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The emergency lights are flashing in the hallways as the annoying alarm pierces my ear drums. I am running like the wind down the corridor. I can hear the sound of boots stomping on the hard tile floor. As the sound approaches me it provides me with a much needed rush of adrenaline. I'm glad you have all the time in the world to work out while you are locked up, because that is the only reason I am out running the guards. It's good to know they aren't in the best of shape. One guard has a bum leg, the other two are just plain over weight, and Pornstache is too busy trying to cover up what I just did.

As Alex likes to call it, my shit eating grin plasters upon my face as I run down the hallway. I would almost consider this fun – almost. But at the end of this tunnel, I get a nice little surprise. Which is fueling my cheeky grin. A surprise I set up for myself. So I guess, it wouldn't be considered a surprise at all. Minor details. The hidden supply closet Red told me about is rounding around this corner…

Ah ha! At first I pass it because the momentum I had going was hard to slow down. I felt like the roadrunner coming to a halt. Here I am, flying into the closet like a bat outta hell. The entire time I had been running down the hall I felt like if my life was a movie that entire scene would have been slow motion running until I passed the hidden supply closet and fumbled my way in.

My shit eating grin turned into a full blown smile. "Hey baby." I whispered extremely out of breath.

Santana moved out of the darkness and closer to me. She held onto my hips as my chest rapidly rose and fell. My blue eyes met her brown ones with the little light that crept from under the closet door. I licked my lips at the thought of the oncoming onslaught of Santana's lips. I couldn't help but bite the corner of my own lip in anticipation. My hands wandered to feel the muscles of Lopez's stomach beneath my touch. Muscles that I have grown to adore. Hey, can you blame a girl? If I'm going to put everything at risk to do a fucking favor for Red, I'm going to have my cake and eat it too.

Maybe I should back track a little, before I lose my mind and all my thoughts become steamy ones filled with supply closet romances.


It's been a week. A week since Alex caught my cellmate and I making out. A week since Red threatened to cut off my awesome little fingers that I am highly attached to, in the physical and emotional sense.

Since that fateful day, Red hasn't bothered to feed me. I've been starving. This is one of her many ways to teach a lesson to any one of us. I'm pretty sure this is her favorite, withholding food. It gives her a sense of power. It's sickening. And frankly, I've had enough of this shit. I'm sitting at the lunch table staring at everyone stuff their undeserved mouths. Like Big Boo over there. Shoveling forkfuls of scrambled eggs with melted cheese into her thick trap. She certainly doesn't need the food. I DO.

Look at yourself Pierce, you are insulting Big Boo for no reason. I shake my head out of my starvation—turned bitter state. I am forced to blankly stare at my surroundings, trying so desperately not to concentrate on any person or food particle.

Hairnet abruptly walks up to me, "Yo Red asks of you."

Rolling my eyes, I quickly hop off my seat, "Of course."

Vause who hasn't spoken to me since she caught Santana and I, grabs my arm, "Don't go kid." I still sit with her every day at lunch, hoping she'll find her words and speak to me.

Endearingly I smile, "Thanks for lookin' out for me. But I have to." I shake myself out of her grip. "Not like I got a meal to eat." I mumble bitterly under my breath.

Hairnet leads the way to the back of the kitchen. One day I expect to see a slew of butchered animals hanging by their hooves back here. That's how creepy of a fucking vibe the entire kitchen lets off. Gives me the shivers thinking about it. There's Red. In her kitchen of pride. She stands there gripping her butcher knife as she chops up numerous vegetables and throws them into a large pot.

"Ah, you come." She chuckles with her head still looking down at her chopping board.

Rolling my eyes with her head down, I brushed my fingers around the edges of the stainless steel countertop, "Well, you asked of me, so here I am." My words were oozing sarcasm.

She lifted up her head and stopped mid-chop of a thick orange carrot, "Yous hungry?" She smiles.

Bitch. If I had any sort of energy I would leap over this table, take that butcher knife out of her hand, and slap her across the face. She knows I'm as hungry as a child in Africa. As I stare at her seemingly unamused I respond refusing to give her satisfaction, "I've been hungrier." What? I have. It was just during a time I didn't even care about food, so it didn't matter to me.

Red walked over to a large pot and grabbed a ladle. She spooned out a bowl full of a steaming liquid. All of my energy was now directed towards my will power. My mouth was on the verge of salivating. My body was on the verge of jumping on the pile of cut vegetables and rolling in it as I effortlessly pick up slices of a carrots and flick them into my mouth…is this what my fantasies have become? Day dreaming of lying in a bed of carrots? My will power was on the losing side as I let my mind wander into a land of vegetable lovin'.

