Welcome to story four of our Hybrid Heroine! Please enjoy, and disclaimer: I do not own any characters who belong to Simple Paradox and Niknakz93. Thank you for letting me write them! WARNING: season eight spoilers immediately!

The Moment We Come Alive

Lost Along The Way sequel

"Together we are bright as the stars, we're a light that will never die, this is the moment we come alive," ~ RED


Late June, 2012
Fairfield, Iowa

"Dean? Sam?"

I stare at my brothers in shock. Well, they aren't my real brothers; they are my vessel's brothers, but she doesn't know them, and they don't know her, so they are mine. HAHA. My name is Lynn Winchester. I used to be Lynn Logan, but like I said about my vessel: since Dean and Sam are her (mine) brothers, and I claimed them as mine (cough) I changed my name, plus my life as Lynn Logan ended a long time ago.

I'm seventeen. I'm 5'5, with long, dark brown hair that exactly matches the vessel Eve, the Mother of All, used (color and style) and I have green eyes as shiny as emeralds. A long time ago, I would have hated to admit that I look fairly like Dean.

Oh, I should probably mention I'm the second oldest spawn of Satan, but my big brother Damon and I call Lucifer "Daddy Devil" while our little twin sisters don't know of his existence. Their real mother died while birthing them, so the only mom they have is a demon named Eisheth, whom my human brothers and I met when we got shipped back to 1950's New York during the Apocalypse. When it was time to go back, she came with us because of a deal we made with her.

Anyway, my twin sisters are named Adena (Addy) and Serafina (Sera) and for a while I only had Addy, until I discovered that Eisheth had kidnapped Sera after they were born, but I got her. I got them both. Though, they are with Eisheth a lot because I trust her, and they need a mother.

I guess I have a lot of siblings, don't I? Sam, Dean, Adam in Hell, Damon, the twins, a deceased younger brother who was actually a witch but didn't know, and a teenaged sister who is also a witch.

My thirteen month old son holds my hand tightly. His name is Clifton. Clifton Castiel Winchester. His hair is as dark as the night, with eyes that are bright amber. He has his father's traits and tanned skin tone, but he has Uncle Sammy's face and that great Winchester smile.

Dean kneels down to look at my son better. "Hey Cliff," he said softly. "Do you remember me? I'm Dean."

"Dean," Clifton repeated. "Yuh." he lets go of my hand and toddled over to him. Still kneeled, Dean picks him up and holds him tight.

"Right...I forgot you can show me stuff." Dean remembered. Yes, my son is like Renesmee Cullen. As long as he physically touches you, he can show you his thoughts and memories, and he can read your thoughts and memories as well. Something he inherited from his father I guess.

Basically my son is a badass.

Dean stands up, holding onto his nephew. My baby looks at Sam, giving him the best dirty look he can, and I knew why. Cliffy knows Sam abandoned us right after what happened to Dick Roman, and that was a year ago. Cliffy must have shown Dean his brother's abandonment, because his face changes. Oh, Sam is gonna get it good.

"We can't go into the church," I spoke quietly.

"Right, demon traps and stuff." Dean stepped out and soon everyone joined us in the yard, where Kevin explains how he and Megan escaped from Crowley, and what the demon tablet says.

Kevin is seventeen, like me, and Megan is almost seventeen. Kevin is a Prophet who can read the Words of God...those tablet things. Megan is "The Chosen One" whose job is to protect God and the Earth; she has some of Gabriel's Grace in her.

"Were you able to read anything else off the tablet before you hid it?" Dean wondered.

"Only the stuff about closing the gates of Hell forever." Kevin answered casually.

"Come again?" Dean requested. Clifton relaxes more in his arms.

"Banish all demons off the face of the Earth," Kevin gleamed. "Lock them away forever. That could be important, right?"

"Yeah that'd be pretty friggin' important," Dean almost choked.

Since I want nothing to do with Sam, I took Dean out to eat with my son. We found a diner, where Dean ordered the largest burger they had. I ordered a steak, and Cliffy wanted macaroni and cheese.

"So you were in Purgatory for a whole year," I said softly and stunningly, taking a sip of coffee.

"Yeah," Dean said back solemnly.

"How did you get out?" I ask the obvious.

"Benny," Clifton interrupted.

"Benny?" I repeated.

Dean looks guilty. "You can't tell Sam or anybody," he glowered. "Benny is someone I met down there. He helped me escape."

"What about Cas or Jackson?" I wondered nervously. Jackson is a demon that Lucifer made specifically for me. If I think about the last time I saw him, along with Dean and Castiel, it was after Dick Roman exploded. Did Jackson know they were going to Purgatory? Is that why he pushed me away from Dick?

Dean doesn't answer.

"...they're still down there." I realized. I tried not to choke; Dean orders me a water. Then he changes the subject, asking me how my year was. I tell him all that I can think of right away. I first tell him about my boyfriend, Murdock Leroy. He is the Heir of Merlin, as in the wizard.

"That dude was real?" Dean's eyes boggled. "So that means your boyfriend is a wizard? You sure know how to pick 'em, Bipolar."

I kinda missed that nickname. "Don't tell him that to his face. He prefers being called a Warlock."

"Whatever." Dean smirked.

