mother - "

"No Serenity, that is final." The queen stated with a stony resolve that soon melted at the look of sadness etched across the young princess' beautiful features. "Look sweetheart, are you not tired of these games? We all know you scare these princes away, no matter how much you deny it. From Prince Thaddeus with the Glue-Shampoo Bottle incident, right up to Prince Morgead and this allergy situation we have found ourselves in today. Are you not tired of scaring these young suitors away? They mean you no harm, dear. They are just following tradition, as we must. Very soon, your sixteenth birthday will arrive, and I shall be forced to choose your husband for you. It is better you take this chance now while you have it, rather than me having to choose for you don't you think?"

The young princess stared at her mother as if she were a stranger. Did she not know how scared she was? Could she not see it? Could she not see how her heart prayed for happiness, love, yet she was born to fulfill an obligation in order to please other people? Does that make me selfish? Serenity thought to herself. Does wanting love and happiness make me selfish? The young girl's face hardened and her bright blue eyes met those of the queen's.

"Mother, I do not play games. In fact, I have no idea what these tricks are that you talk of. What I do see are poncy little princes' who believe they are prepared for marriage, yet run at the smallest hint of trouble. What is there that I can do for them when only the tiniest things will make them scamper off like a dog with its tail tucked between its legs? It is hardly my fault, mother, when these sad excuses for a prince decide they can not handle one innocent fifteen year old girl, don't you think?" Princess Serenity finished, composing herself into a picture of innocence.

"Daughter, I hardly call kicking Prince Nathaniel in the groin a small hint of trouble as you so delicately put it."

"I still maintain that he ran into my leg. It was his own stupid fault. Besides, I hear that his voice being an octave higher sounds much nicer than it did before."

"Serenity you can not keep doing this. I forbid it. You are nearly sixteen years old. On your birthday I shall announce your soon to be husband and the following week, you shall be married."

"Happy Birthday to me." The princess muttered. The queen, having heard the comment ignored her and went on regardless.

"You have six weeks to choose who you want to marry, if you have not, then I shall choose for you. Are we clear?"


"Good. You may now leave."

"Please Endymion. Don't leave." The brunette female purred seductively, letting the silk sheets fall to the bed with unabashed brazenness.

"Are you not tired yet?" The young prince asked, readjusting his royal attire in the appropriate manner, not giving a glance to the young woman in all her naked glory.

"I'll never tire of you, my love." She replied, crawling to the edge of the mattress, placing her hands on his broad shoulders.

"Too bad. It was fun." Endymion said coldly, pushing her back onto the bed and retrieving his sword off a chair nearby, attaching it to the thick belt around his narrow waist. With that, he strode to the door, pushed it open and walked out.

"Endymion!" Erupted a deep voice from within the shadows. Oh great! Thought the dark haired youth. Within the dark corridor, he stopped

"Yes Father?" He replied, turning around to face the King of Earth.

"What were you doing in Princess Citrine's room?"

"Oh, rearranging the furniture and flipping the mattress." He answered smirking. "As you do."

"Her father is a good friend of mine, not to mention the fact that she is under our supervision until her kingdom is prepared for her upcoming marriage. She is to be married Endymion!"

"Yes I realize that father and we were both celebrating that impending union last night."

"You test my patience, boy!"

"Again? Come on Father, I thought I had done that last week. These arguments are getting rather repetitive, don't you think?" He said with a bored sigh.

"Then how about this for a dose of originality. For some time now, the Moon Kingdom has been seeking a suitor for the Moon Princess. However, none have met up to their standards."

"And?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

"And since you are twenty years old now, it is due time for you to get married and produce an heir. The Princess of the Moon is looking for a husband. That will be you!" His father finished, crossing his arms over his chest, awaiting a reply.

It took a while for this to register in Endymion's head. Is this my father really forcing me to marry? He asked himself. Is he actually commanding me to seek out some girl I have not even met, have not even seen, nor heard of and marry her?

"And what does Vienna have to say about all this?" He asked, thinking of the cursed woman who stepped in after his mother died. The cursed woman who changed his father with a single bat of the eyelids and who influenced his every decision with, well, 'a flick of the wrist'. The cursed woman only a few years older than himself. The cursed woman who tries tactlessly to get him into bed at every available opportunity.

"Your step-mother has not heard of these plans as of yet. But she will, and she shall agree." Of course.

"Do I even get a choice in the matter?" Endymion asked coldly.

"What choice is there to make? You knew you would have to marry eventually, boy, as according to law. Can you honestly tell me you have been looking for love all these years?"

