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"Oh god..." Sarutobi Hiruzen whispered with horror, disgusted in his old rival beyond what he had been prior. Having finally found a piece of hard evidence against Danzo, the Sandaime had led an aggressive and offensive investigation against the old warmongering councilman, eventually getting enough evidence to lead a raid on the man's facilities. Among them was a laboratory hidden deep within the Hokage Monument. After infiltrating the place with several dozen ANBU and a handful of jounin the Hokage had hand-picked for the operation, they struck, arresting those they could and killing those they couldn't. Several of them had commited suicide, biting down on a poison tooth to end their lives before they could be questioned.

But that wasn't what sickened the 'Professor'...

It was the occupant of the liquid-filled glass obelisk set before him...

Appearing to be between the ages of four and six, the child-like figure had a strangely natural looking lean and muscular build, if not a bit lanky, with oily black skin and...very few facial features. No eyes, no visible ears, no nose; only the smooth curvature of their black-skinned skull with an oxygen mask apparatus covering their mouth. His hands bore a set of two thumbs with one on either side of the appendages, short black claws on each digit that looked to be more than sharp enough to rend flesh with ease. His legs were digitigrade like those of an animal whose feet bore permanently raised heels and lengthed soles, three toes armed with similar black claws and a pair of opposable thumb-like dewclaw toes flanking either of his feet half-way up his lengthened soles that bore the same black claws as the rest of the digits.

Glossy black exoskeletal plates made presumably of bone were scattered across his small, young frame. From what could be seen, the bone plates adorned his forearms, chest, and parts of his legs like his thighs and shins. In the place of hair, what appeared to be more of the black exoskeletal plates were starting to form on his head in the place of hair folicles. Extending from the base of his spine was a skeletal tail as long as his body that looked not unlike a grotesque spinal column in itself that was tightly bound in the same oily black skin as the rest of his body, a short curved blade of bone adorning its tip that was no longer than the blade of a kunai.

"Is that...That can't be..." Hatake Kakashi muttered in shock as he approached, removing the Dog mask from his face to see the person with both eyes. A clear hose reached down from the top of the tank, connecting with the translucent mask strapped over his mouth, obviously supplying him with oxygen.

"...Naruto..." Hiruzen whispered, the utterance of the name acting almost as a cue for the figure to subtly twitch, their body tensing up slightly. Lips curling back slightly beneath the oxygen mask, 'Naruto' slowly tilted his head up as if to look at the pair of them, but didn't do anything else. Instinctually, Hiruzen knew that the figure in front of him was no longer the same child he had tasked himself with protecting, something he had failed to do in the most costly of ways. However, he refused to believe that it wasn't Naruto anymore.

Silently, he looked down at the metal post that stood beside the tank, bearing a small computer screen and an assortment of buttons; among them was a large red button covered with a clear glass box. Reaching out to the large red button that said 'RELEASE' across it in bright yellow lettering and flipping open the clear plexi-glass cover, Hiruzen suddenly hesitated, something that made Kakashi speak up.

"Hokage-sama, what are you waiting for? Let him out!" Kakashi exclaimed, but the Sandaime glanced at him, a pleading look in his eyes as a tear slid down his cheek.

"What if he...proves hostile? We would have no choice, but to...to..." Facing the creature once more, Sarutobi Hiruzen found himself unable to even say it, more tears falling from his eyes, his words silencing Kakashi. He had always seen Naruto as his surrogate grandson since before he had been born. To be forced to snuff out that precious flame of Life would utterly destroy him. Steeling his resolve and closing his eyes, Sarutobi made his decision.

Upon pressing the large button with his open hand, bright red lights started flashing all across the room before the liquid in the tank gradually began to drain. Once his head broke the surface, Naruto pulled off the mask covering his featureless face, hissing quietly. As he was lowered down and stood on his own two feet, however, he was forced to brace himself against the glass lest he fall, unused to the action of 'standing' or 'walking' due to his time in captivity being spent in the suspension of the liquid that was now drained from the tube. Letting out a quiet and breathy hiss again as the tube began to sink down into the floor, Naruto resigned to crouching down on all fours, keeping his body low and coiling his long tail around his body and limbs in an almost protective manner.

