Hello to my fellow followers. It is McCrazy. I know I said I was gonna update until after I finished the first three stories but I didn't not expect so many hits. Shesh. So many incest fans. And I am one of them and prood of it. The chapter I posted was more of a rough draft of sorts. I just needed to write it. Yes there might have been some mistakes but it will be fixed. It will mainly be the same but a tad altered. This chapter will be the prologue and will show how protective and obsessive Naruko is and why Naruto doesn't prank or is not sociable to most if not all villagers. Yes this story will start two years before canon. No time skips except maybe either weeks or some months except in here. Hope you enjoy this chapter and the revised chapter that I put up.

Naruto has an overprotective twin sister. Both are never apart from each other and distant from most. They will always be together, a loving big sister protecting her loving little brother. How far will this relationship go? Mask-less/Strong/Smart Naruto. Overprotective Naruko. Before canon. M for lemons and limes, language, blood and craziness. That should be a category about now.

Overprotective Obsession


Kyuubi/Kurama speaking

Kyuubi/Kurama thinking

Jutsu being said

Flashback/'thinking' ('thinking during flashback')


On a cold and dark night, two figures are seen in the darkness in an alleyway. Some days ago, they were both thrown out of the orphanage they were staying in. They are two little kids that are identical except in hair color, hair style and the color in their eyes. The girl has blond pig tails that are dirty and a mess. Her skin is dirty on some parts and she has some bruises around her. Her clothes which consisted of a white shirt with a blue spiral on the front and some black shorts with sandal are all torn and dirty. Her blue eyes showed anger, pain and sadness.

In her arms is her little brother. His hair is red and spiky but it is also dirty and a mess. His skin is the same as hers but with more bruises and cuts. His clothes are also the same. He is crying, his purple eyes showing sadness, pain and confusion. They are Naruko and Naruto Uzumaki, both twins of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. But they don't know that. No one but a few people know that small but at the same time big fact.

Right now Naruko is comforting her brother, trying to calm him down. Even though they are only four years old, Naruko is a bit more mature than her little brother. The two are hidden behind a dumpster, inside a cardboard box as the moon illuminated the village. Naruko looked at the moon as she saw a shadow pass over head then another.

An anbu with silver hair and a mask that depicted a dog looked down for some reason and gasped when he saw two kids in the moon light. He stopped on top of a roof then looked down at them before jumping down. Naruko gasped and held her brother close as Naruto looked at her then the man and gasped also. The anbu knelt down and looked at the kids then gasped seeing their faces. 'Sensei's kids.' He is some of the few that know who these two really are.

"Hey you kids ok?" He asked them. The twins stayed quiet, Naruto sometimes whimpering. "Hey don't worry I won't hurt you. How about I take you someplace safe?" He asked them. They still didn't move or say anything. Inu sighed. "You two can trust me." He said in a sincere voice. "How can we?" Naruko asked softly with some anger hinted in her tone. Inu sighed sadly. 'What happened to them?' "I work for the Hokage. He can help you also." "Who is the Hokage?" Naruko asked. "A very good and friendly person." Inu said.

Naruko narrowed her eyes as Naruto looked at her. "I can't tell if you are lying but how do we know you are telling the truth? We have been lied to and mistreated a lot." Naruko said. Even though Naruko and Naruto weren't allowed to do much, they still found ways to do things and learn. It wasn't much but at least they can talk like an adult almost and read also. Inu sighed and looked at the sky then at them. "How about I bring him here?" Naruto held Naruko more as Naruko slid back into the box. "So you can hurt us like we have been hurt before?"

Inu narrows his eyes hearing that. "I won't hurt you two and the Hokage won't either. I promise you two on my heart. Ninja's honor." The twins look at each other then at him. "You better not be lying." Naruko said. "I am not. I will bring him and he will take care of you." Inu said before disappearing in a shushin of leaves. The two gasp seeing that.


Some minutes later, Inu and a man with white robes and hat with red on it appeared in front of the kids. Naruko gasps again from them appearing out of nowhere making Naruto wake up. The man with the hat leans down seeing them and narrows his eyes. 'I will fire that bitch for kicking these two out and have her tortured.' He thought to himself before he smiles softly looking at them.

"Hey you two. Do you want to get out of this box?" The Hokage said. Naruko and Naruto don't answer. "Don't worry I won't hurt you. I promise." "How can we be sure?" Naruko asked softly. "You can you two. I don't hurt children. I protect them." The two still aren't sure. "I can give you a place to stay, some food to eat. You guys hungry?" The twins didn't say anything but their stomachs did. They blushed at that.

"Come on. You can eat at my place." The Hokage said with a smile. Naruto whispered in Naruko's ear. "Ok. But don't do anything that can hurt us." "Promise." The kids crawl out and stand up, both still holding on to each other as they look at him. The Hokage bends down and picks them up in his arms. The two twitch from the touch. The Hokage leans over to Inu and whispers "Go and get the owner of the orphanage and bring her to the tower. Make sure she is bound tightly in my office." Inu nods and disappears as the Hokage walks to his mansion.