I'm not sure what happened in-between Red ladling the hot steamy liquid into the bowl and her placing it smack-dab in front of me, but it has my attention. And that is all my attention is focused on. I looked down at the bowl as the steam evaporates into my nasal passages. Oh. My. Gods. This homemade chicken noodle soup is …no no Pierce. You can fucking do this.

"So what do you want from me?" I flicked my eyes up at the Russian. Russians are always into the mind games. It makes me narrow my eyes are her even more.

Red closed her eyes and gave a light shrug as her thick accent purred, "Go ahead, eat, my child." She shoved the bowl towards me as a little soup poured out over the edges, "Food is good."

I threw my elbows on the table as picked up the spoon and looked at her as I hovered over what will be my first meal since the shue, "So you've proved your point." I let myself indulge in the first taste of the hot soup. It was homemade soup just like mother used to make. "Now what?"

Her Russian laugh beamed through her entire body, "Straight to business. Red let you eat first." She continued chopping her vegetables as I smirked at the thought of me rolling over a bed of chopped vegetables.

The soup went down into my stomach as fast as I could eat it. Once that first bite was in me, I couldn't help but scoop the bowl into my belly with meaning. After I finished my bowl, I walked over to the large silver pot and scooped myself out another delicious meal.

"Now, I see we comfortable." Red placed her knife down on the chopping board, "You owe me job." She wipes her hands on the towel that hangs from her apron, "I have job."

Slowly, I sat back down as I continued to spoon the hot liquid into my mouth, "What do I have to do?" I can't fight this anymore. I have to do this or I face starvation. Or whatever else Red owns in-between these concrete walls.

"Da. Now, you understand." She smiled as she reveled in her victory, "The creep guard with the moustache."

The eerie tone of Red's voice made me weary about my upcoming job. Now, my motion of spooning the soup into my mouth became slower as I spoke, "Uh, Pornstache? What about him…"

"You see he give drug to my girls. My girls are trying to stay clean. He trade sex for junk!" She slammed her hands on the table as all the vegetables jumped a millimeter. If the sight of Red getting angry wasn't so frightening, watching the vegetables have a dance party would have been entertaining.

The sound of my spoon hitting the empty bowl echoed in the now silent room. "I don't see how that's my fuckin' problem." I don't want to get wrapped up in this shit.

Red smirked and let out a little amused chuckle, "You okay to sneak drugs in." She shook her head in disappointment, "So, dis is your fuckin' problem." She tried to imitate me as she said her last words.

Well, this fucking Russian has a point. I made my awareness known of the drug circulation throughout the compound. This is why they tell you to keep a low profile in prison, I understand that now. But now is just a little too late. Looks like Pierce, you've got to woman up and accept that you've put yourself in this position. Wow, I'm starting to sound rehabilitated. If I didn't have an angry Russian staring at me in the face right now, I would dwell in that fact. Look at me! The system works!

But there is no time for that. The impatient Russian spit out her sentence, "So, you owe me job. You must do job I ask."

I hopped off my stool and stood on the opposite side of the counter, "Yes, Red. Okay, what the fuck do I need to do?"

Red's face lit up like a kid riding without his training wheels for the first time, "The plan, bit complicated. But you, my child. You plant…"

My mouth stayed ajar the entire time Red was spilling her malicious plan. She went on about how she has seen too many girls over dose inside these walls for that bastard not to get caught. Red was like the spokeswoman for the war on drugs. She seemed to genuinely care for these girls inside the walls, and she wanted to put a stop to that pervert, as she liked to keep calling him. Continuously, I nodded my head as she rattled off her super secret plan. Honestly, I was half listening until she said, "Okay this is where you, my darling child, come in."

Somehow…her English had improved drastically from earlier to now. Maybe it was because she was really excited about all this. Or she has thought about it way too long, which worries me. "Wait." I held up my hand, I had to ask, "So like how long have you thought about this plan?"

Red looked at me confused, "Just few days ago, why?"

Shrugging as I responded, "Just curious. Anyways you were saying?"

Suspiciously, Red nodded very slowly at me. Like it was this huge struggle for her to fake being okay with my response. She continued to divulge her plan, "See, we need creep man to get caught."

"How?" Eagerly I asked.

"We crush him. You see one week from tomorrow the warden is walking our block, how I know? I just do, my child." She stops speaking to indulge in her smirk, "And this is where we must stop him! I have his drugs I took from my girl." Red looked around the room briefly and pulled a bag of rocks from under her apron. "And on that exact day you have your consult with Miss Emma, social worker lady. Creep man will take you, you lure him into sex."

