"I've been waiting for you to come here and become a part of me. I've been waiting for you to come here and kill me, and set me free. I've been waiting for the one." - Elena Siegman

Why am I worried about Crowley? Dean says he doesn't like our relationship. Murdock quickly took it the wrong way so I had to open up and admit how I feel.

I've known Crowley since just before Adena and Serafina were born (I only knew about Adena at the time but still, I can't leave Serafina out) and sixty percent of the time he's done nothing but help me.

I think Becky was the one who said he had a fling with my real mother, Lilith. He never confirmed or denied that. I've always hated Lucifer since the Apocalypse when I met him. So...

Crowley is the only father figure I have.

"If this is about that silly father complex you have-"

"It's not!"

"Of course it is! Don't lie! If that's how you really feel then listen to me when I tell you to GO!"

I listened to him. That must be how I really feel.

Why am I letting this bother me so much?

Murdock is at the Bunker, with Cas and Sam I think. Clifton is visiting Uncle Damon. Big brother is still pretty shaken up over the whole Nephros and Metatron bullshit.

Dean and I are in a bar. He's drinking alcohol and I'm gulping down cups of juice. I don't feel like mind tricking anyone tonight. Too depressed.

A young waitress passes us. Dean checks her out. I elbow him. He glares at me. "I will never be your wingman." I promised.

Dean went to reply, but he looked startled when Crowley appeared, sitting next to me. "Greetings," he said casually. He twiddles a small red flower in his hand before setting it down in front of me. "Take it." He offered.

Dean pulls out a blade. Ruby's knife maybe. Quick thoughts tell me I'm going to stop Dean if he tries to hurt Crowley. "At least buy me a drink first!" Crowley scoffed.

"I said the next time I see you..." Dean reminded.

"Dead, yes, rings a bell! Let's not dwell on the past, please?" Crowley suggested.

"I agree," I muttered, picking up the red flower by its stem.

"Gadreel has left the building," Crowley pointed out. Elvis reference, right? "So it's time to move on to something more important like TAKING OUT ABADDON."

"And Jackson," I added glumly.

"Good luck with that," Dean spat. "Knights of Hell don't die."

"No, there's something that can kill a Knight," Crowley promised, holding up a finger. "The weapon that the Archangels used to kill them: The First Blade."

"Never heard of it." Dean deadpanned. He holds up his own blade. "Can I kill you now?" He asks.

"No," I growled at him. Not an answer Dean wanted to hear.

Crowley smirks. "I've been hunting that blade for decades. The closest I got was when one of my men, Smitty, heard about Abaddon's demon prot├Ęge who knew stuff about the blade. Unfortunately before Smitty could get the guy, a hunter by the name of John Winchester ganked him."

Dean looks annoyed and stows away his blade. I make a hair clip appear and clip on the red flower in my hair. Crowley grins. "I'm here to see if there's anything in your father's library that could lead us to The First Blade, thus to killing Abaddon." He finished.

"You want to hunt with us?" Dean realized. He looks even more annoyed and pulls out his dad's journal. John Winchester is indeed the father of my vessel, which is why I took the Winchester name, but I can't call the man I've seen twice in my life Dad.

For some reason I look at Crowley now. "What?" He asked.

"Nothing," I shake my head and look away. "Thank you for the flower."

"Anytime," he said, now watching Dean go from page to page until he found what he was looking for. Some info about Abaddon's demon along with a bunch of numbers that decoded to a storage locker belonging to John, and a mere capital letter T.

Time to ditch this bust bar. Thank Granddad.

Dean put a sack over Crowley's head before we go into the storage once we get there. When we were in, he yanked it off the demon, who scowled at how much it messed up his hair. "Is all of this really necessary?" He asked. "I protected you guys from Abaddon; we're practically family now-"

Oh he done fucked up now. I don't stop Dean from throwing Crowley against the wall. "We are the furthest thing from family!" He yelled. "Got that?"

"Sure," Crowley replied.

"Douchebag," Dean muttered. "Now you want to hunt? Let's hunt."

A Devil's Trap is plastered on the floor further in, preventing Crowley and I from going any further. "We'll be right here!" Crowley remarked.

Dean searches. I stand idle. Crowley sniffs a bunch of jars of ingredients on a shelf. He's a weirdo.

"Got it," Dean alerted. "Looks like Dad was working with another hunter when they took Abaddon's demon." He held up a black and white photo of a woman with short caramel blonde hair.

"I guess the T didn't stand for Terrible Father," Crowley realized.

"It stood for Tara," Dean corrected. "Doesn't ring a bell. Says here they interrogated the demon then exorcised him...but not before he mentioned The First Blade."