Silently 'watching' as the last of the glass container that housed him for the past couple years receeded into the ground, Naruto slowly and cautiously looked up at the shinobi standing before him. Not exactly paying them any mind, he took notice of how they were standing on two legs before glancing down at himself, clad in only a pair of black shorts with a custom-tailored opening in the back for his tail that tied above it. Experimentally, Naruto decided to try the same, barely managing to get about half-way up before he lost his balance. His tail instantly shot around his body and impaled the metal-covered floor, the surprisingly powerful appendage supporting Naruto before he could fall.

"He's...trying to stand." Kakashi whispered with amazement, realizing that he was literally witnessing the first steps the once-normal individual would take since being kidnapped by Danzo's Root and thrown into captivity for experimentation, if not his very first steps in life. That was when the third individual in the room finally reacted to Naruto's presence as the child crouched back down on all fours.

Genkou Tensei, only twenty years old and an ANBU operative under Kakashi's command, stepped forward, removing her sheathed sword from her back before pushing the weapon into Kakashi's arms as she passed her superior, removing her mask as she walked up to Naruto. She didn't stop until Naruto's eyeless visage shot up to her face when she was no more than five feet from him, a quiet hiss slipping past his slightly curled lips to reveal his nearly-translucent fangs. The others dared not say anything, lest they accidentally provoke him and cause something they would undoubtedly regret.

"It's okay...I won't hurt you..." Tensei whispered softly with a faint smile, slowly crouching down and holding her arms out to him as if to embrace him. Staring at the extended limbs for a moment, he slowly started to approach her, his arms and legs shaking slightly from the foreign activity. When he was close to her, Tensei slowly and carefully wrapped her arms around him, the contact making Naruto react instinctively by lunging forward slightly and wrapping his arms around her, clinging to her with his body resting on her right side and coiling his tail around her waist and himself like a safety line. Kakashi and Hiruzen could only watch with awe-struck silence as Tensei slowly stood up, cradling him against her body with her right arm.

"Hsss..." Letting out another quiet and breathy hiss, Naruto looked around slightly before suddenly feeling rather tired, the excitement of being awoken and released beginning to pass as the strange feeling of safety in the woman's arms washed over him. With a jaw-cracking yawn that revealed the sharp teeth in his mouth along with his four pairings of fang-like canines, Naruto closed his mouth before burying his face against the woman's shoulder. Smiling warmly at the child, Tensei gently brushed the backs of her fingers across his cheek, the mutated child nuzzling her hand ever so slightly in his exhausted state.

"...Did you just...and did he...?" Kakashi stammered quietly, unable to wrap his head around what had just happened. Sarutobi said nothing as he grabbed a forgotten white lab coat left behind by one of the staff members before wrapping it around Tensei and the young boy in her arms, wanting to avoid him being seen by anyone that shouldn't and causing...problems.

"With all due respect, Hatake-taichou...Shut up." Tensei muttered before smiling down at Naruto again as the Sandaime led them out of the chamber and out of the facility. She didn't know what it was that provoked her. Maybe maternal instincts stirred from dormancy by the sight of the young boy? Whatever it was, Tensei felt a warm sensation fill her chest when Naruto jumped into her arms and it only grew stronger every time she looked down at him. Despite the horrors commited upon the innocent child, Tensei could not stop herself from smiling at the sight of such child-like innocence on his peacefully sleeping face. Despite being the result of a mad-man's sick and twisted experiments and the container of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, Tensei could not stop herself from wanting to care for him, to raise him and teach him and be the mother he never had...

'M-Mother?!' Tensei suddenly thought with shock, her eyes widening slightly and cheeks burning brightly with a fierce blush. After a moment, she looked back down and couldn't help, but smile as Naruto nuzzled her chest and gripped the top edge of her body armor in his slumber. 'A mother, huh? Well, I guess it's settled.'

"Don't worry, little Naruto..." Tensei whispered under her breath to the pale skinned body clinging to her body, gently brushing back his onyx hair with her free left hand. "Mommy's got you..."

As if hearing her words, Naruto held onto her a little tighter, his tail lightly constricting her waist as he nuzzled her shoulder again...


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