My eyes widened, "Excuse me?"

"Yes, creep man weakness is sex. You must use it."

"Look, I'm all for setting up the bad guy," which is funny, because to the outside world we are all the "bad guy" in here, "But the hell if I'm having sex with him let alone any man." I stared her down until she understood my point.

Red held up her hand in defeat, "Look I'm not asking for the sex. Just lure him away from his office thinking he will get sex. I know man is fond of you. You're an attractive young girl. Pretty blond hair, toned muscle, has all teeth. It won't be hard." She winked at me.

It might just be me, but I think Red was coming on to me just the slightest bit. Then again a few minutes ago I was day dreaming about carrots.

Moving forward, "Fine. Okay, say I lure him away from my escort long enough to attempt to seduce him, then what?"

She smiles knowing that I am into her plan, "While you have him away from his duty, me and my girls are going to plant this," Red pulls out an enormous bag of heroin from under the counter, "And you are going to plant the small bag in his jacket he is wearing."

"How the fuck did you get that in here?" I could barely believe the sight of this. Yeah, note to self you don't fuck with Red.

Grinning she leaned in, "You should know. You wanted to sneak drug in through kitchen." She winked at me. Those winks are coming back, and quite frankly I still don't understand them.

Lady has a valid point. "So you want me to get close enough to him, to plant this shit, but not have sex with him?" I sighed, "This is going to be hard you know."

"I know." She nods her head.

"After this we are squared away." I stated. No asking. If I successfully pull this off and we all walk away with clean hands after this, I would say this fulfills my job for her. Because I am taking a huge risk here.

Red nods at me with a deep understanding of all the risks we are all taking. We shake hands as we stare at each other in the eyes, this is a handshake I won't ever forget.


"Wakey, wakey." Pornstache coyly stated over the PA. "We are starting today an hour earlier ladies. We have a special guest coming through our block today." The morning buzzer sounded off as everyone started to rustle around. Most people were already up and about. I certainly was. Today was the day. The day I risk a whole hell of a lot, just to have some fucking peace of mind in this place. Who knew prison would end up just as complicated as the outside world?

A few minutes passed and Pornstache was standing at my non-existent door. "Hey sweet cheeks, your consult with Pillsbury is in fifteen I'll be back in ten." He chewed his gum loudly as he winked at me before leaving.

Looking down at my lap, I sighed. I needed to convince myself that I am doing the right thing. The righteous thing for all those girls dying, those girls being abused by this man, and the right thing for me. Yeah, it sounds a little selfish but fuck it's my ass on the line here. If I'm confident in my task, I can get away with this, right? Right.

Slowly, I dressed myself. Delaying the time as much as I could. I sat on my cold floor and gave my body a quick stretch, who knew what kind of running I would have to do later on. First, I took my head down to each of my knees and stretched out my legs long and slow. Taking a deep breath I stood up and bent over and touched my toes.

Pornstache came into my view as I looked at this man from an upside down perspective. If you look at him upside down his body is oddly phallic. Disgusted, I started to go into an upright position. "Mmm, baby don't stop on account of me." Pornstache flicked his moustache and licked his lips, "Don't worry about Emma we can be late if I can watch that some more." He laughed out.

At least seducing him won't be hard? Eck. Just the fucking thought of it disgusts the shit out of me. There has to be a better way. I smiled at him and stood in the frame of my cell, "Maybe next time I'll throw in a yoga pose."

That shut him up. I was hoping he would just choke on his gum and I could just not give him the Heimlich maneuver. What? It would less messy than what I am about to do. You've got this Pierce.

"So how long do I have to keep going to this social worker?" I decided to make conversation as we started walking through the halls and towards her office.

He chewed his gum in the corner of his mouth as he spoke, "Well, that's her call. She decides when you aren't damaged goods or whatever the fuck she does."

Silently, I nodded.

He hit me on the back lightly, "So could be the rest of your sentence, knowing you." He adjusted his belt as we walked and chuckled.

Ass. Hole. He makes this easier for me. I saw a puddle on the concrete as we walked outside. My brain was working on other ways to fuck this man over. Seducing him just seems like the last thing I want to do. It's like my fail safe. Plan B if you will – more like Plan F. I smirk at my inner thoughts.

As I come up to the puddle I force myself to fall face first into it. I soaked my entire shirt and clothes with water. Okay, step one. Hopping out of the puddle I shook my hands free from pebbles and rung out my now soaking shirt. I held my shirt above my stomach, just because I knew he would get distracted by my taut muscles.