"I love it when I'm right," Crowley smirked.

"The rest of the file's empty, genius," Dean informed.

"They didn't teach note-taking at Hunter's Hogwarts?" Crowley insulted as we followed Dean out of the storage lock up.

Dean promptly ignored him. "Let's go see if Tara's still around."

We're about to enter the pawn shop of a hunter. I notice the rug on the floor right away but I keep it cool and casually walk around it, standing to the right of Dean. Crowley stands to the left of him...on the rug.


"Tara?" Dean greeted.

"That's what the sign says," the older woman with the same caramel blonde hair only longer, replied. She's got muscle on her. I'm a little intimidated. "Can I help you?" She wondered.

"Hope so," Dean replied. "John Winchester ring a bell? I'm his son."

Tara looks slightly...shocked. "You Dean or Sam?" She asks.

"Dean," he named.

Tara's knee suddenly cracked. She groaned a little. "You grew up pretty. Still in the family business?"

"Yep, born and raised," Dean confirmed. "A bunch of years back you worked a job with my dad. Me and my uh, associates here..."

Tara whips out a shotgun and cocks it. "Ever since '92 I get a painful little tickle in my knee whenever a demon is around." She explained.

"Hunters. So trusting." Crowley sighed. "I'll leave so you guys can sort this out-" he snaps his fingers to poof but nothing happens.

"Devil's Trap under the rug, jackass." Tara pointed out.

Dean sighed. "Listen Tara, my associate here-"

"Friends, actually. Besties."

"Not helping!"

"Not caring." Tara deadpanned.

"Look," Crowley spat. "I'm the King of Hell, these two are Winchesters. There's a reason we're working together."

"Yeah, it's called possession," Tara slings Dean with holy water and then me, unfortunately. My face stings and burns like hell for a moment as I cry out.

"Your associate just called her a Winchester and you're letting her be possessed?" Tara scorned at Dean once she saw that he was clean.

"She's not possessed," Dean remarked, looking at me for a moment. "She was born like that. And yes this guy here is a jackass but he's helping us."

"Helping you what?" Tara demanded.

"You and my old man killed a demon who knew something about The First Blade. We need to find that blade." Dean answered.

"Well...hell. You are as handsome as John, and as dumb too if you're looking for that old relic." Tara said.

"We're hunting Knights of Hell," Dean admitted.

"They're all dead," Tara argued.

"One's still kicking and another came back: Jackson and Abaddon," Dean corrected.

My iPhone thing vibrates. I step back and pull it out to read a text from Murdock:

There's some grace inside of Sam from when he was possessed by Gadreel. Castiel is going to use some kind of needle to extract it out of him. They found some Men of Letters stuff saying you can use the grace to track an angel.

Well...hell. That would be nice.

Tara pulls out a set of ingredients for a spell that can locate The First Blade, but there was just one ingredient she could not find: kraken essence. Crowley proudly stated he has a bunch of that in some place called Belize.

It takes a little convincing to get Tara to blast the Devil Trap with her shotgun so Crowley can zap to Belize for the ingredient.

He came back seconds later with a small golden container (I admired the color right away) and said, "Shall we?"

The only thing I know how to do with ingrdients besides cooking is summon Balthazar, so I just stand back and let the grown ups perform the spell. Crowley noses around them, looking like such a little curious kid.

The spell revealed that The First Blade was currently in Mississippi. I always enjoy being in the south. When the kids are all grown up, I'm retiring to the south.

Tara doesn't come with us. She doesn't like Crowley. What do you expect out of a true hunter?

Jasper Springs, Mississippi

"I love the name of this place," I commented.

"Your cousin's name is Jasper, right?" Dean remembered. "How's he doing?"

"He got hurt in the fall but he's healing," I answered. "Oh wow, is this the house where The First Blade is? I love that giant porch. My grandma always wanted one of those."

We exit the Impala at this farm house. As soon as we're out, I felt something strange. Very strange. I felt power. A lot of it.

Bad power.

"Wait," Crowley stops. "I feel something."

"What, cramps?" Dean joked.

"No, something dark," Crowley corrected.

"Me too," I enforced.

Crowley looked past us and his face fell. "Oh no..."

Dean and I follow his glance. There's a man dressed up in a beekeeper outfit; this must be a bee farm. He's tending to bees obviously.

"We need to leave here now!" Crowley said quickly.

"You allergic to bees?" Dean wondered.

"That's not a beekeeper," Crowley said in horror. "That is the father of murder...it's Cain."

