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Turning the corner, the exchange student found herself faced with an uncomfortable situation. Her eyes locked with a pair of navy blue ones that seemed to be dissecting every bit of her.

'Speak of the devil and he shall appear,' the ginger internally lamented.

Her host family was sitting around the dinner table with Aomine Daiki. And to make matters worse, he was in her seat.

With a cautious look, Dakota greeted intelligently, "Um. Hi."

Momoi offered her an awkward smile, "I invited him over for dinner."

The red-head threw her a curious look, "That's nice?"

"It's just that he hasn't been over in a while..." Momoi trailed off as she clasped her hands together awkwardly.

An unimpressed look was shot her way, "Okay. I'll be back." With that, she turned and exited the room.

The mood of the room turned awkward, "Is there something I missed?" Momoi's mother leaned in to question her husband.

"Don't worry dear, I'm just as lost as you are," The male Momoi responded.

Aomine continued to eat as if nothing had happened, his chopsticks flying from his bowl to his mouth at the speed of light. The youngest Momoi let out an annoyed sigh.

"Stop eating like a pig. It reflects badly on me, idiot!"

Cutting his eyes towards her for a second before turning his gaze back to the food in front of him, the basketball player replied lazily, "If you don't like it, you shouldn't have invited me over."

"It's true dear."

Momoi balked, "Is no one on my side?!"

Closing the door behind her and dropping her bags on her bed, the foreign girl let out a perturbed sigh. Her stomach began to rumble, 'Ah, what a pain.'

Squaring her shoulders, she exited her room and went back to the dining room. Aomine was still eating while Momoi scolded him for eating in such a vulgar manner.

Upon her reemergence, her host mother spoke to her as she scooped rice into a bowl for her, "How was your trip?"

Sitting down across from Aomine and graciously taking the bowl held out to her with both hands, Dakota replied simply, "It was nice."

Accepting that she wasn't going to get much more out of the girl without asking questions, the older pinkette pushed on, "How was your friend?"

"Fine. She's attending Seirin High School. She likes it a lot."

Aomine's eyes snapped up from his bowl, "You said Seirin High?", showing the entire table the chewed contents of his meal.

Cringing away in disgust the red-head replied, "First of all, that's gross." Aomine shrugged as he continued to chew and stare her down. "And yes, I did say Seirin. Why?"

Giving her a hard look, the tall boy replied, "No reason really."

A blatantly skeptical look settled on her face, "Obviously, there is a reason for you to react like that."

Aomine's shoulders were tensed as he unconsciously leaned forward. He ground through his teeth slightly bared, "It's nothing. Drop it."

A sly look, fit for a fox, replaced the skeptical one, "Why should I?" she leaned across the table as well, "I don't like being lied to, Aomine-kun."

They battled with their gazes, ferocious navy against amused grey. The intense aura radiating from both teens, making all other occupants uncomfortable.

"Why don't you two just kiss and get it over with?" the patriarch of the home asked in a slightly annoyed tone.

The question startled both participants of the staring contest. Bluenette was the first to reply.

"W-what?! Me and that?!" he gestured to himself and the girl sitting across from himself with his chopsticks, "No way!"

Slightly offended by his tactless reply, the girl's fiery temper manifested, "Well then doofus! It's not like I'd want to kiss you with your disgusting personality either!"

"Good!" Aomine replied as he slammed his chopsticks down on the table. "I'm leaving!" he stood from his (her) seat and walked briskly out of the room.

"Wait! D-, I mean, Aomine-kun!" the teenaged Momoi ran after her childhood friend.

Both of the parental figures of the house stared at their temporary daughter. The girl continued to eat as if nothing had occurred.

After eating her fill, the red-head stood, groaning slightly as her vertebrae popped, "Thank you for the meal. It was delicious Mom."

She collected her dishes and moved to the sink to put them in. Looking at the empty seat across from where she had sat and seeing Aomine's dirty dishes, the girl gave a light snort. She grabbed them as well and stacked them on top of her own dishes.

"Who's turn is it to do dishes?" the teen asked the remaining members of the household.

"Satsuki," the man of the house supplied easily.

Nodding, Dakota exited the kitchen in favor of her room. Leaving the door slightly cracked, she grabbed her night clothes and toiletry bag and headed to the bathroom. Sliding the door closed behind her, she slipped out of her clothes and stepped into the shower. Letting the warm water relax her tensed muscles, she began to clean herself. After turning off the water, she stepped out of the shower, grabbing a towel as she placed her feet in the slippers. Toweling down throughly and wrapping her drenched hair in the towel, she pulled on her pajamas. Taking her time as she brushed her teeth, Dakota thought back to the intense look (glare) the blue haired demon pegged her with as he argued with her across the table.

'I can't even deny that he looked pretty hot.'

Dropping her head at the comment, she spit out the toothpaste and rinsed her mouth. Collecting her items, she shuffled out of the bathroom, heading toward her room. Not expecting to meet anyone on her way there, she carelessly rounded the corner and ran straight into her host sister.


"Sorry. Didn't see you coming."

Frowning at the ginger's generally apathetic tone, Momoi decided to lay into her, "You know Aomine-kun left, right?"

"Yeah, I figured," came the bored reply as the foreign girl continued toward her room. Raising her arms to rub the towel wrapped around her head, the sleeves of her shirt rode up. The flash of color did not go unnoticed by the pinkette.

"What's that on your arms? Didn't you just bathe?"

Throwing an exasperated look over her shoulder, Dakota replied shortly, "They're tattoos. They don't come off."

Slipping into her room and quickly shutting the door, she left her thunderstruck sister gaping like a fish in the hall. The pinkette stood there as the harsh reality set in, 'I have a idiot ganguro for a best friend and a yakuza member living in my home.'

"Satsuki!" her mother called up the stairs, "It's your turn to do dishes!"

'And I have to do dishes!'

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