"I look for and find love every night father. Who says that love should be held for one woman, when there is plenty to go around?" Endymion asked smirking. The king glared at his arrogant young heir. This boy who had once been so happy and carefree turned cold and ruthless after the death of his mother. This boy whose handsome, young character would willingly seduce innocent girls that presented themselves a challenge and played with their hearts. This boy whose heart died right along with his mother. His father shook his head in despair.

"You do not know love son. Believe me, when you find it, it is something you shall never overcome. It can build you and it can break you. It is the most overwhelming sensation that can so very easily tear you to pieces. In love, you walk a thin line between pain and pleasure. You have not found love." His father stated, bitterness written in his eyes.

"And you are saying that in this marriage I shall find this love you talk of? Go and have another drink father." Endymion said turning away. His father strode forward and prevented the prince from walking any further.

"Of course I am not saying that you ignorant fool. But I do not see you bringing any woman home, intending a relationship."

"I have a relationship with many woman, Father, as you said so yourself." Endymion stated, raising an eyebrow.

"A relationship leading to marriage."

"A marriage? No. A harem? Yes, that would do nicely."

"Since you are obviously unqualified to choose a willing participant, I shall be forced to choose one for you."

"Forced father?" Endymion made a big show of looking over the King's shoulder,

"Really? Because, I am not seeing a sword held to your head."

His father ignored this comment and continued, "And I choose the Princess of the Moon. You will marry her Endymion. As King of Earth, I command it!" And with that said, he turned and left an enraged prince standing in the hallway.

"The same lecture?" Mina asked Serenity as she stormed through the doors of the throne room and out into the gardens, heading to the one spot in the entire kingdom where she felt carefree and peaceful. Also, the spot where she could vent out all her frustrations in a way that would most probably get her in trouble. That spot being a small clearing within the royal gardens, hidden amongst a plethora of coloured flowers and tall unkempt shrubs. Looking from the tallest tower down upon the gardens, it could only just be seen. With a small pond overtaking one half and a blossoming tree with a swing dangling from its strong branch, it appeared to be breath taking in its beauty. Only few knew of its location, those few being the people Serenity trusted most.

When reaching it, Serenity stomped to the nearest object and kicked it over; a bare and very frail table which broke upon impact.

"ARRGH!" Serenity growled angrily. "She makes me so bloody mad!"

Mina looked down at the ruined table. "Well Serenity, at least the innocent bystander this time was not human."

"Oh good God!" she yelled, "He ran into my leg!! It was not my bloody fault. How many more times do I have to say it? Yeesh!" She finished, kicking her shoes off and flopping back into a nearby chair.

Mina stared at the princess in utter amusement then said, "So I take it, it was the same old lecture. You two were in there longer then your usual ten minutes, what was said differently?" Mina asked, sitting herself down in front of Serenity.

"I talked." She replied on a sigh. "You would think after all these times I would have learned to keep my damn mouth shut, but no, I decided to open up my bloody trap and prolong the sentence." A short silence followed where Mina bit her lip to suppress her grin, until Serenity finished with, "Also, she knows I made the cake."

With that, Mina threw herself back against the chair and burst into laughter. The young princess narrowed her eyes at the blonde senshi and asked crossly, "What?"

It took a while for Mina to answer when finally, with a couple of giggles she replied, "I am sorry Serenity, but these situations are always so funny. I mean.. come on, you know what I mean."

"Of course I know what you bloody well mean. They are supposed to be funny. That is the whole idea - to humiliate them and send them running."

"Well, yes I know that. But this one was especially funny. Did you see how he looked?" She puffed out her cheeks and widened her eyes trying to imitate the prince and his face after the dreaded cake eating.

"He did kind of look like an over-sized tomato didn't he?" Serenity said with a smirk, only to send Mina into peals of laughter once more. When she finally quieted down she looked at the princess and sighed.

When Mina was ten, she was sent to the moon to begin training as a senshi for the future queen who was two years younger. One year later, they shortly created a close, sisterly bond that never ended. Three years after, the King of the Moon was killed in battle. The whole kingdom was shocked into a year long depression. The people of the moon mourned their good king and the heart of the Queen shattered right along with his death.

Nothing was ever really the same after that.

When the queen finally did come out of her heart broken stupor, she announced that it was time for the princess to choose a husband, in which she immediately started beseeching suitors.

Serenity was shocked to say the least and when the first prince arrived, she struggled to make herself as unappealing as possible. She would stutter her replies when spoken to and tactfully stumble whenever the young suitor was nearby. She even wore her most unattractive gowns to scare away the prince, yet all a wasted ploy. No matter what she did, her unparalleled beauty and unconscious grace kept the prince firmly rooted. He would stare entranced at the young girl blossoming on the peak of womanhood, and refused to leave, believing that these difficulties would pass in time.