Pornstache shook his head and laughed at me, "You've got two feet ya know. I know a man with one leg who walks better than you."

I scoff at him and continue walking. We stopped in front of Miss Pillsbury's office and Pornstache spoke, "Okay I'll be waiting out here to escort you back 'cause I have nothing better to do." He sighed out and rolled his eyes.

"It's going to be cold in her office. Can I borrow your jacket?" I looked at him with wide eyes. Doing my best to have my eyes glaze over and hope he sympathizes with me.

"What?" He stood there silent staring through my tee shirt.

I decided against putting on a bra today. I thought it would work in my favor and it definitely is. The water has my thin shirt clinging to my body. It didn't help that the water I fell into was cold from the morning dampness, so my nipples were peeking through. Internally smirking, "I'm going to be cold in her office. I'm wet, please?" Begging was my only option. I had to make myself seem like this helpless girl, in need of a man. He seems like the typical chauvinistic, this better work.

Stuttering, "Uh, yeah sure whatever fine." He took off his jacket and I reached out for it, but he pulled it back and smiled, "Nuh uh." He leaned around me and slowly placed the jacket onto my body. He ran his hand up the zipper and grazed his index finger on my hard nipple. Feeling violated by that tiny touch, I stepped away and placed my hand on the handle of my social worker's office.

Pornstache smirked, "You can borrow my jacket any time." He winked at me, turned around, and plopped his ass in the single chair outside her office.

Entering the office Emma quickly jumped up from her seat and welcomed me, "Hello my dear! It's great to see you." She smiled and bounced around me to close the door.

"Good to see you too." Might as well trade pleasantries.

"I'm going to start a pot of coffee. Have a seat, please." She walked me over to the seat and bounced back towards the door where she had a coffee station set up.

"So how have you been Brittany?" Emma cheerfully asked as she scooped grounds of coffee into her filter.

With my back turned to her I answered, "I've been good. Well, as good as one can be in prison." Since Miss Pillsbury is behind me and she can't see a thing, I reach into my elastic pants and pull out the bag of rocks. I continue to speak over the sound of a bag rustling, "It was a little hard getting back to being around people but I've managed." I'll throw her a bone. Ah ha! Successfully completed my part of Mission Destroy Douche.

"Oh I am so glad you are expressing your feelings! That's a healthy step." She flicked on the coffee pot and hopped behind her desk. Once she sat down she adjusted her dress in her chair and smiled at me. "So, does that mean you are ready to tell me what you saw in the shue?"

I flicked my eyes up at her, "I told you, I was entertaining myself."

Pillsbury nodded her head and jotted things down on a legal pad. The rest of our session went just like that. She would ask me questions and I would avoid the answers. My mind was focused on what was going to happen after I left this office. Because right now, Red and her girls were planting the evidence in Pornstache's office. At least I hope they finish their end of the deal. They could just be setting me up to send me to maximum security. I wouldn't put it past Red and her clan.

Paranoia, my friend.

Shrugging off the jacket before I turned the knob to the door I spoke one last time to Pillsbury, "I have to see you again don't I?" I turned my head so I could look her in the eyes as she stood nearby.

"Yes." She nodded her head, walked towards me, and held open the door, "You need to come clean about the shue, until then…see you next week." She genuinely smiled, but you could hear the disappointment in her voice.

Pornstache was sitting on the single chair as I walked out the door, "Well don't you just look mighty fine in my jacket." He licked his lips. "You can keep that wrapped around those cute little tits of yours."

Scoffing, I peeled the jacket off of me, "no thanks, I am all dry now." I held it in my finger tips with an outstretched arm. I stood there disgusted with the way he looks over my body. We stared at each other in the eyes for a quick second before he smirked and took his jacket.

"You want to take a little detour with me? See some of those restricted areas?" Pornstache raised a brow and licked his teeth. He had this tone to his voice that came out half genuine and half creepy pervert.

The silence fell around us as we started walking towards the building. I was internally debating my response, should I? Maybe try and bring him down for sexually harassing a prisoner if the whole planting drugs thing doesn't work? But the thought of him thinking he has the slightest chance with me is...sickening.

"A world of no." I looked at him and started walking first.

"Hey!" He grabbed my arm and whispered into my ear, "You walk when I tell you to fucking walk."

I tried shaking my bicep out of his grip but he grasped tighter, "Is that the only show you can put on for the pretty lady?" I nodded and waved towards Miss Pillsbury looking through the window in her door, "I'm sure she would love to see more."