"As in Cain and Abel?" Dean realized. Shit! Is it really? The last time I heard about Cain was when Michael mentioned him to Dean. Something about his bloodline going all the way back to Cain and Abel. I could be wrong.

"We need to be away from here - now." Crowley turned around but Cain was suddenly in front of him.

"You're not going anywhere," he decided. Oh my Granddad he looks like a bearded Detective Lassiter from Psych. I'm no longer scared of him.

We get escorted into the lovely house. I sit in between Crowley and Dean on the orange couch. I notice Crowley is twiddling his hands nervously. He's seriously scared of Cain.

"Why don't you just zap out of here?" Dean suggested to him.

"I'd never leave my partners in crime," Crowley remarked.

"Yeah, as if your heart grew three sizes," Dean spat. "You can't zap out of here, can you? Lynn?"

I shook my head. Not even angel mojo can help me now.

"What do you know about Cain?" I asked Crowley quietly.

"After he killed Abel, he became a demon," Crowley started. "Killed thousands, and then he just...disappeared."

Cain came in then with a tray of tea, asking, "Do any of you keep bees? It's very relaxing." He hands us all our own cup of honey tea. Crowley can't stop shaking, making his cup rattle.

He's scared shitless.

I take a sip and grin. Damn, honey tea's getting added to my family's inventory of food and drink. "So what are the King of Hell, a Winchester, and a Winchester possessed child of Lucifer doing at my house?" Cain demanded.

"You know who we are?" Dean realized.

"I'm retired, not dead," Cain informed. "How did you find me?"

"Funny story, actually," Crowley said nervously. "See..."

"Shhh..." Cain put a finger to his lips and Crowley instantly lost his voice.

"You gotta teach me how to do that," Dean gawked.

"Why are you here, Dean?" Cain asked solemnly.

"We're looking for the weapon the Archangels used to kill the Knights of Hell: The First Blade. We need it to kill the last Knights of Hell, Abaddon and Jackson."

Cain clenched his fist. "There never was a never a knight named Jackson."

"Jophiel," I corrected.

Cain looks angry now, and I don't know if it's because I spoke or that Jackson is alive, or both. "How did you find me?" He asked again.

"We didn't. The location spell was for the blade." Dean answered.

"Anyone else know you're here?"


Before Lassie politely kicks us out of his house, he tells us that he personally trained the Knights of Hell, Jackson and Abaddon included. Then he added that it wasn't the Archangels who killed the Knights - it was him.

Then we were told to leave. "Never return." He ordered.

"Can we leave the country now?" Crowley asked as we walked out of the house.

Dean argues that we will wait til Lassie, I mean Cain, leaves. He did say he had some errands to run. When he's gone, we dip back into his house for the blade. I have a feeling this won't end well.

I'm always right, unfortunately. We searched the whole house for the blade. Dean instead finds an old picture of a woman named Colette, wearing the ring Cain currently wears. He gave the plate photo to Crowley to look at.

We got busted. Lassie came back, holding a paper bag of groceries. Crowley hands him the plate of Colette.

A car pulls up outside. Dean and Crowley poke out the window to see a demon yelling for Cain. "Don't want any trouble! Just want Crowley and the Winchesters! I got a new master to impress and I reckon giving her those three will do just that."

"Master?" Dean repeated.

"Abaddon," Crowley clarified. "They all need to die now."

"I'm gonna barricade the entrance," Dean decided. "The whammy you have to keep us inside, will it keep them out?" He asked Cain.

"For now," he answered casually.

"Get ready for a fight," Dean alerted. I cracked my knuckles. I wish Megan was here; she'd love to gank all those fools outside.

"Good luck with that," Cain spoke. "If you survive, you're welcome to join me for the last meal I will eat in this house before I disappear again." He offered, going into the kitchen.

"I accept," I smirked. Crowley takes point in the living room. I stay in the kitchen with Dean and Lassie, who's shredding the green leaves off of corn.

Dean's pissed that he's just sitting there. Well he's about to be enraged at what I'm gonna do. I pull up a chair next to Cain and take a corn, and start shredding with him.

"Seriously?!" Dean groaned.

"Those demons want me but they know who I am. I don't think they will try and touch me, at least not first," I answered.

Cain is amused. He snaps his fingers to let some of the demons right into the kitchen. "Don't mind us," Cain smirked. He pointed at Dean. "Enjoy yourselves."

Dean now starts fighting three demons by himself. Cain watches as we simply harvest corn. "Hey Lassie." I greeted.

Cain looks at me. "What did you just call me?"

"Lassie," I repeated.

"That's not my name," Cain growled.

"You think I care?" I said. "Do you know my other brother?"

