Brats, Badges and Hoses: Chapter 7 - Day is Done, Gone Rule 12
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Chapter 7 – Day Is Done, Gone Rule 12

The rest of the afternoon went by quickly. By the time they wrapped up around 5:00 pm, Tony was aching and sore as he loaded up the car. Most of the volunteers had left and only a few were left to finish cleaning. Gibbs still seemed as energetic as he had been all day and Tony was a little in awe of Gibbs' stamina.

He and Gibbs had personally washed over 30 cars. His skin was prunish and wrinkly from being wet all day long but Gibbs' skin didn't seem to be suffering the same effects, as if the water was too scared of Gibbs to leave any marks on him.

Tony's stomach also hurt from eating more baked goods than he usually did although he bought two dozen peanut butter cookies to take home. He opened the driver's side door and sat the bag in the divider between the seats, not wanting to get crushed by the boxes in the back.

"You gonna eat all of them?" Gibbs asked. Tony jumped and hit his head on the ceiling.

"Ow!" Great, two head injuries in less than 48 hours.

"If you're nice, I might share them with you," Tony said as he stood up, rubbing his head. Gibbs was in his space, already checking him out carefully as if the car had really hurt him.

"I'm never nice," Gibbs said as he started feeling the back of Tony's head. Tony felt those firm fingers gently card through his hair and pressed into it.

Tony laughed. "Can I ask for tolerant?"

"I've always been tolerant of you," Gibbs said softly. He stepped a little closer. "I've tolerated more than I should," he added.

"I'm not that hard to take," Tony said a little insulted.

"I don't mean you. I mean Jeanne, EJ, Wendy, the weekend girls you latched onto when I first met you…Ziva…"

"Ziva…I never…I mean what about you? How would I have ever known. You've been married 4 times and then Mann, Ryan, even the Director for crying out loud."

"I never slept with Vance," Gibbs replied monosyllabically.

"Did you just make another joke?" Tony asked, incredulously.

"I'm funnier than you think," Gibbs said.

"Yeah…I'm getting that."

"But I'm not joking about this…about us," Gibbs added.

"But why…I mean why now?"

Gibbs didn't answer. Instead he leaned in and kissed Tony. It was still soft but there was an urgency that hadn't been there in the morning. Tony relaxed and opened himself up to Gibbs. He felt Gibbs' hand slide down his back and grasp his waist firmly. His shoulders were braced by the car's frame.

As Gibbs eased back he said, "Because you didn't run."

Tony looked at him oddly.

"When you saw me at the game, you didn't run, you didn't get angry and you didn't object to sleeping in the same bed as me. If you really hadn't been interested, you'd have taken the couch after I'd dropped those hints."

"I never even thought of it," Tony admitted.

"I know."

"So about Rule 12? In the office?"

"Rule 51. And I'd rather not advertise in the office yet."

Tony glanced around until Gibbs pulled his face towards him to kiss him again.

As Tony pulled away, "Keep it private, then?"

"No, just not in the office, for now."

"That's good," Tony said.

"Why's that?"

"Because we have an audience," Tony replied nodding to the side to indicate where Maggie, Angie and Pete were all standing just watching them with large grins. Ray snapped a picture.

"You were right," Pete said as he pulled out his wallet and handed Angie five dollars.

"You guys want to get some pizza on the way home?" Maggie asked with a big grin on her face.

"So, I'll be the flower girl for your wedding, right?" Maggie asked with a mischievous tone. She was standing with Angie and Pete near the cars as Gibbs and Tony had finished their own packing.

"Magpie, which one of us do you imagine will be carrying flowers?" Tony asked. Like most young girls, she had already decided now that they kissed that the only way Gibbs and Tony could be completely happy was if they married happily ever after. She didn't realize that Gibbs and he had a lot to do before they were ready for something like that, if they ever were. The innocence of youth. Tony hoped the two of them could get through an actual first date, but the day had shown that the two of them had a great deal of potential. Tony couldn't remember the last date he had being as much fun as he had working side by side with Gibbs washing cars. That had to be a good indication for the future.

"Okay then – ring bearer. There's no reason a ring bearer can't be a girl," she said, adamantly.

"That's true," Gibbs said to Tony.

"Fine – if…"

"WHEN!" Maggie said, insistently.

Gibbs chuckled.

"…IF we were to get married, I promise you will be the ring bearer," Tony said with his fingers crossed over his heart.

She hugged him and then hugged Gibbs tightly. Maggie looked very satisfied with herself as she stepped back. Tony turned and got into his car and turned the key.

Dinner had been enjoyable but fast as he and Gibbs needed to get back to DC. Plus, he was having trouble dealing with all the knowing glances from Angie, Pete and Maggie looking very satisfied with themselves. He was amazed Gibbs had put up with it.

He had gone into the guest room to grab their bags then made a pit stop in the bathroom. On the way back, he overheard the three of them telling Gibbs what they would do to him if he wasn't serious about Tony. Maggie's ideas had been particularly imaginative.

"Gibbs, you can follow me out to the highway. After that I take you know where you're going?" Tony looked up as Gibbs bent down.

Gibbs reached in and pulled Tony's head towards him and kissed him soundly.

"Oh yeah, I know where we're going," he said as he pulled away.

Tony blushed when he saw Maggie yell, "Yes!" and fist pumped the air. It was getting to be a signature move for her.

Gibbs turned and whispered something in Maggie's ear, then kissed her on the head before getting into his own car. She was jumping up and down excitedly and ran over to Tony.

"Bye, Tony, we'll see you in a couple of weeks!" She was speaking very fast.

"What do you mean, Magpie?"

"Gibbs just invited us to come to his place for a visit. I can't wait. He said we can go see where you work even if it's just the temporary space. He said we can come back when everything's finished again."

Tony looked at Gibbs who was watching the two of them with the biggest smile he'd ever seen on Gibbs face with the exception of the first time he'd watched Gibbs fly past in the Challenger.

Tony kissed Maggie and rolled up his window before pulling away. He realized as he saw the same Challenger behind him and Gibbs with the same smile behind the wheel that he was driving into a very different life than he had arrived with.


A/N: I've done a lot of volunteer stuff over the years and at some point have been involved in activities very similar to the things depicted here. I actually have done a basketball game like that. In Jr. High, we held father/daughter games where the "daughters" could make up the rules. It's still one of my fondest memories of me and my Dad from then. It was a ton of fun and I really wanted to have a story built around that which was equally fun. I hope you all enjoyed this!

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