a/n: okay, so, picture as if brittany is being dropped into prison (orange is the new black world). this is kind of a crossover with orange is the new black, but more of an AU for glee. you don't have to watch both shows to understand what's happening. it's AU for the characters of both shows, but more so for Glee. don't let it deter you from reading. please enjoy and be kind and leave feedback. ::repost from crossover section::




At least I stopped seeing red. Stopped seeing anger. But all this damn orange, who decided that orange would be a good color on one hundred women all in the same room? It's starting to burn my eyes. Maybe that's a good thing. Keeps us from staring too long at another inmate. In seven hundred and six days (if I don't qualify for parole before then), I am burning everything I have in my possession that is orange. It's only been - fuck, I don't even know how long I've been in here there's not a single wall clock, but today is the first day of my incarceration. Already, I know I am going to get tired of this color.

It was now time to take my photo.

"Name." The guard coldly stated.

"Brittany S. Pierce."

"Last name. We do last names here." The guard looked up disinterested at me. "Step in front of the camera. Stand on the orange X," there is that orange again, "on three." He waited for me to step on the X.

"One. Two."

Fucking fly. I swat it away from my face.


"But-" I begin to plead, and he cuts me short.

"It's not going in any yearbook." He rolled his eyes at me. "Inmate, badge prints there." He points. I cringe at the term "inmate," I've been here less than a day and already I have lost my identity.

I look around for where the badge printed out. The officer gets impatient and huffs out at me, "It's at the end of the desk where I pointed!" He points again. The rest of the girls in line stare at me.

I grab my badge and can't help but let out a chuckle at the picture. It was horrible. My face was being smacked by my hand, are you kidding me? This is my start of this place? Me slapping myself in my photo identificiation, that has to be some sort of bad omen.

With slumped shoulders I follow the cattle call into the next room. I don't want to know what happens in this room. There are curtains, hospital cots, and nurses. I have a good feeling what is going to happen, but I can pretend I do not. I see girl after girl walk behind the curtain and I try to force myself not to hear the same words being repeated.



Bend Over.


It sucks when you know your fate. Did I mention I wish I wasn't in hearing distance this entire time? I feel like Carrie stepping onto the high school stage about to be humiliated. Except I know what's coming. Minor details.


Oh god. I shut my eyes tight. No, no, no. I swear this line was longer. I need more time to mentally prepare for some stranger to look at my most intimate parts.


I shake myself out of my mind. I realize there is only me now. I have to shake MYself out of everything in these walls. It's only me. Toughen the fuck up. Let's do this. I walk behind the curtain to the old nurse. Who was surprisingly sweet.

"This is uncomfortable for everyone, honey. Don't be scared. Just do what I ask and it will be over sooner than you think." She smiled endearingly at me. As I was undressing she continued to speak, "If you can get through this, you can get through your sentence." She snapped on her latex gloves.

Those terrifying words I knew were coming were said in the same tone. Clothes, cough, bend over, spread. Feeling thoroughly violated, I dressed myself again and quickly walked away from behind the curtain. I shivered at the thought of going back behind there.

I'm not sure what is going to happen next as I sit on this cold, hard stainless steel chair. My second orange jumpsuit rests neatly folded in my lap as I wait for orders or instructions. Is it odd I feel like a child again? It's only been a day and I feel lost.

"Pierce!" I look up but do not speak.

The guard shouts off two more names. "Jefferson! Diaz!"

"You three." She points at the three of us giving her our undivided attention. "Stand over there."

All three of us get up without saying a word and stood where we were told. This reminds me of school. Teachers were always telling us what to read, what homework to do, where to sit, when to raise your hand. I always hated that shit.

The guard walks over to us with another woman. "This is Morello. Morello this is, Pierce, Jefferson, and Diaz. Morello is going to take you over to the sleeping quarters now where you will be placed in a room. She is going to give you a brief tour."

