Find the Amanda Scott killer
By : Andrea flitz & Hope Hernandez & Ellie Ramey
The story goes like this : there is a girl that is 17 when she died . Her name is Amanda Scott . She is a ghost now because someone killed her a long time a go. The teachers and Courtney can see her but not anyone else
Scene 1 : in the Classroom 101
Amanda : [write on the paper ]
Find the Amanda killer
Courtney ; [raise hand]What are we supposed to write ?
Miss flitz : a story
Courtney : About what ?
Miss flitz : whatever you want
Courtney : ok
Scene 2 : Courtney's house [ outside ]
Mother : Happy birthday, Courtney.
Courtney : I love you, mom.
Amanda : Happy birthday, Courtney.
Courtney : Thank you.
Courtney : Mom !
Mother: What !
Courtney : I have no present.
Scene 3 : Courtney's room
Amanda is sitting in the chair by the desk
Courtney come in and see Amanda
Courtney : hey
Amanda : how are you ?
Courtney : fine you ?
Amanda : not good
Courtney : why ?
Amanda : because I want to find my killer
Courtney : ok
Scene 4 : Police station
Courtney : I want to report a murder of Amanda Scott
Police : ok we will put in your request .
Courtney : ok thank you
Police : bye
Courtney : bye
Courtney goes home to tell Amanda
Courtney : I told the police
Amanda : ok thank you for reporting it
Scene 5 : Courtney house
Mother: time for school
Courtney : ok mom
Courtney : lest go to school Amanda
Amanda : ok we can go now
Courtney : ok, bye Mom.
Mother : Bye. See you after school.
Courtney : Ok, bye.
Amanda goes to school and finds Ms. Flitz.
Amanda : Hi, how are you?
Ms. Flitz : Fine, You?
Amanda : Good.
Scene 6 : Math Class Room 217
Courtney : Can I help Amanda?
Miss Hernandez : Who?
Courtney : Amanda Scott.
Miss Hernandez : Oh, Ok.
Courtney : Can I help her?
Miss Hernandez : Yes.
Amanda : Thank you.
Courtney : You are welcome.
Scene 7 : English Class Room 211
Courtney : I love English.
Amanda : I hate it.
Courtney : What are we doing today?
Miss Moss : spelling word
Courtney : kind of words ?
Miss moss : octopus, jelly fish, tour, gap, rock, fish, gill [on the board]
Courtney : Ok. Are you going to take attendance?
Miss Moss : Yes.
Courtney : Ok.
Miss Moss : Amanda Scott? Courtney Scott?
Courtney : Here.
Amanda : Here.
The bell rings. Time to go to Health Class.
Scene 8 : Health Class Room 211
Miss Ramey : Good morning, class.
Class : Good morning, Miss Ramey.
Miss Ramey : Yesterday was the birthday of Amanda Scott.
Name: Amanda Nicole Scott
Date of Birth: 9/9/1994
Date of Death: 9/9/2010
Amanda's boyfriend named Jacob Black. He is a ghost and they met around the time she die.
Scene 9 : Courtney's room
Amanda : I have a boyfriend
Courtney : who Is he ?
Amanda : Jacob Black
Courtney : oh ok
Amanda : Jacob get in here
Jacob : ok
Amanda : I like you to meet him
Courtney : nice to meet you
Jacob : ok
Scene 10 : Next day history room 107
Miss Hampton : sit down class
Miss Hampton : get bellwork
The class get up and get there bellwork
Miss Hampton ; good work class
Amanda : [ raise hand ] can I go to my homework from locker ?
Miss Hampton : yes
Amanda : ok
Scene 11: hallway
Miss Flitz see her in the hallway …..
Amanda : hi
Miss Flitz : you suppose to be in class
Amanda : yes
Miss Flitz : get to class
Amanda : ok bye
Miss Flitz : bye
Scene 12 :Courtney's Room
Courtney : how was history ?
Amanda : no good
Courtney : why ?
Amanda : because I don't have my notebook & homework
Courtney : ok
Mother : time for bed
Courtney : ok
Courtney : good night
Mother : good night
Scene 13 : Science class room 206
Miss Berck : get your books and read for bellwork
Amanda : [ raise hand ] I don't have a book
Miss Berck : get one ok class lab day pick partner
Courtney : I choose Amanda Scott
Amanda : Ok
scene 14 : Gym class
Miss Lash : Sit down so I can take attendance.
Calling names - Amanda Scott and Courtney Scott.
Amanda : Here.
Courtney : Here.
Miss Lash : Time to play.
Courtney : What are we going to play?
Courtney : Ok.
Amanda : I can't play.
Miss Lash : Come out into the hallway with me.
Amanda : Ok.
Miss Lash : Why can't you play?
Amanda : Because I won't be able to hit the ball.
Miss Lash : Ok. You can sit out.
Amanda : Thanks.
The End