"You only have one brother," Cain corrected.

I rolled my eyes. "I've been wearing this Winchester since she was a baby. They're my brothers too."

Cain seemed to understand. "Then yes, I know Sam."

I sighed. "I mean my oldest brother."



"Of course. He helped Lucifer select Jophiel to be one of the Knights." Cain remembered.

"You're joking!" I gasped. Why the hell didn't Damon tell me that?

Dean gets thrown onto the table and pinned down by two of the three demons. He killed the other one already. I helped him out a little by blasting back the female demon. "Doing great." Cain praised Dean.

"So Lassie," I continued.

"Why are you calling me that?" He asked curiously.

"You look like someone I know from TV," I answered. "But anyway, the demon named Rylie...he tried to be a Knight, right? Thought you'd like to know that he was killed."

"Good," Cain said a little too happily. "He was an annoying little bastard."

Oh now I really wish Megan was here, she would be rolling on the floor from this.

All the enemy demons were finally dead. Cain's drinking beer like he was watching a movie or something. He starts cooking his corn and informs us that The First Blade's not even here. Crowley angrily points out that the locator spell was for the blade. Cain replies that it brought us to the source of power for the blade...some kind of burned mark on Cain's arm.

Crowley looked ready to piss himself from fright when he saw it. He made a cross on his chest like in a God be with me kind of way. "It's the bloody Mark of Cain." He said in horror.

"From Lucifer himself," Cain added, giving me a quick look. "The blade is useless without the mark. Just an old jawbone of an animal."

"The jawbone you used to kill Abel," Dean assumed. "Because he was God's favorite."

Oops. Story time! Cain clearly corrects him: Abel was buddies with Lucifer, foolish enough to let Daddy Devil trick him into being his slave. Cain made a deal with Lucifer: Abel's soul goes to Heaven and his goes to Hell. Lucifer agreed on the condition that Cain be the one to kill Abel.

Cain made the Knights of Hell and they slaughtered many for centuries until he met Colette, and that's what made him retire. But she was killed...by the Knights so Cain got rid of them all except for Abaddon and Jackson.

Things got a little feisty now after the story. Cain proclaimed that he has given up, and then disappeared before us. "Cain?" Dean called out. "Cain?!"

"Damn it Lassie!" I groaned. Suddenly I hear shouting outside. We leap over to the windows to see TONS of demons coming for us. Ah, shit. We're fucked!

When they start banging on the door and windows, Cain reappears by the fireplace. "What the hell, man?!" Dean hissed at him.

The blade only has power when the person using it has the Mark. So what does Cain do? He transfers his Mark to Dean, because he's "worthy" of having it. "You need to know that there's a great burden with having the Mark-" Cain tried to warn, but Dean shrugged it off and asked where the Blade is.

"Nothing can destroy the blade so I pitched it to the bottom of the ocean," Cain informed. Crowley sighed irritably. "You find the blade. You kill Abaddon and Jophiel, but you make me a promise first." He added.

"What?" Dean asked.

"When I call you, and I will, you find me and use the blade on me." Cain instructed.

"Why-?" Dean said confusingly.

"For what I'm about to do," Cain answered. He snapped his fingers to let all the demons in, then puts his hands on Dean and Crowley and they disappear.

"Lassie-" I muttered.

"That's not my name," Cain smiled faintly at me before he zapped me away too. I reappear next to the other two by the Impala.

"They're all trapped in there," Crowley realized as the inside of Cain's house starts flashing red. We dip into the Impala and Dean drives away as fast as he can.

When it's safe, I zap out of the Impala and reappear outside of Damon's place. I phone Murdock only to have him tell me that the spell to track Gadreel didn't work, because there wasn't enough Grace inside of Sam. "I'm sorry to hear that," I sighed. "I'm staying at Damon's for a bit. I'll be at the Bunker later."

I stroll into the home where Clifton greets me happily. He jumps into my arms and sees everything that happened to me today. His amber eyes go wide. "Tell me about it." I groaned.

"What happened?" Nephros asked from across the room.

"Oh I met Cain," I announced plainly. Damon dropped his bottle of beer and it shattered.

"He's still alive?" he nearly gasped.

"Yeah, he's retired," I told him. "I asked him about you, though. He said you selected Jackson to be one of the Knights of Hell."

Damon looked guilty. "That's right." he said quietly. "And I regret it."

"Don't worry Dippy, Dean and Crowley are working on taking him and Abaddon out." I promised.

Damon snorted. "How?"

"I'm tired of talking, I've had a long day," I mumbled. "Come hold Clifton, he'll show you what happened. I'm going to find a laptop and watch some Psych."