So the princess resorted to drastic measures and told her mother that he touched her inappropriately, in which he was soon escorted from the planet and not ever welcomed back again.

He was to be the first of many whom would never marry the princess.

At 15, the princess's radiance was beyond compare. Her smile could make young men stutter idiotically. She was one feminine curve after another, with a full bosom and roundly hips upon long shapely legs, even at such a young age. Yet throughout all admirations for her beauty, she was oblivious to the conditions the male population would suffer. As beautiful as Mina was, no woman could surpass Serenity in looks. Not even her mother.

"You will marry, Serenity." The young senshi stated quietly.

Serenity let out an exhausted sigh, as if she had been through many wars. "I wish Papa was here." She said softly.

Mina glanced sadly at her friend, "I know Senni," she replied, using her childhood name for the silver haired teen, "but even then you would have had to marry."

"I know, but at least it would be for love." Serenity said desperately. "Least I would not have to live a in a loveless marriage faking everything and where our children would grow up in an unhappy environment in which they will probably have to continue the cycle." She finished.

"But maybe it does not have to be like that. You could learn to love each other. Really, you could!" Mina said weakly.

"Mina." Serenity let out her breath and fell back against her chair, while staring up at the sky before continuing, "I want to fall in love. I do not want it to be forced. I want to.I want to marry my.. Mina if you laugh at me I shall feel obligated to twist your limbs off." She watched as the blond girl exaggerated the motions of slapping her hands over her mouth for silence. Serenity sighed and continued, "Well, I just wish I could marry my.my soul mate." She broke off and narrowed her eyes at Mina who did not so much as blink.

"Senni, every girl wants that. I want it. All the other senshi want it. It is the dream for every wishful female."

"I know, I know, but I want.I want.oh, I do not know." She finished lamely.

"Well Senni, you will never know if you do not give these suitors a chance. I mean," she said quickly as she saw the princess about to protest, "a proper chance. Not just look at him, see something you do not like and immediately decide to get rid of him. It takes more than that." Serenity leaned back heavily and folded her arms across her chest.

"And what makes you such an expert, huh? I do not see you prancing around with the right guy. Are you afraid to take a chance? A proper chance??" Serenity mimicked sarcastically.

She did not notice the sharp wince of pain that flashed across her blond- headed friend's face, before she regained her composure and replied with a weak, "No, I guess not."

"No. Exactly. Nor is your mother forcing you into some loveless marriage. So until that situation arrives, we shall play things my way, ok?" Her elegant eyebrows arched in a questioning expression.

"You are the princess." Mina answered with a smirk.

"Good. Now, I have very special plans for the next prince."

"Senni, why don't you give this one a chance?"

Serenity waved her hand dismissively while replying, "Yes, yes. But, we will make a plan, just in case he turns out to be like all the other ones. Really." Serenity replied unconvincingly.

"No, Serenity." Mina said firmly, raising the eyebrows of the princess, "I want you to promise me something."

"Excuse me?" Serenity answered, taken aback.

"I need you to promise me something."


"I want you to promise that, no matter what, you will give the prince at least two weeks." She ordered with a stony resolve.

"What?" Serenity screamed outraged. "Are you crazy? Two weeks? Two weeks with doing absolutely nothing? That is a bloody lifetime compared to the other fools. I cannot promise you that. I am sorry. No can do." She said shaking her head.

"Please, Senni. I just want you to try is all. Give it the first two weeks and then after that, you can do whatever you want."

"Mina -"

"Senni. For me?" She looked up at the fuming princess with huge pleading eyes and pouting lips.

Serenity exhaled loudly in exasperation. "Fine."

"You promise?" Mina asked with a doubtful expression.

Serenity hesitated a moment, put her hand behind her back and promptly crossed her index and middle fingers while saying, "Promise."

"So Endymion." Said the young white-haired general over the clash of the artificial swords.

"So Kunzite." The prince replied, blocking a jab from his opponent.

Kunzite was one of Endymion's closest friends and the leader to one of his greatest armies. Since childhood they had grown together and were as brothers, so he had been with Endymion through the happy times before his mother died, and then the times after.

Alike in character, yet extraordinarily different in looks. While Kunzite was very handsome with his long white hair and tall frame, Endymion was stunning in comparison.

With his striking good looks and ruthless arrogance, he was deadly with the female population. His face was rugged and square and deeply tanned, his shoulders broad and muscular, his legs powerful. He was blessed with a seducer's smile and could compete with Adonis himself. He was much too beautiful to be called merely handsome. And he knew it.

"I hear that you are to marry." Kunzite said, striking the prince's open side.