After bringing the kids to his home and having Neko watch over them, the two are eating dinner, even if it almost midnight. Hiruzen told them he will be right back. Let's just say the owner of the orphanage was never seen again by the villagers or the orphans in the orphanage. The twins are eating some chicken wings and some beef with some soup and some juice. They are left overs but they didn't care. They haven't eaten since they were kicked out.

They ate slowly, savoring the food since they were unsure of their next meal. Neko watched them from a chair at the table. She was saddened on how the children looked and acted. She and Inu decided to see if the Hokage can make them their personal body guards until they can defend themselves.

After the kids finished, Neko showed them the bathroom and gave them the essentials (toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, soap, and towel. I know there might be more but those are the main essentials for the bathroom) along with some clothes. The twins washed in the shower then brushed their teeth afterwards. They stepped out and Neko showed them to their room. The twins went to their temporary bed until the Hokage could get them a new home. They held each other and fell asleep hoping their life would get better.


Time skip: One year.

The sun rises over the village as the people living there start their day. Naruto and Naruko wake up like they always do around this time of morning. Both are wearing a simple white t-shirt and underwear. They get off the bed and start their routine which consists of shower, brushing teeth, business, then breakfast before heading out into the village. They both wear jump suits that make them stand out since they couldn't afford anything else.

They usually go around the village trying to find something to do, ignoring the glares they get from the villagers. It is always the same. They never really did anything to the twins, especially with the glares they gave out. During the year, Naruto became closed off except for the Hokage, Inu and Neko. Same with Naruko but she spoke more than him. She always stayed by his side as he did with her. Both are never seen apart in the village. However they also met two restaurant owners who don't hate the two and let them into their establishment name Teuchi and Ayame. Even though they only enter when there is no one inside. The twins don't want anyone helping them suffer just because people don't know the difference between the container and the item placed in.

While they walk, their personal guards are watching their every move making sure nothing would happen. Inu and Neko got close to the kids but they never revealed their identities to them. Not because they don't trust them, they don't trust the eyes and ears hidden in Konoha. No matter how good of a shinobi you are, there are always eyes and ears on the lookout for anything and everything.

So far, the twins had no bad encounters. They headed for one of the parks in the village that they knew would be empty to play in. Even though they grew closed, they still acted like children would. Just only by themselves or when with the five they trusted. They make it to the park and their personalities do a complete one-eighty. Naruko goes to the tree in the park and starts counting while Naruto hides. They come here to play games unless someone is already here or they want to eat.


Close to sunset.

The twins walk home after leaving Ichiraku's. There was the festival going of the yearly celebration of the fox being defeated and the village saved. The twins avoided that since they didn't want to be near a mass of people. What the twins didn't know is that tonight would be different. They knew today was their birthday but it wasn't happy and they didn't celebrate it. It was just another day for them.

They didn't know that a throng of drunken villagers would be around the corner looking for them. They turned and saw them since the path lead to their apartment. The difference between a sober person and a drunk person is that a sober person knows what they are doing and knows when not to do something unless pressured. A drunk person however…

The mob screamed for their heads as they ran to them. The twins turned and ran away from them heading to the tower. However their path was cut off. Neko and Inu weren't watching since they were both called away earlier for a recon mission. They didn't know it would be bogus. No one was watching the kids. The mob encircled them as the twins were close to one another. They didn't show fear but knew this would happen sooner or later.

One of the men threw a bottle that was half full and it hit Naruto in the head, breaking the bottle and spilling the contents over a now unconscious Naruto. Naruko saw this and inside she snapped. The man that threw the bottle was going to keep tormenting Naruto but a kick to the guy's abdomen stopped him cold. He fell over, throwing up and passed out. The mob seeing this went on the attack. However Naruko wasn't having any of it.

Since the people were drunk, their motor skills weren't up to par and even though they weren't dealing with a shinobi, a pissed off girl has a better chance of attacking and dodging than a drunk person, unless you knew the Drunken Fist. Naruko pushed anyone away from her passed out brother. She punched and kicked anyone that got close in a blind rage. Most of the drunks backed off after seeing ten people on the ground groaning.

Some shinobis heard the commotions and went to check. They saw the mob surrounding Naruko who, for some reason, had her pig tails undone and all standing like they were alive. Kushina would be proud seeing this. They tried to intervene but with Naruko still being blind by anger attacked them also. So far only some genins and chunnin came. Underestimating her and a girl's rage, each went down. It took the Hokage, who came after getting the word from one of the shinobi, and four other shinobis to hold her down.

After the Hokage told some of the anbu that came with him to take the injured to the hospital and arrest the civilians that attacked Naruto and Naruko, Hiruzen personally took the kids with him to the hospital. Right now he and Naruko are in a room with Naruto on the hospital bed connected to machines. Naruko was next to him in a chair holding his hand. "Ji-Ji." Naruko said still looking at her brother. "Can we get some training?" Hiruzen sighed. "If that is what you want then of course." "Can it be Inu-san and Neko-chan?" Naruko asked. "Yes but you know they are busy with other things." "I know." Naruko turned to him. "But please don't send them out together again. Maybe one at a time."