The woman they named Morello smiles at us before she speaks with an accent I can't seem to place. "Ladies, ladies. You will stick out in the orange jumps, so keep out of trouble. Let's go." She walked away and nodded for us to follow her.

"Hop in the van." She jumped in. "It's all going to be different soon." She's wearing the same type of clothes we are but in a different color. I wonder if she is an inmate. They let prisoners drive and give tours? Prison can't be that bad, right?

Why are we all so silent? No one else is going to speak up for me anymore. If I have a question I need to ask it. "Hey are you a-" The sound of my voice scared the other girls and they jumped a little.

Morello cut me off before I finished my question, "a prisoners? Yeah. Don't let the van and tours fool you. If you're good, you get to be more of a slave than a prisoner."

Nodding my head in acknowledgment I turned to look out the window. I've heard about prison, seen it in movies, but I have no idea what to expect. How often do I get to see the sky? I better look now. When is the next time I get to sit in a car? Out of habit I buckled myself into the vehicle. I couldn't help but smirk as I heard the click of the buckle.

Don't want to break any laws. I inwardly think and chuckle at myself. If only I said that before all this.

"Hey blondie you slow or som'in?" The black girl shouted at me as I sat in my seat. I look at her extremely confused. The black girl rolls her eyes and sighs, "Morello be sayin' your name three times. It's time to move."

"Oh." I awkwardly smiled while taking the seat belt off and jumped out of the van. I was busy day dreaming about the sky and thinking how once I walk into these four walls, I don't know how it will spit me out. The uncertainty of what lies ahead of me starts to frighten me and it must have been showing in my face because Morello spoke slow and soft, "Hey kid, keep your chin up. Walk in strong."

It's probably the best advice I could have received. She's right. I shouldn't over think on my first day. Fuck, I got seven hundred and five more days to over think.

"ROOM ASSIGNMENTS!" Morello shouted and the girls stood up tall awaiting their fate with me. "Follow me ladies."

"Jefferson you're with Washington." She pointed in the room and we all looked at her new roommate. Shaved head. Black. Skinny. Jefferson could take that little girl if she needed to.

"All right let's go Pierce." She ran her pen down her clipboard to find my roommate. I swear I just heard her cringe. "Oh. Looks like you are with -um- Lopez." I suddenly felt nervous. What the fuck does that mean?

"Lopez!" Morello shouted as she entered the room.

Lopez didn't look up from her book.

"Lopez!" Morello shouted again.

Lopez still didn't look up.

"This is your new roommate Pierce."

The brunette shifted her eyes up over her book and snorted. SNORTED.

"Okay well, Pierce I showed you where the bathrooms/showers are. Remember to bring your own toilet paper roll. Come by room for your first roll. Any questions?" She held her clipboard firm against her chest and smiled at me.

"Uh..no. Well yes. Where do I get a toothbrush?"

The brunette chuckled from behind her book.

"You were supposed to grab one with your spare jumper. For real like Taystee -er Jefferson said earlier, you slow or som'in?" Morello looked at me. What is with all these slow jokes?

The brunette chuckled a little louder this time, still from behind her book.

I feel like my eyes are about to well up with tears. I have a roommate laughing and snorting at me. Please, please, don't leave me here without a toothbrush.

"Oh." Was all I could manage. Words betrayed me.

Morello turned to walk away but hesitated, "Look kid, I can get you one. BUT next time pay attention."

I shook my head frantically, "Thank you."

"Don't sweat it." Morello said and left me with my roommate.

"Fuckin' slow blondie gets a fancy fuckin' tour." The brunette commented from behind her book.

"I-" Words are betraying me again. I went to defend myself, but I have no idea how to approach this.

Lopez slammed her book shut, tossed it on the end of her bed, and stared at me in the eyes as she walked out of the cell. I hope this is just like an initiation thing. Don't tell me this is how the next seven hundred and five days will be.

"Nice to meet you." I mumbled under my breath as she was out of hearing distance.