"Then it seems your hearing has improved marvelously. Well done." He stated before blocking and then thrusting his fencing stick into Kunzite's well- armoured chest.

"Shit." Yelled a frustrated Kunzite, "Best out of three?" He asked to the back of his prince.

"Are you that glutton for punishment, friend?" Endymion asked, taking off his helmet, and raking a hand through his disheveled black locks.

"It appears I have taught you too well. You have become better than myself."

"Practice makes perfect."

"So it seems." Kunzite followed Endymion's lead and also started removing his fencing armour. Kunzite's long hair was matted along his forehead by his sweat and he swept it gracefully off his shoulders and tucked his fencing stick beneath his arm.

"You do know who it is you are marrying, right?" Kunzite asked, leaning against the wall.

"I was hoping your average female, but with my father and his preferences in a wife, it would seem some incarnate of the devil itself." He said, heading towards the castle's dining room.

"Well actually you are not too far off. What exactly do you know about the Princess of the Moon?"

"That she is female, that she is the daughter of the King and Queen of the Moon.." Endymion took a deep breath and exhaled on the words, "Yep, I'm out."

"Well then, perhaps it should be my duty to inform you that you are not the first prince to try for her attentions. In fact, I would say that you are perhaps the fifth, maybe sixth, at attempting a proposal."

"Why? How hideous is she?" He asked, winking at a pretty young servant as they passed, causing the girl to giggle and blush.

"Quite on the contrary, my prince. Apparently her beauty is beyond compare. It is just, all those young suitors-to-be were all very eager for her affections at the beginning, and then." Kunzite paused for dramatic effect, anticipating a reaction from his black-haired friend.

"Oh please Kunzite, the suspense is killing me." Endymion said flatly.

"Well prince, your guess would be as good as mine. They arrive all prepared to marry the princess and then a few days later, they disappear firmly gripping their manhood."

"When you say disappear. - "

"I mean gone before you can say, 'premature ejaculation.'"

"Charming use of metaphor, Kunzite." Endymion replied sarcastically.

"Hey, I am just trying to get the point across."

"Well then, point well and truly taken. So what you are saying is, nobody will marry the princess?"

"Nobody can marry the princess. She is apparently impossible. Or was impossible at least. It seems that in nine weeks time, her mother will be choosing for her. And whoever she chooses, will not only be the King to his own planet, but also one of the most powerful planets in the galaxy." This statement intrigued Endymion somewhat.

"If my father has anything to do with it, it is a done deal."

"So you are saying that the only way to marry the Moon, shall we say, is because of your father?"

"Well, why else? I certainly do not wish to be married. Especially to, by the sounds of things, a spoilt little brat who can not keep a man."

"Oh she can keep a man alright. It is just that, evidently, she does not wish to keep a man."

"So why do you not marry her yourself then?"

"Believe me, had I been a prince, I would definitely try. Yet she would probably refuse me, as she will most likely refuse you." Kunzite said smugly, deliberately baiting his friend.

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me. She has chased over five princes away, what makes you think she is going to accept you?"

"Are you implying that I can not get her?"

"Yes. Pretty much."

"You do realize that I will make you eat those words?" Endymion stated amused.

"Care to make a wager then?"

Endymion laughed. "What is there that you, a general, could possibly have to give to me, the Prince of Earth, that I would want?"

"Mina." Endymion stilled. Mina. The one woman Endymion had not yet had the pleasure of tasting. Mina. The blond haired siren that once visited the earth as an ambassador for the moon. Mina. The one and only woman who possessed the heart of his best friend. Mina. The one he could never, ever have. Until now.

"You are gambling the great love of your life?"

"Yes. Because I know you could never resist a woman you could not have. Plus, I am quite confident you will not win the heart of the Moon Princess."

Endymion pondered this a moment. Not only would he be gaining a planet to rule, but his best friend was giving him permission to have the woman he loved, also a woman whom Endymion had not put out of his mind as he did other females, since the moment he met her.

This was a bet he could not refuse.

"And if you should win?" He asked cautiously, eyeing his friend with amusement.

"I get the Sword of Eternity." Endymion stopped short. The Sword of Eternity was a sword bathed in liquefied diamonds, which had been within the family for centuries. No one outside of the family had ever touched, let alone held it in all its existence. Whoever would hold the sword, would practically be invincible.

Damn Kunzite and his stupid fixation on knives, Endymion thought to himself. Yet he was quite confident he would win this bet. In fact, he had every intention of winning. He could not lose. Save Mina, there had not been one woman who he could not have.


"Shake on it." Kunzite said, sticking his hand out. Endymion watched his friend a moment and sealed the deal with a firm handshake.

"Let us go to the moon." He said with a smirk.