Hiruzen raised an eyebrow. "Is that why they weren't there?" Naruko nodded. "They said they had to leave for a mission." That got Hiruzen suspicious. "I see. Well I will do that from now on. And sorry they were sent out." Hiruzen said but in the back of his mind something wasn't adding up. He never sent both of them out. Not only that but tonight this happened? The civilian population never harmed the twins except in the orphanage. However they were sober, not drunk. 'Could this have been planned?' He thought.

His thoughts were interrupted when the door opened showing Inu. Neko was tired from this stupid mission that led them nowhere. Inu was too but had to report it in. "Here to report Hokage-sama. The recon mission was a bust. We found nothing of value." Inu stated. "Inu I never told you of a recon mission." Inu gasped then scowled. "Who told you?" Hiruzen asked. "It was Hebi but something seemed off." "Hebi? But Hebi is out on a mission that would take a week."

Inu stood still then looked at him. "So it was someone else. But who could it have been?" He thought. "Not sure. But from now on always stay with them." Hiruzen said as Inu turned and saw Naruto on the bed. "What happened?" "A drunken mob attacked them, well they knocked out Naruto and Naruko defended herself and him." Hiruzen turned to Inu. "I want you and Neko to train them both. Always stay with them. I will send one of at a time for missions if the time comes for one. Train them until they can really defend themselves." Hiruzen ordered.

"Hai Hokage-sama." Inu said. "Go home and rest. You must be tired from the bogus mission. Tomorrow can wait. I can watch the kids." Inu nodded then disappeared in a shushin. Hiruzen sighed and turned to see Naruko on the bed cuddling her brother. He chuckled as he sat back. 'No matter what, she will never leave his side.' Hiruzen thought as he looked at the ceiling. It was going to be a long night.


Time skip: Three years, the beginning of the academy year.

After that night, Neko and Inu stayed close by with them almost every day. When Naruto woke up he told Hiruzen and his sister about a weird dream dealing with a huge fox. Naruto told them about it, after leaving the hospital. Naruko was wondering about the dream until she saw the look in their Ji-Ji's eyes. She asked him about it. It was hard to keep a secret between these two so he told them, after making them promise not to tell anyone.

After he told them of the Kyuubi attack, Naruko demanded for him to tell them of their parents. He didn't but told them when they mature enough and after Neko and Inu told him personally that they are ready they can know. For the next two and a half years, the twins trained under Neko and Inu. They absorbed everything taught to them. In those two and half years, both of them were now jonin level but without experience it would be hard to tell how they do outside the village.

Afterwards, the two were told everything. Needless to say, their opinion of the villagers lowered. Naruko already knew Naruto wasn't the Kyuubi. She loves her little brother. They do everything together. After that they worked harder until they could go to the academy which they accepted after Hiruzen told them. They didn't work hard so the village could accept them later. They didn't care if they did since nothing could change their minds, especially years of neglect by them. They worked hard to make their parents proud.

Now after five more months of training, they were admitted into the academy. At first things went 'ok' for them as in no one really bothered them but after a while some of the girls there became 'attracted' to the whole grey attitude Naruto had. Some tried to get close but Naruko broke them of that by sending them to the infirmary. Naruko is one girl you don't get mad. Especially if you get close to her brother.

Naruto was the same when some of the guys tried to get in close to his sister. They got the same treatment. Since then no one really bothered to get close to them, not even to befriend them. The only one that did was Iruka. It took him some months but after some talking and taking them out for ramen the twins became close to the man. He never showed mal-intent to them and helped them out when he could.

The other teachers were different since they were like the villagers. But instead of harming them physically which they couldn't do, they tried to cheat them out of their school work. That did not bode well with the twins or the Hokage. They found out when some of the tests and work they turned in said all their answers were wrong which they knew something was up since Neko and Inu taught them a lot. All it took was reduced pay, very reduced and their attitudes changed. Well not really but they didn't pull of anymore stunts.

Every night after the academy and training, the two always cuddled each other. They even kissed each other on the lips not finding anything wrong with it. The only places they are seen at are their home, training ground three, the academy, the Hokage tower and Ichiraku's. They also go to the library and the market but in henge. It is the only way to get anything. Now all they need is to finish academy to kick start their ninja career.

Well prologue done. It might seem a tad long, abit over three thousand words but it was necessary. The next chapter will be where I started this story and as stated above will be the same except minor changes and will be fixed on most parts. This will be somewhat identical to a story titled Tale of the Kurai Kitsune by ShadowStar91. Very good tale. Go read. But the slight difference other than being twins is that Naruto's team doesn't die but something else happens. Not telling more. Oh and I don't really bash so there won't be any in this fic. Sowy.

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