Pornstache gritted his teeth and spoke through them, "Clever little bitch." He whipped his hand away from me and began to walk. "Meal time. Let's go." He started to sulk away and placed his hands in his pockets.

I followed behind Pornstache, but not before I gave Miss Pillsbury a light smile of gratitude.

The overhead PA buzzed.

"Officer Mendez please report to the warden. Officer Mendez please report to the warden."

At the same time of the announcement, Pornstache turned towards me and pulled his hand out of his pocket with a bag attached to it. He smirked at me and shook his head, "You fucking bitch." Everything was happening to quickly, Pornstache was charging towards me as the PA kept repeating the message.

"Mendez report immediately to the warden." The sirens around the courtyard started to go off.

I ran.

Pornstache had to report to the warden, so I ran the other fucking way. Pornstache is screaming expletives at me, while trying to figure out what to do with the bag of drugs in his hand.

I can hear footsteps close behind me but I don't look back. Looking back only gives them a face and they aren't catching me. Red told me about this abandoned secret storage closet to hide in if I needed to lay low. Earlier that day, I told Santana to meet me in that closet. Hey, if I am risking it, why not risk it for the biscuit?

"Hey baby." I whispered extremely out of breath.

Santana moved out of the darkness and closer to me. She held onto my hips as my chest rapidly rose and fell. My blue eyes met her brown ones with the little light that crept from under the closet door. I licked my lips at the thought of the oncoming onslaught of Santana's lips. I couldn't help but bite the corner of my own lip in anticipation. My hands wandered to feel the muscles of Lopez's stomach beneath my touch. Muscles that I have grown to adore.

As I kiss up Santana's neck she begins to speak to me, but my kisses are a distraction to her thought process, "I." Kiss. "Know." Kiss. "This." Kiss. "Isn't." Kiss. "Any." Kiss. "Of my business." Kiss. "But." Kiss. Deep breath. "What are we doing here?"

My eyes shoot up to hers. I pause.

Lopez sees the panic in my eyes, "Like here as in the closet." She chuckles, "which I haven't been in for years."

"Um, I owed Red a job. End of story." I need more lady kisses. I want to fill those sensual lips caressing mine. Pulling, nipping, sucking. My tongue licks my bottom lip thinking about it.

Lopez catches me staring at her lips with desire in my eyes, obvious on my face. She speaks as she grabs ahold of the sides of my face, "Fuck it, I don't even need to know." She pulled me in hard for a fast and needy kiss. She pulled back smiling at me with those perfect lips just begging me to kiss them. I pull them back into my lips and we kiss each other more deeply, slower even. She flicks her tongue over my lips asking for entrance into my mouth, I gladly allow our tongues to duel for dominance. I reach my hand under her shirt and search for her swollen nipple. I know it's already hard and waiting for me to tease it. With our bodies in such close proximity, we were already charged up with desire and lust. Santana knows where I need to be touched. The hitches in my breath give it away.

Santana moved down to my neck, sucking and marking me. Making me hers. That's fine. I'm too caught up in the moment to make her stop. We have to be quiet, but I let out a gasp when her fingers sought out my soaking wet desire. We had to be quick. Which isn't ideal, because God I want to worship this woman's body. She's beautiful.

She slipped her fingers around my already soaked pussy, rubbing against me, fingering my clit, and making me whimper quietly for her. I'd call her name out for everyone to hear just how good her digits are working in between my legs, but this isn't the place or time. She was on a mission to fuck me good in this closet. I was pulling at my own hair, until I found my fingers wrapped up in her thick brown locks and pulling her face towards mine. She was expertly working her digits. I've never felt so ready to burst. Then she slipped her fingers lower, teasing my opening, forcing me to spread my legs wider for her. She pulled back from my kisses and looked at me in the eyes. She smirked and started to watch herself fucking me. It was one hot sight before my eyes. She then plunged her fingers into me, right up inside my pussy fucking me deeper and harder than I thought I could take in a closet, but I was loving every minute of it.

My mouth remained open, whimpers and moans daring to escape. My chest was rapidly rising and falling as Santana held me in place and expertly fucked me in that abandoned supply closet. Just as I was about to let go and find my release, I heard the secret knock on the door.

Santana stopped her motion but left her fingers inside of me. We stared at each other, wondering if we actually heard it or not. I heard the secret knock again. It was in the tune of the Imperial March. Yes, I picked the knock code.

"Psst. My child." It was Red on the other end.

Reluctantly, I pulled Santana's hand out of me and sighed hard.

I opened the door a tiny crack and peeked at Red, waiting for her to say something.

"We have problem."