Next I tell him about how the original Nephilim and I rescued the Nephilim the Leviathans kidnapped. Nephilim are those who are half angel and half human. Then I tell him about how I physically met Murdock. I tell him how Murdock killed Teivel, Clifton's - cough - father. Trust me, it was a good thing. He was a stalker, obsessed with me and my son. He killed my cousin as an act to get to me. He screwed with us all for too long.

"So that bastard is finally dead?" Dean said in relief. "I'm thanking your wizard when I see him."

"Warlock," I corrected. I continue with how Murdock, the kids and I went around the world to travel. I finish with when we finally settled down and had a brand new house built big enough for everyone.

"So Sam made no attempt to talk to you? No contact?" Dean assumed.

"That's right," I growled.

"That's why you're giving him the cold shoulder," he realized. I nodded. "Well then I don't blame you. You got every right to be pissed."

Just a few minutes after we returned to the church (it's dark) when Clifton and I were getting ready to zap home, everything started to shake. We're of course outside the church so all I do is step back. I pick my son up quickly and hold him tight. I hear new voices inside the church.

"Dean Winchester, back from Purgatory."

"Spanky the Demon, I heard about you. The one who uses too much teeth, right?"

Demons? Inside? The quake must have broke all the demon warding. I rush in, where Megan yells, "Lynn!" and blasts one of the two demons to the wall. I simply snap my fingers to make him explode. Dean and Sam hold down the other demon while they smite him with Ruby's knife.

"Hello everyone," we all look to see Crowley, along with a young Asian girl. I haven't seen Crowley in a year either. Talk about a big reunion. Kevin has a look of complete shock at the girl. Is it his sister? Old flame?

"Dean," Crowley went on to monologue. "I can see Purgatory didn't do you any good. Where's your angel?"

"Ask your mother."

"I missed that," Crowley smirked. "Moose. Still got those pork chops," he clicked his tongue. "Megan, the Chosen One. I wish I'd ripped your Grace out when I had the chance, before you dipped with your new lover." I'm next. "I hear you've been calling yourself Winchester now," he smiles at Clifton. "Hello little one." he waves.

I stop taking this entire situation seriously when my son waves back at him.

"Let Channing go," Kevin demanded. That must be the girl's name. The girl with black eyes, of course.

"That's not Channing anymore." Dean informed. Crowley laughed, and made an offer: Kevin goes with him, Channing goes free unharmed.

"Over my dead body," Megan scowled in defense.

"That can be arranged," Crowley threatened.

"Channing is probably dead already," Dean input.

"Let the girl speak," Crowley decided, snapping his fingers. Channing's eyes turned normal, and she looked happy at who she saw.


"Channing," he said worriedly. "There's a demon inside you."


Crowley snapped his fingers and her eyes were black again. "Okay, I'll do it. Myself for the girl." Kevin agreed.

"What?!" Megan screeched with widening blue eyes. "No!"

"But this ends!" Kevin continued. "No fighting, no nothing! It ends."

"Can't let you do that buddy." Dean murmured.

"Or what?" Kevin scoffed. "I'll go get my stuff." he turned around and went further into the church.

"This isn't over," Megan promised angrily.

"Not by a long shot," Dean added.

Crowley only laughs.




Kevin hasn't returned. "Kevin?" Crowley and Channing strut past us, and we just watch. Clifton is afraid, showing me thoughts of Kevin, until we all hear a thick splash, and both demons scream.

"Guys run!" Kevin yelled. Megan decides to run after him while we dash outside and get into the Impala. I climb in the back and go all the way to the other side so Megan and Kevin can get in behind me when they make it outside.

As Dean pulls out of the church, Kevin is the first to look out the window to see that Channing is herself again, wondering why she's completely soaked. Crowley does one little thing and her neck gets snapped. She drops dead, and that's the last thing we all see.

Dean drives all night. I'm not even allowed to zap home or use my phone. We pull into a gas station in the morning. Clifton is asleep in my lap, his feet partially in Megan's lap since she was next to us.

Dean's phone rings but I guess it's a wrong number. "You guys want anything?" he asked.

"I'm good." Sam answered.

Megan's response is a cold stare.

"...Clifton likes chocolate milk in the morning." I threw in.

"Kevin?" Sam noticed. "How are you holding up?"

"Awesome," he replied sarcastically. "The King of Hell snapped my ex-girlfriend's neck. How about you?"

"Look, I'm sorry about Channing," Dean started. "But you need to face it. You guys are in this now, whether you like it or not. That means you do what you gotta do." he exits the Impala.

"Looks like it's all starting again," I mumbled.




Dean returns with bottled water for everyone, and a bottle of chocolate milk for my son, who's just now waking up. "Son, I'll help you drink it, but you have to drink it like a big boy, okay?"

"Yuh," he says excitedly, and then yawns. I open the milk and carefully let him take a sip. He ends up drinking about a fourth of it before I make him stop.

"Eat," he said, chewing his mouth full of oxygen.

"You heard him," I said to Dean. "You won't let us leave, so I suggest you take us to a drive-thru."

Dean nods. He ignites his baby as Clifton crawls over to Kevin and cuddles with him. He knows he's sad, and that's all it takes to make Kevin Tran cry right then and there.